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One of the most common misconceptions about chiropractic care is that it is a treatment for back pain and neck cricks.  Although chiropractors often help people recover from these maladies, these patients only represent a small group of what Upper Cervical Chiropractors help with.  Upper Cervical Doctors, like Dr. Bagley, understand that the body is self-regulating and is capable of healing, when free from interference in the central nervous system which is protected by the spine and skull.

Temporal Mandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJD) is a painful and life altering problem that can affect eating and communicating.  There is a relationship between how the muscles of the joint and jaw work and how and the nerves control those muscles.  Imagine one side pulling the jaw open and working 100% and the other side only functioning at 40% because of nerve stress.  The jaw then will open unevenly and even twist somewhat which can cause damage (clicking, locking, pain, headaches).  Trauma in the upper neck can cause the nerves that go to the muscles of the face to be dysfunctional, and TMJ dysfunction can be triggered.  The longer this problem persists, the more damage can occur, so come into our office to see a TMJ chiropractor.

Precision Chiropractic has TMJ Chiropractors located in St Louis and serving the community of Kirkwood, Des Peres, Webster Groves, and Glendale.

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