The Blonde & The Bald | Chiropractic Biohack


There’s been weird discussions about biohacking lately, and a lot of people in the Chiropractic community don’t realize that Chiropractic IS the best biohack out there. Drs. Beth Bagley and Frederick Schurger cover what is going on that actually supports how Chiropractic completes a lot of what most Biohackers would say are the top 8-10 items that qualify as biohacking. Whether or not you consider yourself a biohacker, see how you can benefit from chiropractic care from longevity to strength & from improved immune function to overall well-being.

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What Is The Best Biohack And Why Is It Chiropractic?

Dr. Bagley, how are you?

I am well. How are you doing, Dr. Schurger?

I am doing excellent. I have had a good week.

I heard you ate 300 grams of protein.

I did.

I ate 400 grams of protein. I’m better. It was closer to 40.

That’s the problem.

It was not a good protein day for me, but I’m glad it was a good protein day for you.

When I stepped on the scale, it was only one pound up. I’m not unhappy with that change.

The Best Biohacking

The increase in protein leads us to what we’re going to talk about, which is something called biohacking.

Dr. Bagley, the question, and this is going to be the title of the episode because people will already have seen it, but the question is, what is the best biohacking? Why is it chiropractic? I sat down, and I’ve had a couple of people talking about this. What’s this big deal that people don’t think chiropractic is biohacking? Chiropractic was probably one of the first bio hacks that was properly introduced.


The Blonde & The Bald | Chiropractic Biohack


BJ Palmer was the original biohacker. He was such an innovator in our profession but in awesome things.

Our chiropractic in radio and printing. He was printing X-ray. The list goes on. That’s one example of somebody who has gone through and, because of what he was doing for his health, was able to take that to a new level for many people. It’s been this weird back and forth. People are like, “Isn’t chiropractic biohacking?” It is.

I love the Brave browser. For those of you who haven’t been paying attention, the Brave browser is one of the cleaner browsers out there. None of the browsers is great for hiding all your information and making sure you don’t get messed up. I asked it and did a search. What are the best reasons to biohack? The AI-generated list is eight items that I would generally agree with. These are the benefits of biohacking. I’m going to hit down the list, go back, and hit each one of these individually.

I have an aside that has nothing to do with what we’re talking about. I’m the color commentator for the night. My mom bought a new computer. She, who is not great at computers, said, “I want to put the Brave browser on.” I was like, “My mom knows some stuff.” It’s a new computer, Windows. I was helping her do it. I downloaded it from and tried to install it.

We love Windows and Bill Gates because he is the ultimate biohacker or biokiller. It’s fine. I know it’s not him, but the company has made it hard to install applications that are not Windows-approved. I looked up three different ways to change the settings, and I had to go back to work at that point, but I still couldn’t figure it out. I was working on it for twenty minutes and still could not install it. I could download the app, but I couldn’t install it on her computer.

This is a several-year problem that I thought was solved because Bill Gates, with his Internet Explorer, killed the Netscape browser, which was a superior browser to the Internet Explorer. He made it almost near impossible. They’re revisiting that.

It made me mad. I was like, “There is going to be a way that I can do it.” For someone her age who’s not computer savvy, this is going to be another half an hour of me trying to find the setting because everywhere that the internet says it is, they’ve moved it.

That’s the best way to use Internet Explorer to download any other browser.

It’s not even the Internet. It’s called Microsoft Edge.

That’s what it is now, along with all the problems with Microsoft. Back to biohacking, we’ve got eight bullet points we’re going to go through and explain why each one of these and some of this crossover. It’s only six items in reality.

I’m going to read the disclaimer here. First of all, because we’re talking about it, it doesn’t mean you should do it. Talk to your doctor about this.

If AI generates an answer, check it.

It could be right or wrong.

It could be completely fabricated.

Reasons To Biohack

The first thing it says is that biohacking is a practice that involves using various techniques and methods to optimize one’s physical and mental well-being. Some of the best reasons to biohack include, and here we start with our list.

