Episode 18 – The Chiropractic Story Silently Told In A Medical Museum


It’s easy to break something when there’s a misalignment in your structure. Our body is designed with certain fragility, and misalignment in our body can greatly affect our health. Dr. William Blair happened upon a case of a man in a medical museum who showcased proof of his theory of how bones get stuck out […]

Episode 17 – Eagles & The Unheard


Have you ever gone to tell someone your problem only for it to fall on deaf ears? It’s a miserable situation, but it is worse when it’s your health condition, as you express it to your doctor. Too often, we hear from patients that no one can figure them out, and maybe it’s because no […]

Episode 16: Cone Beam CT (CBCT): The Role Of CBCT In Chiropractic Practice


Among the medical diagnostic imaging modalities emerging recently, CBCT is one of the significant methods. The Cone Beam Computed Tomography Scanner is replacing X-Ray in many chiropractic offices. In this episode, Dr. Bagley reviews her CBCT to help explain what we’re looking at when we take imaging and why it’s complicated & essential to get […]

Episode 15 – What Happens With Vagus Affects All Of You!

I believe that’s correct


Did you know that your parasympathetic nervous system that controls your digestion, heart rate, and immune system? When there is an imbalance in it, it affects everything else. In this episode, Dr. Bagley and Dr. Schurger delve into the cranial nerve you didn’t know about, the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve is […]

Episode 14 – Cold And Flu Season: See Dr. Bagley And Dr. Schurger When Feeling Under The Weather


It was a particularly nasty cold & flu season this year, but that doesn’t mean Dr. Bagley & Dr. Schurger won’t see you when you’re feeling bad. Heck! You might even benefit from getting checked and adjusted in that situation! Dr. Bagley & Dr. Schurger discuss getting in to see them when you’re under the […]

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