Saint Louis Chiropractor Dr. Bagley & FamilyAbout Dr Elizabeth Bagley—Saint Louis Chiropractor serving Webster Groves, Des Peres, and Kirkwood

Dr. Beth Bagley, founder of Precision Chiropractic, has been practicing chiropractic care in the St. Louis area since 2008.  A graduate of Logan College of Chiropractic in 2007, she created her clinic with the vision to help as many people as possible get their lives back just like she did when upper cervical chiropractic saved her life.  Dr. Bagley said,

“I was a really sick kid and young adult and I didn’t know why for the longest time.  I had a constant headache, back pain, neck pain, depression, anxiety, IBS, insomnia and balance problems.  I was miserable but this was what I accepted as my normal.  When I found out about upper cervical, I was skeptical that it could help me.  Starting care was the best decision I have ever made because it changed everything.  My headaches and pain got so much better over time, even my depression and panic attacks stopped.  Over the course of a year, I went from being a train wreck to a ‘normal’ person so I changed the course of my career and became and upper cervical chiropractor.”

Dr. Bagley has healthy, vibrant twin girls, Addie and Lexi, and a supportive husband, Jason.  When she’s not helping patients as a Saint Louis chiropractor, Elizabeth enjoys reading, the outdoors, and singing in her spare time.  She donates her extra time doing public health screenings in the greater St. Louis area to help empower people with information about the relationship between spinal stress and overall health.

“The mission of Precision Chiropractic is to empower our patients to be active participants in their journey towards health in order to reach their true potential for expression of life and vitality.”

Dr Bagley’s Chiropractic Care Clinic is here to help serve her community of Kirkwood, Des Peres, Webster Groves, Glendale and St Louis.

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