Episode 32 – Shingles, Head Pain & Fast Healing Plus ALIENS!!!


What was initially thought of as a case of poison ivy symptoms was later discovered to be an irritation in the C2 nerve. And no, it’s not from the allergenic plant. Drs. Frederick Schurger and Beth Bagley discuss how sensitive the head can be when the zombie virus of chickenpox, a.k.a. shingles, irritates the C2 […]

Episode 23 – Upper Cervical Safety Study: An Overview Of The Medical And Business Perspective Of Upper Cervical Care


Dr. Frederick Schurger and Dr. Beth Bagley had patients this week that didn’t need steroid shots for their aches & pains after their atlas was adjusted. They discuss the strengths of the Blair Upper Cervical work. Many Upper Cervical chiropractors do not adjust segments in the middle of the neck, but Dr. Frederick Schurger and […]

Episode 21 – Trigeminal Neuralgia 2 With Phillip, Neuro Nerd Time & Improved Quality Of Life


Dr. Bagley’s patient experiences periodic headaches thinking it is normal. It was not! Phillip shares his harrowing story about recovering from Trigeminal Neuralgia. Then Dr. Schurger goes full-on nerd on the trigeminal nucleus, with Dr. Bagley reigning him in. Then they wrap up by sharing about a couple of patients who improved their quality of […]

Episode 19 – The Lost Episode About Car Crashes



Do you know what happens when you record a podcast from home before a snowstorm comes in? You talk about car accidents and then forget that you didn’t rename the folder!!! There is a lot of great information about car accidents, though, and you might hear this at the time that you realize your pain […]

Episode 11 – Autoimmune Disease & The Topic That Will Not Be Named


Dr. Beth Bagley and Dr. Frederick Schurger, go in-depth into Dr. Frederick’s autoimmunity journey of losing his hair (alopecia totalis) & pigment spots (vitiligo…or maybe tinea versicolor) and what may have been the cause of it.  He explores the role of genetics, environmental factors, and other potential triggers of autoimmune disorders. And that’s the topic […]

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