Ep28 – The Random Episode On Low Back Pain And Spouses That Came In Because They Were Told To


Chiropractic care: where skepticism meets miracles, and spouses become believers in wellness journeys. Join Dr. Frederick Schurger and Dr. Beth Bagley in this delightfully random episode, diving deep into a diverse range of topics. From low back pain to migraines and even space-occupying lesions in the brain, these two chiropractors explore it all. But the […]

Episode 27 – Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Vitamin D & More!


Multiple sclerosis is a lifelong condition that may lead to a serious disability. Today, Dr. Beth Bagley and Dr. Frederick Schurger explore the promising role of upper cervical care in supporting individuals with multiple sclerosis. They dive deep into some case studies that have shown the efficacy of upper cervical care for not only multiple […]

Episode 26 – Bell’s Palsy, Collitis, Chiari & Thiamine!


Today’s guest is your soon-to-be doctor, Beth Ladd. She talks about Bell’s palsy and Collitis and how Upper Cervical Care changed her body. Diving deeper into the conversation, Dr. Bagley and Dr. Schurger also explain the need for an upright MRI to diagnose Chiari’s malformations. Even a small Chiari malformation can affect the cerebral spinal […]

Episode 25 – When Can Children Get Chiropractic Care?


Have you ever wondered if you should get your child adjusted? If you’ve ever pondered whether chiropractic adjustments are suitable for your little ones, this is the definitive discussion you’ve been waiting for. Today, Dr. Beth Bagley and Dr. Frederick Schurger delve into the wonders of Chiropractic, with a special focus on the life-changing benefits […]

Episode 24 – Healthy Routines For Healthy Living


Join us in this captivating episode as Dr. Frederick Schurger and Dr. Beth Bagley delve into the daily routines and transformative healthy practices. They discuss a diverse range of strategies, including invigorating workouts, nourishing meals, and essential supplements, all geared toward enhancing overall well-being. The doctors share their personal daily routines as well as some […]

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