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Vertigo is a spinning sensation that tricks your body into thinking that the world is moving.  It can be incredibly frightening.  When prolonged attacks happen, it can keep people from their jobs and driving.  A serious form of this is called Meniere’s Disease.  Recurring attack for suffers include debilitating vertigo, hearing loss and ringing, and even nausea.  In the book What Time Tuesday?, Dr. Kevin Broome (now an Upper Cervical Doctor), talks about how his Meniere’s Disease was helped.  “… this doctor gave me my life back so that I could function as others did.  He gave me the ability to return to school, to be part of a state championship soccer team, go to college where I have my most trusted and life long friends and in hindsight gave me the ability to help hundreds of thousands of suffering people.”  There is a relationship between the inner ear and trauma to the neck.  Many times these disorders can be related to a whiplash, concussion injury or sports injury.  When the brainstem is dysfunctional, the inner ear immediately or over time become dysfunctional as well.  Dr. Bagley has helped many people with vertigo and tinnitus (ringing).

Dr. Bagley has dedicated her life to becoming an expert in brain stem and nerve system health.  She will do a complete history to find out what is going on with your brain stem and check for other problems.  After a complete and painless exam, she will determine if your problems could be related to nerve stress.  She says, “The procedure to correct the misalignment is painless and gentle, and when the bones are in place the brain-body communication is unkinked and your body’s ability to heal and adapt is restored.”  Call us today for your consultation to find out if upper cervical chiropractic care is right for you.

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