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St Louis car crash injury - Dr. Beth Bagley Precision ChiropracticGetting into an automobile accident is a frightening experience that can cause long term pain if not treated correctly. We have helped patients who throughout the St. Louis area to make a full recovery after they’ve been involved in a car accident, to once again enjoy the quality of life they are looking for.

Consider this: although a visit to the doctor or hospital may ensure there are no life-threatening or internal injuries after a car crash, damage to muscles and joints often go untreated or unnoticed. Symptoms such as whiplash may be delayed for 24 hours or more after the initial trauma, which is why it is important to follow up with a skilled chiropractor. Dr. Bagley can help treat your neck pain and back pain at the source with chiropractic adjustments, rather than masking the pain with prescription medicine.

Were you recently in an automobile accident, and are you suffering from spinal or neck injury? When our patients come in, we do a thorough top-to -bottom examination which may include X-rays.  From there we create a patient oriented treatment plan designed to help relieve your neck pain and back pain as well as encourage healing, while preventing future problems as well as other possible complications.   While it can take weeks or months to heal from the auto Accident, our chiropractic adjustments will help the muscles and joints in the spine return to health and function normally with regular treatment.

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Dr. Bagley is here to help examine and treat the pain you’ve experienced as a result of your auto accident or similar injury. With our thorough examination, we can diagnose the most effective solutions to help you. We utilize many forms of treatment therapies, schedule an appointment with a car accident chiropractic specialist to help you recover quickly and naturally.

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