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One of the central tenets of Chiropractic is that you can heal your body without drugs. Another central tenet of health care in modern society is consent for medication. But did you know that you are being given a medication that you likely did not consent to? And it’s not as effective as it’s reported. That’s fluoride for you. One of the four Halide ions on our periodic table, and it doesn’t help that three of them can disrupt your normal health. Join Drs. Frederick Schurger and Beth Bagley discuss the science of fluoride and ways to improve your dental health and overall health without it.

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Fluoride – Arsenic & Old Waste

Welcome, folks, to the show. I’m Dr. Schurger.

I’m Dr. Beth Bagley. How are you doing, Dr. Schurger?

I’m doing excellent .

We’re going to talk about fluoride. Fluoride is one of those things that a lot of people don’t think about. It’s one of those things that us healthcare practitioners do think about.

It’s in the toothpaste.

It’s like, “It’s good for my teeth.” That’s one of the things we want to discuss, what, where, how, and why. What’s the history of this? Why more natural healthcare practitioners don’t agree with the fact that fluoride is forced upon people? I’ll explain that in a little bit. We discussed an outline where we would start talking about the history of fluoride. I’m going to go over that shortly because there’s a whole book on the history of fluoride.

Quickly, the history of water fluoridation started in the early 1900s in Colorado. A dentist noticed that people were getting these brown and white dots on their teeth, but those same people had fewer dental caries or cavities. He started thinking, “What’s the difference?” They realized that there was a natural source of fluoride in that. Tap water is more like groundwater. It’s untreated water. This is the early 1900s.

Negative Consequences Of Fluoride

Studies were put together later on in the 1920s and 1930s, and a lot of them were poorly put together. They decided that we’re going to come up with this thing that says, “Fluoride reduces tooth decay.” Maybe to a tiny extent, it does, but what we’re here to tell you is that the negative consequences of that far outweigh the positive consequences of swallowing fluoride every day. I wish I had regular toothpaste, but I do not. Read the back of your toothpaste. It says, “Call poison control if you eat it.”

If you swallow it.

It says, “Do not swallow toothpaste,” which is why little kids are given non-fluoride toothpaste a lot of times. They can’t help but swallow it because they don’t understand. Yet, what have they put in our drinking water? They’ve put things in the drinking water that help. I’m not going to say that it doesn’t because the tiny amount of chlorine they put into the drinking water does reduce the chances of people getting these waterborne illnesses that killed millions of people. That I’m not against, but I don’t necessarily want to consume it either. It’s easy to get rid of chlorine in your water. A Brita filter will do it mostly. You could even let your water sit out. Have you ever had a fish tank?

A long time ago.

When I’ve had a fish tank, they were like, “Let the water sit out before you put it in the fish tank for 24 hours, 48 hours, or something and then dump it in.” The chlorine will off gas and mostly come out of the water and it won’t kill your fish.

That’s good to know.

Fluoride doesn’t come out of the water, so they put fluoride in our water. Let’s talk about what happened there. This happened throughout many countries, not just in the United States. On January 25th, 1945, Grand Rapids, Michigan was the first town to be artificially fluoridated. Meaning, they put the chemical in there.

This is right after World War II?

Yes. The article that I’m getting this from is It’s not saying negative things about fluoride. It’s the history of it. It’s interesting because it’s from England and it’s calling it a scheme. In the United States, a scheme is a bad thing. There, it’s called a number of tests or pilot schemes. I was like, “This sounds funny,” because it is a scheme.

They noticed maybe some reduction in dental caries. The most common reason that anybody will say is, “Fluoride is helpful.” They were saying, “It helps your teeth,” so we started fluoridating the water everywhere. One of the reasons I have a problem with that is it’s a medication. We’re medicating the public. Let’s say everybody is a little depressed in the United States. It’s like, “Let’s throw some Zoloft in the water too. A lot of people have high blood pressure, so we might as well put some high blood pressure medicine in there too.”

You might be thinking, “That’s ridiculous. They would never do that.” This is a medication that they’re putting in the water. It’s a chemical that causes changes in the body. If it was a chemical you are putting on your teeth like a toothbrush and spitting it out, at least that’s on your teeth. This, we’re swallowing the water. If we’re swallowing the water, then it goes into our body. One of the most common side effects that they see from this that they will agree that happens is dental fluorosis, which is interesting.

Those are brown spots, right?

