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Back pain St Louis Dr. Bagley at Precision Chiropractic

The most common thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “chiropractor” is back pain, and for good reason. Chiropractic treatment is the least invasive and most effective way to help people get rid of their back pain in St. Louis!

Why? It’s because Chiropractors look at things a different way. We don’t treat the symptoms like pain medications and spinal injections do.  Chiropractors look for the cause of the dysfunction and release the nerve stress that causes the spinal and muscle pain.

Upper cervical chiropractors, like Dr. Bagley, see the spine in its entirety and not necessarily each individual part.  When one section becomes misaligned, they all do.  The most mobile sections of the spine are in the top two vertebrae of the body.  This area surrounds the brain stem and has thousands of sensors responsible for maintaining postural muscles of the body.  When there is a misalignment in the top of the neck, it will cause one hip to hike up and a misalignment in the back almost immediately.  This is why so many people with low back pain also have pain in their necks— it’s all connected!  The chain reaction down the whole spine causes a multitude of problem and over time can cause spinal decay.

Why choose Precision Chiropractic to treat your back pain?

Alex Freed, one of our patients said,

“I had back pain and neck pain from previous accidents and could not sit up straight.  Now, I’m in a lot less pain, thank God!  Dr. Bagley has the magic touch and it’s amazing how she focuses on my neck and it helps my back!”

To deliver results like this, St. Louis expert Dr. Bagley, a chiropractor for back pain, has dedicated her life to becoming an expert in spinal health.  When you schedule an appointment, she will do a complete history to find out what is going on with you.  After a complete and painless exam, she will determine if your problems could be related to nerve stress. If so, the procedure to correct the misalignment is painless and gentle, and when the bones are in place the brain-body communication is unkinked and your body’s ability to heal will return!

Precision Chiropractic is located in St Louis and serving the community of Kirkwood, Des Peres, Webster Groves, and Glendale.

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