Improving health is number one.

That’s why going to biohack to not. That’s the point of it.

Number two is enhancing cognitive function. Number three is increasing energy and vitality. Number four is reducing stress and anxiety. Number five is extending lifespan.

That’s a big one. A lot of people talk about that.

That’s becoming more popular for various reasons.

I’m going to download my consciousness into the internet and live forever.

Number six is optimizing physical performance. Seven is improving mental clarity and focus. The final one is enhancing creativity and innovation. I can see how enhancing creativity and innovation will fall under cognitive function. That mental clarity and focus also fall under cognitive function. You can see where these overlap.

Improving Health

Improving health right off the bat, we do this day in, day out, in chiropractic. This doesn’t necessarily directly impact those of us who do something like blare up or cervical. Eliminating aches and pains is improving one’s health. As you have more pain, you have a problem where nerves that fire and wire together. Those pain receptors are overwhelming your nervous system. That’s a major problem.



Improving health is a win for the weak. It wasn’t even my patient. It is Dr. Thomas’s patient, but I got to see her. She’s on her second or third visit. She goes, “I am feeling so much better.” I was like, “That’s great.” She was excited and bubbly about it.” She goes, “I’ve also noticed at this time of night, my tinnitus would be terrible. I don’t have it at all.” I said, “That is exciting.”

I told her out loud that there are different types of tinnitus. Some respond well to this type of care, and some don’t. I said, “I’m excited that yours seems to be responding.” I can’t imagine it because I have some form of tinnitus from the injury. Having that high-pitched squealing is when it’s that loud. That’s a biohack. It’s like, “How do I get rid of tinnitus?” One of them is chiropractic. I love that. Do you have any wins that you had?

I do, but I’m going to bring it in at a different point here on the list.

I’ll allow it.

Other things that improve your health is improving your immune function. I’m looking at neuroimmune function. They found that eighteen found a significant effect on immune markers out of 21. It’s 86% of the pieces and parts of the studies that they looked at that found a significant effect on your immune function when you’re under chiropractic care. It’s not necessarily talking about what we do directly because what we do directly shows a direct impact on our secretory IgA. It’s a significant improvement and increase in that immediate time after an adjustment within 30 minutes.

Let’s break that down for someone who doesn’t know what any of that is. IgA is an immunoglobulin, which is a clump of proteins.

Secretory IgA is your frontline defense for your immune system.

It’s going to find bad guys.

We have two immune systems technically running in our body. It’s more than that. There’s some back-and-forth playing with it. We have the innate immune system, which is all our mucus membranes and our gut. If someone sneezes in your face, your innate immune system is what’s going to fight off those bugs if they are toxic or a problem.

That’s the first line of defense. Secretory means you’re secreting it and how you guys tested it with saliva.

Secretory IgA is the most abundant immunoglobulin in the body. This is significant and impactful. It tells us that this study here was looking at other immune markers. I don’t believe they looked at secretory IgA. They published this study at about the same time we did. Secretory IgA has a spike right off the bat. It goes up as soon as you get exposed to something that is toxic or noxious to your body. Within a couple of days, it drops back down. It’s the one that learns. The other immune system is the adaptive one.

I had to google it, sorry.

No, that’s fine. Sometimes, every word doesn’t sit in our brains, especially after a long day of work. The adaptive immune system learns from what the innate immune system is finding. They talk back and forth. From this, we are able to develop long-term immunity to things. This is why there was this back and forth about, unlike every disease we’ve ever come into in mankind. COVID, having it once, does not show immunity to it in the future. There were some lesser degrees, but that’s a Coronavirus problem that is less a COVID problem. Coronaviruses are changing rapidly.

This is why it is impossible to get a vaccine for Coronavirus.

That’s neither here nor there. We’re talking about improving health. When you get adjusted right off the bat, your secretory IgA and your innate immune system increase their function to levels to deal with whatever’s going on in your body. If you have an infection, a cut, a bruise, or anything where the body would be numbly coming in to work on, it’s going to make an improvement to that. It’s going to fight off the baddies and communicate to that adaptive immune system.

