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Allergies in St. Louis

Many people suffer with allergies. Some might be from pets, others are seasonal, or we may even know someone who has experienced symptoms of allergies. Unfortunately, the St. Louis area seems to be constantly ripe with allergens and irritants that can trigger allergies! Many of these symptoms include congestion, coughing, sneezing or possibly outbreaks of hives. Enjoying the great outdoors can incredibly difficult when allergy symptoms are constantly attacking you  (more so than the humidity in our city)!

Effective chiropractic treatment can boost your immune system – and lessen allergy symptoms

While chiropractic treatments might not be able to stop allergies, it can make them easier to deal with. As a chiropractic who is familiar with feeling sick, I can promise that an effective chiropractic treatment will help your immune system work better, which will relieve the stress on your nervous system.  The effects of allergies will not be as severe with your better and stronger immune system. The correction of the spine will also add a feeling of general well-being and help to lessen allergy related problems.

Dr Bagley, is here to help you with relief of your allergy symptoms. With our thorough examination, we can diagnose the most effective solutions and share with you our plan. Please do not needlessly suffer, hire us as a chiropractor for allergies.

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