Episode 50 – What To Pack When You’re A Blair Doc On Vacation! Like Your Listing Card! Plus Other Confusing Terminology


We apologize for the non-extravaganza episode, but knowing how important it is to get a vacation in may also require knowing how to get adjusted when traveling on the road to get the most out of your trip! We cover terms like listings, subluxation, neural structural shift & more in this episode as Dr. Beth […]

Episode 49 – Case Discussions, Bad Takes On Recommendations, Rabbit Holes & Meditation


Ready for more Blair chiropractic stories and rabbit holes? In this episode, the docs talk about different cases that they’ve seen recently including trigeminal neuralgia hydrocephalus and other things. We also get into discussing how you might have received a situation that is completely different than how it was presented to you. This is one […]

Episode 48 – Restoring Life: Phillip’s 13-Year Journey To Health


Have you ever been in so much pain that you’re ready to chop off that body part? Phillip’s struggle with the pain is not the worst of what he went through. He sought out medical doctors from all over the US, in and out of the Veteran Affairs system, to find an answer to get […]

Episode 47 – Electrolytes For Your Health, Part 2 – Boron As An Essential Mineral


Boron has become Dr. Frederick Schurger’s new favorite mineral, and after this episode, Dr. Beth Bagley is extra excited about it. It has so many health benefits and is so readily available to us that we don’t even know how easy it is to get. Join us as we discuss the benefits of boron and […]

Episode 46 – Electrolytes For Your Health Part 1 – Sodium And Potassium


The modern medical and food industry has demonized salt as the thing that is going to destroy your kidneys and raise your blood pressure as well as other health issues. But the reality is we absolutely need sodium as part of our diet to keep us healthy and strong, especially for those who are physically […]