This was a study done with upper cervical chiropractors.

The secretory IgA was done solely with upper cervical chiropractors. I was one of those doctors. I can definitively say that when I adjust someone, the odds are good that their secretory IgA increases because all ten of my patients showed an increase.

The aside is we also hear that from our patients. Teachers start coming in, and they don’t get sick the whole year, whereas they get sick left and right. When that kid coughs in their face, IgA is working to be the frontline of defense so that they no longer have the baddies in them as much, and they can fight it off faster or completely. Reason number one chiropractic is the ultimate biohack is it increases health with immune system function.

Enhancing Cognitive Function

The next point was enhancing cognitive function. For all of these points, we could probably go on. I will drone on and on.

I’m going to try to stop you.

The second one is enhancing cognitive function and improving their ability to function and do other things. The one study that I pulled up because I remembered it was improving in signs and symptoms of ADHD and functional outcomes in four children receiving torque release chiropractic. It wasn’t a lot of kids. We had a handful of children in this group. Their symptoms improved by an average of 17%. For functional status improved, on average, by 23%. General well-being improved on average by 21%. We see ADHD kids all the time. All of a sudden, they were having problems in school, and their grades went up.

It’s cool to see that. One thing I tell parents is, “Adults tend to feel pain when they misline.” Not everybody will feel pain, but we tend to. Kids exhibit more. Some of them will have pain. I’m not saying they don’t. A lot of them will exhibit behavior changes rather than pain. That could be anything from concentration issues to insomnia. Kids sleep and concentrate better. They also have fewer outbursts, like anger issues. We can see a ton of stuff like that. It’s amazing.

I had one young man. His grandfather brought him in because he was doing poorly in school, but yet, you are talking with the kid. You knew he was smart. Both he and his brother, who had bad asthma, were sharp as tacks. The older one was having a hard time in school. His cervical curve was in the wrong direction.

It should be a banana shape. If it’s not a banana shape, it is in the wrong direction.

He was one of my first patients to have that curve turn around almost immediately, which was exciting. e started doing better in school. Talking about wins, I’ve got a concussion case. She’s been on disability for a year now. We’ve met Kelly. We’ve talked to Kelly in the past, but she’s had trouble being functionally present when she’s sharing her story or trying to make it into the office. She was having a rough week. She’s been doing better.

I’m hoping we broke through on something with upper cervical work and the NRT. It’s the nasal release work that I’m doing now. She was more clear and responsive. She understood. The room was physically brighter to her because she could perceive things better. I was excited to see that change in her after working on her. I’m hoping that continues on. I had another case. She was the one who prompted how we worked on Kelly. She was having some trouble. We unlock some stuff for her. I’m hoping that’s going to help her hold her adjustment better. That’s enhancing cognitive function.

One more thing for my own personal cognitive function. When I am in need of a chiropractic adjustment, I know it before pain comes on because of my cognitive function decline. It’s not that I can’t talk to people, but it’ll take me longer to come up with the words. Everyone forgets a word here and there. We forgot adaptive, but it’s different than that. It’s easy words. My brain goes past the word. I have to run around and find it again. When I read, I will read a paragraph and forget what I read. I’ll have to read it again.

I remember as a kid, that’s what I had to do a lot. I was a smart kid. I got all A’s. It took me forever to read. I would learn more by people talking to me and writing down notes. To this day, I don’t learn by reading well without taking notes with it. If I’m making an adjustment, I can read a paragraph and understand it immediately unless it’s something you wrote.

That’s fair because sometimes I have to reread what I write to see if I wrote it right. I’m with you on that. I always use the analogy of Charlie from Flowers from Algernon after he got his big smart brain medication and how it slowly went into that cognitive decline down the line. We’ve talked about that with a couple of different movies that have come out. The most disturbing one is Lawnmower Man. Don’t watch number two. If you have not seen Lawnmower Man, it is worth watching.