Yeah. They can be brown, but typically here with this type of fluoride, it’s white spots. You’ll see them on your kids’ teeth. When they smile, all of a sudden, you’ll see all these white spots. They almost look thick. They’re not thick, but they look like little spots. That’s too much fluoride that they’re getting. It’s interesting.

That is what was happening in Colorado when that dentist first found it. He’s like, “There’s something going on. There’s spotting of the teeth.” It’s a different fluoride than what they’re using to put into the water supply. That’s fascinating.

The safety of fluoride is interesting because they’ll say, “It’s perfectly safe,” especially at these low numbers. I could take an aspirin and it’s going to affect our bodies completely differently. Maybe it’s safe for some people but not safe for others. We’ll talk about how to get it out of your water, but if you can’t afford something to take it out of your water, you have no choice but to drink it. That’s where I have a problem. It’s when people have no choice but to consume something I consider a medication or a chemical that can change how your body works. Let’s talk about the reasons it’s good. One reason it’s good is that it slightly decreases the rate of tooth decay. That’s it.


The Blonde & The Bald | Fluoride


How slight?

That’s 2% or something. I don’t know. It’s really low. It’s not enough. It’s safe and effective. If water fluoridation has a benefit, it’s a minimal one. Large-scale studies from the United States have found little practical or statistical difference in tooth decay rates among children living in fluoridated versus non-fluoridated areas. Additional data compiled by the WHO, which is my favorite organization, shows that tooth decay rates have declined as rapidly in non-fluoridated Western countries as they have in fluoridated Western countries. We have improved how we care for our teeth.

Do you have the Australia study?

If you have it up, go for it.

This is one of those things that I came across years ago talking about what reduces dental caries. It’s exactly that research you mentioned that says people who have fluoridated water and people who don’t have fluoridated water in modern Western society don’t see a significant difference. The reason is that apparently in the ‘60s or probably ‘70s in Australia, they were starting to roll it out, but there were certainly areas that didn’t even have processed city water. Everything was on a well in some of these places in Australia. What the dentists did was they went out into these rural communities with boxes of toothbrushes and got them to start brushing their teeth.

No toothpaste even?

They didn’t even have toothpaste. That’s the thing. They could get toothbrushes, but they couldn’t get fluoridated toothpaste. They had them brushing their teeth regularly and they still saw a decrease in dental caries, cavities, and everything else. There are big questions.

The WHO who I don’t trust as far as I could throw them, they have the study that I’m looking at. It’s saying Iceland decreased more at not being non-fluoridated than the United States decreased and being fluoridated. We can say that these studies have been done and fluoridation is not necessary.

It’s not pushing the needle, at least not in that way.

Arsenic And Old Waste

Exactly. We’re going to talk about the other direction? Where does this fluoride come from? Is it like, “I have fluoride and I’m going to dump it into the water.” It’s interesting.

Colorado naturally has high levels of it in their well water. Pennsylvania also had pretty high levels that were naturally occurring.

It was from being in the environment.

They weren’t seeing other health issues, which I’m certain we’re going to get into.

Although, we did see the fluorosis. The main chemicals used to fluoridate drinking water are known as silicofluorides. They sound so beautiful, like hydrofluorosilicic acid and sodium fluorosilicate. Cyclical fluorides are not pharmaceutical-grade fluoride products. They are unprocessed industrial byproducts of the phosphate fertilizer industry. In the fertilizer industry that is making all this fertilizer, there is a byproduct. It is these hydrofluorosilicic acids. Since these silicofluorides undergo no purification procedures, they contain elevated levels of arsenic, which is good for your body.

How do we get that out?

More so than any other water treatment chemical in addition. Research suggests that the addition of silicofluorides to water risks a factor for elevated lead exposure, particularly among residents who live in homes with old pipes. It can seep lead out of your pipe and put blood into your water. We are putting a byproduct of the fertilizer industry in our water because they can’t get rid of it. It is toxic waste, yet they’ve repurposed it, put a stamp of approval on it, and are dumping it in our water. That’s interesting. I don’t want that.

Should we call this episode Arsenic and Old Waste?

I don’t know. Do we not want to call it fluoride?

It might be the subtitle. The Benefits and Dangers of Fluoride: Arsenic and Old Waste.

If you’re a reader and you’re like, “Another thing I can’t have,” I feel that. When you start going down a health journey and you start learning things, it feels like everything’s out to kill you, and it’s the truth.

When you start going down a health journey and you start learning things, it feels like everything’s out to kill you.

There’s a lot of stuff that’s bad out there.

