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Carpal tunnel St Louis treatmentOne of the most common misconceptions about chiropractic therapy is that it is only a treatment for back pain and neck cricks.  Although chiropractors often help people recover from these maladies, these patients only represent a small group of what Upper Cervical Chiropractors help with. Doctors like Dr. Bagley understand that the body is self-regulating and is capable of healing in all limbs and muscles when free from interference in the central nervous system.

Carpal Tunnel syndrome is caused by pressure and irritation to an arm and hand nerve.  This nerve starts in the neck and moves through the shoulder, down the arm, through the wrist, and to the hand. Although the wrist can be the primary point where the issue is starting, many carpal tunnel surgeries fail because the issue could be coming from the neck.  Double Crush syndrome happens when the median nerve is crushed and irritated in the neck and shoulder and then gets crushed again in the carpal (wrist) area.

According to Dr. Bagley,

“Many times we have patients coming to our office that have had previous carpal tunnel surgeries and all the symptoms are still there.  After a series of adjustments, the nerve stress is eliminated and these patients then realize that the surgery may have been unnecessary.  I believe that anyone considering carpal tunnel surgery should have their neck checked first.”

Arm numbness is another issue that mostly has its origins in the neck.  Many people find this happening at night and wake up with painful tingling or notice it when they lift their arms up (like washing your hair in the shower).  When the nerves coming out of the neck are dysfunctional, numbness and tingling can lead to weakness and joint damage.

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Dr. Bagley has dedicated her life to becoming an expert when it comes to the nervous system.  She will do a complete history to find out what is going on with your shoulder and arm and check for other problems.  After a complete and painless exam, she will determine if your problems could be related to nerve stress.  The procedure to correct the misalignment is painless and gentle, and when the bones are in place the brain-body communication is unkinked and your body’s ability to heal and adapt is restored.

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