I introduced my kids to Idiocracy. There are a lot of like things we say. It’s like one of those pop culture references. I was like, “Now you understand why we say that.” It doesn’t hold up great because it’s hokey. Are we living in idiocracy now?

The funny thing is they didn’t think Crocs were going to last. That’s why they chose Crocs. They hadn’t taken over the market.

Increasing Energy And Vitality

The next biohack I see is increasing energy and vitality.

I’ve got a list of things that are going to help with that. It’s diet and exercise, but sleep patterns are a big part of this because most people don’t consider how much better life is when you get 6 to 8, but more like 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night. If you are in pain, you don’t get sleep. It doesn’t happen. I have many patients that are coming in. They’re telling me, “If I get any straight sleep, it’s 3 to 4 hours tops.


Most people don’t consider how much better life is when you get six to nine hours of sleep every night.


Sometimes, you have a physical problem that is preventing you from getting a good night’s sleep. People wake up in the middle of the night to use the restroom, especially as we get older. That’s one problem. The bigger problem is if that’s not the main issue and other things are waking you up, you are not getting restorative, recuperative functional sleep that is keeping you healthy and vital.

I always bring things back to me.

It’s all about you.

Most things are about me. As a child, I had chronic insomnia. I would lay next to my sister’s bed, poke her, and say, “Sarah, how do you fall asleep?” She could fall asleep like that. I had that continuing since I was in my early twenties. I found the upper cervical got adjusted. It was not long until I realized I was sleeping. It took me 10 to 15 minutes to fall asleep. Not two hours to fall asleep. That affects all things when you sleep well. If you can biohack your sleep, you’re right. Why is chiropractic the ultimate biohack? It affects sleep. Most of our patients will say, “After I got that adjustment, I had the best night of sleep in my life. I was like, “Yeah. That’s awesome.”

It’s not uncommon. Last time, I was down, and you adjusted me. It’s not uncommon for people to rest for 20 to 30 minutes after their adjustment in nice recliners or on a comfortable little bench-style bed. It’s not uncommon to have people snoring away after they get adjusted. It’s fantastic when it happens. This is why I tell people, “Snoring is optional. That might be a little bit of a warning.” Sometimes, they complain when I come to get them up after twenty minutes. They’re like, “Doc, can I stay?” I’ve had some people who I’ve let rest for about an hour and a half because I was able to work it into my schedule that I didn’t need that extra resting chair.

It’s one of the better benefits of chiropractic. As you start sleeping, you have a better recovery. All of these biohacking devices that Oura ring, Apple Watch, the Garmin, and all these things that track sleep oftentimes start showing improvements, and they tell you how hard you can push your day based upon how well you slept. Let’s go on to reducing stress and anxiety. How about you sleep better through the night? There is a lot of overlap on these items.


One of the better benefits of chiropractic is as you start to sleep, you have better recovery.


One of the reasons people don’t sleep a lot of time is there are circular thought processes happening because of anxiety and stress. They keep thinking, “I’ve got this. I’ve got that.” One of my hacks is I keep a pad and paper next to my bed. If something comes to my mind, which it often does, I write it down and let that one go because I know I can pick that up in the morning. That’s something you guys can use. I’m bringing it back to me. I had panic attacks before chiropractic care. I do not have panic attacks anymore.

We’ve talked about the mood bone and the C3 involved. C3 can influence your diaphragm’s function. The atlas and the vagus nerve have an intimate connection there. Because of that intimate connection, the vagus controls your breathing and your heart rate. If your heart rate is way high, you cannot control your breath. One of the common things to help reduce stress and anxiety is meditation and deep breathing, which all tie into that autonomic function.

One of the autonomic markers that they’re using now to measure how that is balanced is something called HRV or heart rate variability. It’s not a heart thing. It’s not a heart rate thing. It’s a variability that is controlled by the nervous system. The more variability you have, the better off you are. You start talking to the biohackers because everyone’s got some HRV metric that they’re looking at. Deep sleep, meditation, and deep breathing help you with that marker.

