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If we learned anything about shoulder pain, St Louis has its fair share of those suffering. One of the most common misconceptions about chiropractic is that it is a treatment for back pain and neck cricks.  Although chiropractors often help people recover from these maladies, these patients only represent a small group of what Upper Cervical Chiropractors help with.  Upper Cervical Doctors, like Dr. Bagley, understand that the body is self-regulating and is capable of healing, when free from interference in the central nervous system which is protected by the spine and skull.

Shoulder Pain St Louis

The shoulder is a complex joint with ligaments, tendons, and many muscles.  Rips and tears in the rotator cuff causes pain and problems, but not all shoulder injuries require surgery.  Dr. Bagley has helped many people with shoulder problems even frozen shoulder.  Elaine Nicholson of Webster Groves said, “After my daughter got great results she referred me back in for my shoulder.  I had injured my shoulder and it had been frozen for 7-8 months.  After starting care, my shoulder pain is nonexistent and my range is at 100%! I just love coming in to see you guys!”  Many shoulder problems exist or do not heal properly because of stress in the nervous system.  The nerves to the shoulder structures come out of the neck.  This is one aspect of shoulder issues that is many times overlooked. When the nerves are dysfunctional, the shoulder will not work as intended and problems in those structures can arise.

Dr. Bagley has dedicated her life to becoming an expert in brain stem and nerve system health.  She will do a complete history to find out what is going on with your shoulder and check for other problems.  After a complete and painless exam, she will determine if your problems could be related to nerve stress.  She says, “The procedure to correct the misalignment is painless and gentle, and when the bones are in place the brain-body communication is unkinked and your body’s ability to heal and adapt is restored.”  Call us today for your consultation to find out if you need a chiropractor for shoulder pain.

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