You’re finding out that you turn on your tap and there’s toxic waste in your water. It’s at a very low part per million. It is a tiny bit, but if I took a little tiny piece of poop, put it in water, diluted it, and then handed it to you, would you drink it?

I’m going to be hard-pressed. I’m going to say no.

It’s super diluted, but it’s one part per million of poop.

I’ve been thinking about this because we’ve got an older dog and sometimes, I’ve got to clean up after him in the house. Generally, they’re well-formed. I don’t have to have any problems with it. What is pink eye except for a little bit of you didn’t clean your hand as well as it’s supposed to and you scratched your eye? You’ve then got a little bit of waste, and all of a sudden, you’ve got an infection in your eyeball that’s not supposed to be there.

my house, we call it the poo eye. If you got the poo eye, you don’t wash your hands.

That’s exactly what it is.

It can also be viral. Not every pink eye is poo eye, but it could be poo eye.

That’s all it takes. It takes a little bit.

We dilute the poo water and say, “It’s fine. I’ll drink it.” You would be like, “I’d prefer something without poop in it please.” That’s how I feel about fluoride in my water. It is a toxic waste that was added. All I can say is I’m not perfect about it, but I do filter my water. We’ll talk about how we have to do that because it’s not a Brita filter, unfortunately. It’s not as simple as the carbon filter. It doesn’t come out of that.

Let’s talk about why we are so upset about it and what else it does in the body. There are so many things. We could do a whole episode on one of these topics. Some of them can cause painful, stiff joints, aching bones, and thyroid issues. There’s so much information on how it decreases IQ. That’s interesting to me. because that’s the development of kids. If it’s lowering the IQ of our children, out of anything that scares the crap out of me, it’s that. We’re 2 to 3 generations into fluoridated water. I can attest, in the United States at least, that we’re not any smarter than we were many years ago.

We might be closer to 4 or 5 generations in.

If you think about it, my mom was born when they first started fluoridating water.

Your kids are the third generation.

That’s why I say three because that’s right around it. It depends on how far the generations go. If somebody with low IQ and low IQ has a baby, it’s more low IQ. Forced fluoridation lowers your IQ, affects your brain, and disrupts your sleep. You get less healthy REM sleep. These are all studies that you can look up. Everyone can see them.

You can say, “That was funded by blah.” Most of the positive fluoride studies are funded by those who want to fluoridate the water, which is bad guys. You follow the money. It is the people who want to get rid of the toxic waste and the people who want to calm the population down because there is some aspect of fluoridation that makes you complacent. That’s when I said, “What if we take antidepressants or give everyone antidepressants?”

We already did.

Lower Your Dose Of Fluoride

We are. You drink it and you’re like, “Everything’s fine.” You’ll accept authority, changes, and communism. I know I’m going down a rabbit hole here, but this is all part of a big scheme on how to control a nation and control the world. The cool thing though is if you find out about it, it’s never too late to lower your dose of fluoride.

I’m not going to say I’m at zero fluoride because I go out to eat and I drink water at restaurants. I don’t always have my trusty bottle with me. I try to, but I don’t always. When I take a shower, I am not using filtered water. I do not have a whole house filter. My family has this thing called a reverse osmosis system. Reverse osmosis is one of the only ways to get rid of fluoride. There are a couple of other fancy filters that can do it too, but a reverse osmosis system is something you have to buy, put in your house, and then also maintain. It’s not an easy process, but, to me, it’s worth it. My water tastes fabulous.

Isn’t that cool how much better it tastes when it is filtered properly?

It’s clean. When I taste water out of a tap or a drinking fountain because I’m out and about, I’m like, “Ugh.” It tastes bad, but it could be all in my head. Everyone’s been there when they’re traveling and they drink the water in another town and how it tastes differently. That’s because there are different chemicals in the water. It could be a different type of fluoride. It could be extra chlorine. It could be that sulfur is in that water. You are going to have different flavors of water. What you can do is get a reverse osmosis system and your water will be pretty much H2O. Is it perfect? I’m sure it’s not, but pretty much H2O. Meaning, it has no chemicals. One of the issues with that though then is it has no electrolytes in it at all.

You add a little bit of salt as we’ve discussed. The other way to do it if you really want to get fancy is to do vapor distillation.

That was the other way I was going to say.

I haven’t seen a vapor distiller that doesn’t seem way too expensive.