When people are stuck in that fight or flight or that sympathetic dominance and chiropractic, what would I tell patients, and I’m bringing it back to, is simplicity is when we’re out of balance, and our parasympathetic and sympathetic are not balancing like they should balance each other. Chiropractic adjustment helps that balance. I see it in patients.

I have this one new patient who is stressed and anxious. After her adjustments, she’s able to breathe better and talk clearer. They’re not perfect yet, but they go down. I’m excited to meet her again in a month when she’s been under care longer. That anxiety is real and horrendous when you have that anxiety or constant fear struggle happening in your brain. There’s no reason for it. If you’re getting chased by a bear, you’re supposed to have anxiety. It’s supposed to make your heart rate speed up so you can run or fight because you would fight.



I would fight.

I know you would. I’d let you fight, and I would run.

This is what happens in the world.

I’ll accept you as the champion and fight the bear for us. When you constantly feel like you’re being chased by a bear, that is not a way to live. That is a way to have your heart feel like it’s going to beat out of your chest and not be able to sleep at night. Chiropractic, being the ultimate biohack, we see it daily that anxiety and stress. We can’t get rid of stress. We can’t make that go away. We can help your body handle stress better with the chiropractic adjustment.


The Blonde & The Bald | Chiropractic Biohack


Getting to the bears chasing you in the woods is the ultimate sympathetic dominance type of situation. What we understand about our lifestyles in modern Western society is that we live in a sympathetic, dominant state. We never have the ability to properly relax into that parasympathetic state, which is to rest, digest, and heal. We have two states in our body. We have healing, growing, and adapting, which is that parasympathetic state. We have breaking down and dying, which is the sympathetic state.

We need a sympathetic state for survival.

It wakes us up. It’s what makes our workouts beneficial for building muscle because we’re breaking down and dying in that shortened period to make us stronger afterward. This is why when you start looking at the research, talking about long workouts, you’re losing your benefit after about 35 to 40 minutes tops, maybe an hour for some people. Thirty minutes is all you need to stress the body and say, “All right.” I can walk away and won’t be completely wiped out. If you’ve ever done a workout that took you an hour and you couldn’t move it for a day, you overdid it. It is the same concept going on.

Optimizing Physical Performance

Let’s skip down to optimizing physical performance, and we’ll come back to the next one.

Let’s do that one next.

We all put strength training and cardio flexibility into optimizing physical performance. When people biohack, like hiring a personal trainer, it’s awesome. What can make your personal training and kettlebell swings more effective is having your body in balance. If it’s not in balance, you can hurt yourself. You will not get an effective workout because you are not utilizing your muscles in a balanced way. There’s bringing back to chiropractic. Everything comes back to chiropractic.

What’s the website that we show to patients?

My Misalignment.

That full-body picture is going to be a good picture to examine because that’s going to be the one we want to take a look at. You should be able to share now. This imbalance that we start to see is because when the atlas goes out of place, the brain has to keep the head level.

Our eyes and ears are responding to the horizon and gravity because of how things are pulling. If our head and that atlas are shifted out of place, we can bang on the lower back here all day long for that lower back pain that you have. Oftentimes, those are hot low backs. We go to the top, adjust the atlas, and everything balances out. Everything starts to come back to where it’s supposed to be. If it’s in that out-of-balance state, you’ve got some muscles that are going to be more tight and contracted on one side.

I see this regularly. I would love to see this taking a little bit more study with gym goers. How well is their bench press staying balanced in alignment versus out of alignment? I started watching people in the gym. This was before COVID. I noticed how off-balance the bar was. It’s always something that I felt with my CDO brain. The bar should be balanced because I want to get both sides of the muscles to hypertrophy ideally and strengthen together. People are out of balance. You can’t figure out why one side is growing bigger, and the other side is taking its time. Will it ever be perfect? No, but it’ll be better. You won’t injure yourself as easily.

