The simple answer is No.  Occasionally, people are tender where we adjust and it feels like we are pushing on a sore spot at first.  The adjustment takes less than a minute so it is very tolerable.
Absolutely not.  The Blair and Palmer chiropractic techniques that Dr. Bagley implements do not involve twisting, bending or popping in the neck.  It is very gentle and very effective.
Great question!  In recent years insurance companies have been increasing deductibles and decreasing benefits.  We do not participate in contracts with insurance companies and therefore are “Out of Network.” You may have out of network benefits that could pay for some or all of your care and we check your benefits on your first visit.  We also accept Flex Spending and Health Savings Account (HSA) plans.  For people who do not have insurance or have little-to-no coverage, we have very affordable payment plans which allow you to get all the care you need.
Dr. Bagley has been serving the community in the current location with chiropractic care since 2008.  She graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic in 2007.  She continues to expand her knowledge by spending many weekends at various seminars each year.
Good Question!  That depends on how long the condition has been present (is it chronic?), the age of the patient (and degeneration that has occurred), and the mechanism of injury (if any).  These all play a role in how long it takes symptoms to start feeling better.  So the answer to that is, we really don’t know.  40% of our patients start to feel better in the first few visits, 60% will feel good changes in 6 weeks, and 10% may take even longer or if they are not responding we may have to co-manage with another health provider or refer them out to seek care elsewhere.