I’m not going to do that. My reverse osmosis system was under $1,000 and it takes $150 a year to buy the filters and stuff. It’s crazy expensive when you’re thinking you’re paying for water, but it’s worth it to my family because I don’t want my kids to have lower IQs. I don’t want to be complacent. I want my brain to function. One of the other things was the calcification of the pineal gland. Do you know anything about that? I haven’t looked that one up.

I’ve seen that and heard of that repeatedly. Some of the stuff that I’ve seen on the pineal gland is that it is connected to your higher power, your higher source, or your desire to believe in something bigger than yourself. That’s always been a question mark. I haven’t delved down that rabbit hole either. That’s one of the big things that I understood about it.

One of the things we should question, especially in a world where we have decided to move away from religion so rapidly after thousands of years of having it, is as I was discussing with somebody else, we might have said, “We’ve evolved past that point. We don’t need religion.” We see in the world we live in that people will grab onto any idea that feels like it’s part of their tribe. It really looks like a religion in many cases, often to the point of being a cult and you can’t question the authority of the cult.

Different studies indicated that pineal gland calcification was significantly associated with age, sex, low altitudes, low sunlight exposure, which would be not enough Vitamin D, ethnicity, light, cell phone use, and then fluoride intake. This is a study that is on a government page and does say fluoride use. There are probably twelve other disorders and problems that fluoride caused that I’m not going to go over. I’ll let you guys look it up.

Fluoride And Thyroid

What did you find on the thyroid when you were going through that? One of the interesting stories that I had heard regularly on fluoride and thyroid was that fluoride comes in and mimics iodine. Chlorine, bromine, fluoride, and iodine are all halides, which makes them very special from an elemental perspective. That’s because all of their outer rings in the atoms are completely filled. They’re a stable element.

When they get introduced into the body, the body is looking at this matching connection where it’s looking for iodine and iodide. Those two can be swapped out with any other halide if you’re consuming a bunch of halides. One of the arguments as to why we have thyroid problems is not so much that we don’t have enough iodine, which is a problem in the Midwest especially, but certainly in more than the Midwest.

T hey stopped using iodized flour, which was an anti-caking agent for the same reason. It’s because they thought we were having too much iodine. We started bringing fluoride into the system, which also competes for iodine and iodide. There’s a big problem there and a big question as to whether we were over-prescribing iodine. Did we have too much iodine in our flours that we use bromine? That is also not necessarily better for you. As a consequence of that, is that why we have so many thyroid problems in society?

This study that was on said these data suggest that people residing in regions with drinking water fluoridation have a higher risk of developing hypothyroidism rather than those living where there isn’t. It raises concerns. I see hypothyroidism in so many of my patients. They come in and they are already on thyroid medications.

People residing in regions with drinking water fluoridation have a higher risk of developing hypothyroidism.

If you had your thyroid removed because of cancer or something, you have to be on thyroid medication or you will die. You have to be on thyroid medication for the rest of your life. When we take the CBCTs and we’re looking at an X-ray of the neck, we can see calcification of the thyroid so often. Does that have to do with water fluoridation? I really don’t know.

That colleague of ours, Dr. Jason Zablotney, our good friend, his dad’s a pharmacist. He has a local pharmacy in the town that they grew up in. Jason told me the story that his dad related. They had been fluoride-free as far as the water up until a certain point in time. As soon as they made the switch to put fluoride in the water in that community, he started filling many more scripts for hypothyroidism.

There you go. Does that tell us for sure? No. That’s not a study. It’s not double-blind placebo-controlled, but it makes sense to me.

It makes you ask the questions, and nobody else is asking the question. If no one is asking the question to say, “What about this? I see this,” we come out with expert ideas. Certainly, when it comes to putting your head on straight, we are the experts through and through, and then patients ask us about these questions.

The show is a great place for us to say, “Go check out this episode if you have questions about that.” These are things that we dive into regularly and people ask us questions about. That way, we can share it here in this show. We can focus on getting your head on straight. If the experts in these fields aren’t asking these questions, then somebody needs to. If you can’t question the experts, are you really dealing with science? That’s what science is.


The Blonde & The Bald | Fluoride


No. What is it on the other side? It’s a cult. It’s not science. If you can’t question it, it is a cult mentality. That’s what we dealt with in the last few years with the COVID debacle. If you asked a question, that means you’re a communist or you’re a grandma killer.

You’re a denier. You’re like, “I thought science was about asking questions.”