You can still injure yourself.

I’ve done it. I was out of adjustment. That’s how that works. We get you functioning better by getting everything balanced. After my first chiropractic adjustment, I took several months to get good at kung fu.

I warn my golfers because that’s such a precise thing that they do. If you’re a good golfer, your swing got it lined in. You’ve got it perfect for you, but if you have back pain or you’re having a problem, you know you need chiropractic care. It can sometimes change your golf swing in the long run. It will change it for the better. In the short term, you can have some bad games.

You need to learn how to practice how you’re going to hit the ball. This goes for any sport when you’re in alignment versus out of alignment. A lot of people who are athletic start to notice when they’re out of adjustment faster than anybody else would because they are highly tuned to their bodies already. I saw Dr. Shiloh. She’s like, “Yeah, it’s not right.” She knows because she’s athletic and in tune with her body. She knew it was off.

We have patients like that. I’ve got one who is in tune with her body. She can tell me which bones are out of place. She’s right.

Some people are sensitive. Everyone, no.

I’m not good at telling you which side or what bone. Sometimes, I can tell something’s not right, but I can’t tell you exactly what’s wrong. That’s why I trust my doctors.

This is why when Dr. Schuler checked me, we joked about it because my C4 was out. That’s the one that she adjusted when I told her the listing that I wanted to be adjusted. I told her the wrong listing. That’s on me. She adjusted it perfectly right. This screwed me up for about a month. This is why it’s important to have the right listing. This is why it’s important that we take new pictures periodically to make sure something hasn’t changed.

Extending Lifespan

The next one that we have is extending lifespan.

This one is interesting. They believe that certain techniques and methods can help extend their lifespan by optimizing their health, reducing oxidative stress, and promoting cellular regeneration. I want to talk about this interesting concept of telomeres. In our DNA, we have these strands of nucleic acids.

It’s the end of the DNA.

The telomere is the end of the DNA, which is an odd little repeating string at the end. Back in 1953, Leonard Hayflick, a PhD anatomy professor at the University of California in San Francisco, discovered that human cells divided about 50 times and died. This is what he called the Hayflick limit. He continued to research. Several years ago, scientists discovered the reason for the Hayflick limit was something called a telomere. These are short caps of DNA at the end of a chromosome. Each time the cell divides, the telomere shortens a little bit.

What that does is that it allows the way the cell division happens. Something has to give, and they do it at the end of the chain. You have all these telomeres, which are the same thing over again. The telomeres shorten over time, and they become potentially these scent cells that are all the rage. This is why people talk about fasting to have the body gobble up these scent cells that are not healing, growing, and contributing. Ideally, they could be cleaned out. They said that the telomere link has been proposed as a marker of biological aging. Psychological stress could affect cell aging through at least three non-mutually exclusive pathways: Immune cell function or distribution, oxidative stress, and telomere activity.

If you guys ever look up a president on his first day in office and his president on his last day of office, there have been 4 or 8 years in between. That person has aged so much.

You see a lot of gray hair in those individuals as long as they don’t color it. Here’s the funny thing. I realize that my siblings aren’t living their best lives by being fully under chiropractic care because I’m the oldest of them, and I don’t have gray hair on my body. An interesting study was conducted by Christopher Fedor, who is part of the chiropractic biophysics group. Matt McCoy was on this paper. What they did is they looked at a telomere sequence of DNA nucleotides. It’s TTAGGG. That’s the repeating sequence at the end.

They did a blood test. You can get these telomere tests to see what your biological age is because you can do all of these biohacking things to extend your telomere length. They did one of the tests for this young lady. She had five months of care. It’s a different chiropractic technique than what we practiced, but it’s similar.

Five months of care encompassing 36 visits. The patient reported being virtually pain-free and had been able to sleep through the night without having to go to the bathroom to urinate. This report documents the successful outcome of a 35-year-old with neck and mid-back pain and nocturnal polyuria, as well as unhealthy spinal alignment, posture, and autonomic dysfunction.

