St. Louis Chiropractor for Neck Pain

Man holding back of head in pain. Neck pain St Louis Precision ChiropracticDo you suffer from neck pain? Many people do, and Dr. Bagley is a certified chiropractor for neck pain here to help you stay healthy with upper cervical chiropractic adjustments. These adjustments are designed to not only help with your neck pain, but to optimize your body and help put you in the best health possible for your spine.

What causes neck pain?

Most frequently, neck pain occurs from straining the muscle or from a build up of tension caused by everyday activities. These can include poor posture, sitting slumped at a computer for too long, sleeping in an uncomfortable position, or lifting weights improperly.

How can Precision Chiropractic help?

Located in St Louis, Dr Bagley offers a softer approach to Chiropractic treatment, with no popping, cracking or twisting involved in her treatments.  We use the latest techniques to diagnose neck, back, and other pains, as well as for treating the affected areas. Dr. Bagley will also recommend exercises and techniques you can practice to aid in your recovery. Neck pain is often an experience that can quickly become a scary ordeal if not treated, and there are many things that a chiropractor for neck pain can do to help!

We are located in St Louis and serve the communities of Kirkwood, Des Peres, Webster Groves, and Glendale, as well as surrounding areas.

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