Switching To Unfluoridated Toothpaste

100%. We come to putting fluoride directly on your teeth with fluoridated toothpaste. Our family does not use fluoridated toothpaste because I still think it’s toxic. I do use toothpaste. There are different types out there that’s natural toothpaste or non-fluoridated toothpaste. I’ve gone through lots through the years. I was in chiropractic school when I started doing research on this. It exploded my brain like lots of things have over the years. I first started off using Tom’s toothpaste. It was a very common toothpaste back then. It doesn’t really have anything in it except some xylitol, which is good for teeth. It wasn’t that great.

When Tom’s came out, it had baking soda. In fact, prior to toothpaste having fluoride in it, the ingredient they put in there to help buffer your teeth was all an electron donor, which is what they’re saying that baking soda does that as well and always has. How much is the toothpaste bottle compared to a large bag of baking soda?

At Costco, I always get a big old thing because I use it in my laundry. You can get it super cheap.

It’s $12 or $13 for the big 10-pound bag. It’s a nice little kettlebell bag.

That’s not a bad idea. We are using a toothpaste brand called Boka. They started selling it at Target, but it was online when I first bought it. It’s got something called nano-hydroxyapatite. I first started reading about that a few years ago. They’ve been using that chemical in Japan for many years. It’s more natural with what our teeth are made out of. You’re adding the same stuff that your enamels are made out of to your teeth.

I don’t swallow it either. What they tell you to do is brush your teeth with it and spit, but don’t rinse your mouth out. You want to keep it on your teeth to sit. That’s what we do in our family. I don’t see a big difference in how many cavities we got before and after. All I know is I feel good about putting it on my teeth. I don’t feel like I’m putting something in my mouth that’s going to kill me. I have read enough studies that show that that’s a perfectly inert substance that won’t hurt you even if you did swallow it.

I’ve been using hydroxyapatite material. It’s a powder from an online guy called VanMan. H e’s got a great powder. Do you know what they don’t complain about when you’re getting on an airplane? A bag of powder. They’re looking for liquids, not powder, and certainly not hydroxyapatite.

They’re looking for some powder. Drug dogs will come and be like, “What’s in that bag?”

The only downside to using a tooth powder is you need a wet toothbrush. I brush my teeth in the shower because it’s been a habit I’ve done throughout the years. I get a longer shower in hot water. It’s sometimes cold but generally hot. When I do that, what I generally would’ve done is I would’ve done a dry brush and then I would’ve gotten in and flossed, and then I brush with some sort of tooth product. It could be toothpaste or whatnot.

What I’m finding with the tooth powder is the hydroxyapatite is all gone but it does deposit between the teeth and I have a harder time flossing afterwards. I’ve got to be careful because sometimes, I want to re-floss one more time. Sure enough, if I’ve brushed my teeth with that, I’ll be stuck. I’m like, “Come on.” I’m using one of those floss picks, so I can’t pull it through. I have to pull it back out between the teeth. It’s a downside, but quite honestly, it’s not bad.

I have noticed since I’ve started using this, some of the tooth pain that I would occasionally have that would require me to do an oil-pulling type procedure, I needed less of that. Something’s happening. I like it. It’s of high value. All will come in time and we’ll see what it needs. It seems like it’s doing pretty good for my teeth. There are options out there for people who are like, “Do I have a fluoride problem?” Probably. They’re like, “How can I fix it?” Do this. Tooth powders might cost you $20 upfront, but they will last you the better part of at least a year if not two because you don’t need a lot.

I’ve used tooth powders in the past. They’re a little messy, but they do last quite a while until one of your kids knocks it on the ground. That was the last time I bought it. I read that there is fluoridated salt in Europe. They fluoridated some of the salts in Spain, France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic.

That’s weird. Why would you fluoridate it and not iodize it?

I don’t know if it’s all still going on. If you’re in Europe, it is something to realize that table salt might be fluoridated.

Don’t be all about ordering special salt from Europe.

There are some people who talk about Alzheimer’s disease and cancer. There are all sorts of ways that you could look at this that could cause things like that. I don’t have a ton of information on that other than no matter what, I’m against fluoride in water. I’m against putting extra fluoride in your body.

It doesn’t need to be there. It’s not showing a significant improvement in what it was intended to do officially, which is to prevent dental caries. The best thing to do to keep your teeth healthy is to brush regularly, a couple of times a day.

Do that and maybe floss occasionally or every day. You can use what we have, which is the hydroxyapatite toothpaste if you want an extra boost. You could brush with a dry brush and still have a good result. The brushing of the teeth is really the thing that helps the most.