She’s not sleeping well through the night. She has to go to the bathroom multiple times throughout the night. They measured pre and post-telomere length. What they found at the end is they had an 8.23% increase in telomere length over a five-month period under chiropractic care. This is one case. This is not definitive, but this is big stuff.

The case suggests that for the first time, cervical spinal alignment and posture may be directly related to telomere length, which is health longevity. That correction thereof may have a directly related effect on health longevity, as represented by telomere length. It is cool. There’s no control group. There’s no long-term follow-up. There are problems with this, but this was an interesting study that examined the meat and potatoes of canned chiropractic adjustments in care benefit assembly liver markers, which has not been studied and has not been compared to chiropractic. The short answer is yes, which is exciting.


Cervical spinal alignment and posture may be directly related to telomere length, which is health longevity.


I would love for our profession to do a large study on that.

I would love to see even a small study with a case series or do 50 patients to see what that looks like under upper cervical care because we’ve got the secretory IgA study. We need something similar to that to look at in that vein. The next one is improving mental clarity and focus.

I feel like we’ve already gone over that one.

This is why I look at that one.

Brain Enhancement Supplement

One thing we haven’t talked about is the no tropic and the brain enhancement, like supplements. Some people take mushrooms.

There’s chaga and lion’s mane. There are all sorts of different things out there that we could argue we have forgotten about for the past 100 years since the inception of modern medicine came along. In fact, because of the inception of modern medicine, a lot of things were herbal homeopathic. I saw something on homeopathic that said, “There is a validation for them reducing to what apparently looks like water of a toxic substance.”

There’s something to that. Some days, research is like that. You find something that’s interesting, and it’s like, “I got to go get back to that.” Life gets busy. Neotropics is an interesting word that might simply mean magnesium. It’s a mineral that should be in our soil that we should be getting from our food. Because of things like diphosphate that bind magnesium well in the soil, we don’t get the amount of magnesium we should be having.

That is all over the radio here in Missouri. There’s something that’s going through our state to ban glyphosate because it started here.

Bayer Monsanto is still majorly headquartered there.

I don’t know if it’s called headquarters anymore, but there’s a lot. I’m not saying anything bad to my patients that work for them. I used to work for them back in the day. I hope it does get passed. I don’t think that that chemical should be sprayed anywhere near anything that we eat or drink.

What’s the one about atrazine that I came across?

That gay frog.

If you have an Alex Jones Was Right jar, you might have a lot of money in that jar. Atrazine is owned by a company whose parent company apparently is Chinese. I’m going to leave that there. With all this brain training, meditation, and neurotrophic for clarity and focus, I think the world of meditation. I need to do it more. I’ve been out of practice. When I do it, everything gets better.

Neotropics might be as simple as something like magnesium that I’ve got behind me here that I take every night to get better sleep. I’m tracking that heart rate variability, that autonomic function based on what the Oura ring tells me. When I’ve missed my magnesium at dinner, it’s at least 2 or 3 points lower than it could be or should be.

If you’re going to bed at 10:00 or 11:00, take it with your dinner.

I take it with dinner. I’ll finish dinner. There’s a wind down with the dogs. I’m getting them fed and getting them their treat. They’ll go outside after I feed them. I’ll get up, fill up my water glass, and grab it. I’ve got it sitting next to the water to take it.

I tend to take it about half an hour before I go to bed.

I’ve taken it right before bed. I would take it with dinner or right thereabouts because I have found that I will get to bed more easily and quickly. I won’t pull the temper tantrum.

You’re like, “I’m not tired. I can read for a little bit. I’ve got some research to do.” You’re like, “No, I’m going to bed.”

The NeuroMag that I take helps you say, “I’m done. I’ll go to bed.” Opposed to, “I’m going to lay back here. I’m going to close my eyes.”

I’m going to give it to Jason. I don’t know if he’s been taking it because he is terrible about that. Jason is my husband, for those who are reading who don’t know. He is that person. He will read, and he’s fine. He’ll halfway fall asleep. I’m like, “Go to bed.”

