Episode 37 – Are OTCs Safe? Part 2 – Aspirin + Dr Schurger’s Amish Satellite Clinic


Health isn’t just about what you take; it’s about what you surround yourself with. In this episode, Dr. Bagley and Dr. Schurger discuss the hidden truths behind over-the-counter medications in the second part of their discussion. They talk about the history of medicine, exploring how aspirin’s dominance declined and the interesting shift towards the use […]

Episode 36 – Honoring Dr. Schalow, Dr. Bagley’s Sugar Struggle, And Missing Visuals


In this episode, Dr. Schurger honors his dear friend and colleague, Dr. Philip Schalow, who passed away suddenly. They also share some things we do and sacrifice as doctors to maintain our health. Dr. Bagley shares her struggles and journey with sugar. Dr. Schurger shares his new favorite recipe with low sugar, full of flavor, […]

Episode 35 – Planes, Trains & Automobiles


Manage your energy, not just your time, and get your head on straight before you hit the road. As the holiday season approaches, Drs. Beth Bagley and Frederick Schurger share some of the favorite things they do to travel injury-free and fully enjoy their journeys. Whether you’re taking to the skies, hopping on a train, […]

Episode 34 – Blair Conference Highlights That You Can Use Today!


In this episode, Drs. Beth Bagley and Frederick Schurger bring you the most valuable take-homes from their journey to the Blair Upper Cervical Conference in Las Vegas. Together, they reveal the health discoveries and practical tips that can empower you to take control of your well-being right now. They dive into fascinating discussions on topics […]

Episode 33 – Things We Hate, What We Tolerate & Censorship Of Chiropractic


This is one of those episodes that you just need to listen to understand the title. Because, as Drs. Frederick Schurger and Beth Bagley get into this topic, they cover a wide range of ideas about how we deal with awkward situations and ultimately, when we need to stand up and be heard. Plus, we […]

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