Dental Health And Your Overall Health

Kevin Stock posted something about dental caries. He said too few dentists know that cavities are a sign of nutritional imbalance. It’s too many carbohydrates and too few vitamins and minerals. Correcting the imbalance requires reducing grains and sugars and increasing nutrient-dense bioavailable animal foods.

Harvard scientists came out saying that you must have meat in your diet because there are some nutrients for your health, including brain health, that you can only get in meat. We’ve known that for a while. We’ve finally got a Harvard scientist getting on board with the message because they’ve got a big vegan research center up there. They also have some people who are studying the carnivore diet too. That’s exciting.

That’s good.

That might tell us some stuff.

A couple of places if you want to learn more about, first of all, fluoride is the Fluoride Action Network. You can go onto Google and type that in. You’ll find them. They’ve been trying to fight forced water fluoridation for years. They do some good work. I really like what they have to say. What you were talking about, Weston A. Price, have you ever studied him?

Yeah. I looked at him a little bit. My wife, Jeanne, looked at him more.

If you go to the Weston A. Price Foundation, you can learn about him and his work. He was a dentist. He found out that people with fewer cavities and straighter teeth ate a diet that was consistent with more of a traditional diet of their people. If you were in Africa, you would eat what you could grow in the ground and kill. You would eat that. These people would have beautiful teeth. The minute you took those same people out and put them on a standard American or Western diet, their teeth would go to hell and their kids’ teeth would go to hell.

It’s interesting because we are seeing this in the modern world where aboriginal folks down in Australia are taken off of their traditional diet. They really like some of the stuff the Westerners bring in

Soda’s delicious. It’s so good.

There’s some cornmeal thing that they really like because it’s super sweet. It tastes awesome except for it’s causing diabetes. You can see it in the different populations almost immediately by looking at them and how they’ve put on all these pounds and tooth decay, which we’re talking about, compared to the ones that are still in their traditional lifestyle.

That’s where I think the carnivore diet, the keto, and the paleo come in. It’s getting humans back to a more traditional diet like what our ancestors ate. Our ancestors would probably kill an animal and eat until they’re stuffed. Maybe the next day, they eat a little bit and then do not eat for a day or two because they don’t have anything except for a couple of berries they found on the back.

We really screwed up our health with what we’re doing to our population. The biggest reason why I am against water fluoridation is that it’s forced. They tell you it’s good for you and it’s not. Do some research. I’m sorry if it blew your minds a little bit. Also, know that we’ve all been there. We went down this rabbit hole years ago, and then we made decisions in our families not to continue that path and get bottled water. You can get bottled water too. I don’t like water in big plastic containers, but at my work, that’s what we have. We have a big plastic container because I don’t have a reverse osmosis system at work.

We’ve really screwed up our health with what we’re doing to our population.

You’re saying a plastic water container, the big five-gallon ones that have been properly filled with filtered water?

The big five-gallon ones, not the little ones.

Generally, those containers are much more robust plastic.

They’re BPA low. Typically, they get cleaned and refilled, and they’re not sitting in a hot truck for seventeen days. They get on a truck and leave the truck the same day.

The small little bottles that you get at the store are probably tap water.

Even if they’re not, they’ve been sitting in plastic for months.

What if you’re parched and that’s all you’ve got access to?

It’s better than nothing. I’m not going to go into the desert and not drink a bottle of water because it’s in a plastic bottle.

Exactly. This is why having some sort of stainless bottle is important. I was reading about copper. Copper has been stupidly expensive in the past couple of decades. T his is why we use copper tubing. It’s antimicrobial naturally. I’m surprised I haven’t seen somebody selling copper water bottles that effectively are antimicrobial for your drinking water. It’s not going to take care of the fluoride or the chlorine, but it’s certainly one of those benefits.

It looks cool.

It better.

I’m all about looking cool. That’s what I like.

That’s fair.

I don’t have anything else on fluoride, but I do want the folks who are reading to not get overwhelmed and also leave a comment. Share. Like it. Send us questions. Contact us in our office. If you hate this, don’t contact us. We don’t need to hear about it.

Somebody on YouTube will say, “This is horrible advice. Stay in your lane.”

This is my lane. I have to drink it. Every single human’s lane is water. If you want clean drinking water, people have fought wars over it. I’ll fight this war.

We fight more wars over water and our water rights .

We’re going to be talking in the next few episodes about statins and things like radiculopathy, which is the numbness down an arm or into the leg pain. We’ve got lots of other fun topics. If you have a topic that you want to read about, shoot us an email or leave us a comment and we will think about it.

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Thanks for tuning in. We will see you soon.



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