It’s horrible. My dad is the same way. We’ll visit with him. He’ll have Dr. Paul. That’s the one he likes. He’s a vet up in Michigan. The guy is wild. He’s fantastic. Dad will fall asleep watching, and he’s watched all the episodes. He’s watching them again for background noise. He’ll be working on a Sudoku puzzle, and the next thing you know, his head will fall forward.

This is terrible for your neck.

I had adjusted him that day. He’s usually a little bit better afterward. We wonder why he’s out of adjustment. It’s beneficial. Does magnesium glyconate work? Probably.

That’s what I use.

There’s some back and forth in the research, but I double up because I find the benefit of both. One is quick across the blood-brain barrier, the NeuroMag, whereas the Glyconate might be a slower crossing. In fact, when we were joking about 300 grams of protein, the one guy that I was watching prompted me to say, “Let’s try it.” It is Thomas Lauer, who’s a great biohacker. He’s got fantastic information on YouTube, but he was pointing out this.

He was pointing out an interesting idea that maybe mixing 300 grams of whey protein is a bad idea. Whey protein right after your workout, you get that quick uptake of protein might be a good idea, and back it with some meat protein later on so that you have that slower burn down the way. It’s the same thing with magnesium. I’m going to guess when they start figuring out how that’s working. They’ll say the mag team crosses fast, and the Glyconate crosses a little bit slower. A slow burn gets you better sleep throughout the night.

The last one, we’re skipping it because it’s enhancing creativity and innovation. That has to do with all of the mental clarity, focus, and meditation.

Heart Rate Variability And Creativity

It was talking about heart rate variability and using auricular vagal nerve stimulation. There are three different things going on here. One of the things that is happening is that as you improve your vagal tone, your cerebral blood flow improves. As you improve your cervical curve and have your head better over your shoulders, you increase that cerebral blood flow coming up through the carotids. As you start moving forward, the jugulars are having a harder time draining the blood flow out of the brain and getting rid of all the waste.

I would suspect there is a limit to how well between having your head over your shoulders and stretching forward that even though it won’t collapse the carotids, it will start to cause them to be stretched and elongated across the artery so that you don’t get a normal flow of blood going to the brain. Those are a couple of things that stand out.

If you’re in fight or flight, there’s no chance you can be creative. If you’re being chased by a bear, it is not a good time to write a song about love. It doesn’t happen. Helping people balance their nervous system will increase the person’s ability to be creative. We see that in our office where someone who’s an artist gets depressed because they’re no longer creating art. They start getting adjusted. They can start creating again, and depression goes away, which is amazing. It makes my chiropractor’s heart happy.


Helping people balance their nervous system will increase the person’s ability to be creative.


This reminds me of a story that I was sharing with another patient when I was out in Dr. Hall’s office in Los Angeles. He had a young lady as a patient. You could tell she was a good salesperson. She was happy when she was in alignment, but she had gone out to California to find her dream of music and songwriting. Unfortunately, the community she would’ve gone into is sex, drugs, and rock and roll. She got caught up in that. She was a little depressive. That ended up pushing her down into a dark place.

He took her on as a patient. Within several years of me leaving that office, she was recording. Her music career was doing something more than where she had been. She was married and had a young child at that point in time. By doing that much, she was able to turn her life around so that she could properly say, “I don’t need the drugs and alcohol. I can do this without this crutch.” A lot of people are depressed.

On that note, the ultimate biohack is chiropractic. Where can they find you, Dr. Schurger?

I’m in Springfield, Illinois. and Keystone Chiro in a lot of the socials. Find us.

I am in the West part of St. Louis. We’re at You can find me on TikTok. One of my videos went viral. I got 19,000 views. That’s the most I’ve ever had. Find me on TikTok, @DrBethBagley. Find us on all the socials, like, and subscribe. We will see you next time.

Bye, folks. Have a good one.


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