Episode 42 – The Supplement Protocol Episode


We’ve covered a lot of supplements in the past, and we wanted to do a dedicated episode to why we are using Fullscript and what protocols we have posted at this time. Supplements are a secondary priority in our practices because so much healing starts with your head on straight. But there are some things […]

Episode 41 – Wellness Unlocked, Sick Vs Health Care, Keto Rash And More!


What have you noticed with our healthcare system nowadays? Today, we will take a look at our healthcare system and dive deep into our health. In this episode, Dr. Bagley and Dr. Schurger talk about their experiences with the keto rash, how our “health care system” is sickness care, and how to unlock your health […]

Episode 40 – The Anti-Resolution Episode


New Year’s resolutions FAIL!!  There, we said it.  While the intent is great, the execution never pans out.  Drs Bagley & Schurger discuss better ways to ACTUALLY make a difference in how to approach your health goals for the new year by changing one habit today (like right now as you read this) that will […]

Episode 39 – Chiropractic Radiologist Tracey Littrel, DC, DACBR


For her first podcast, Dr. Tracey Littrell joins Dr. Frederick Schurger and Dr. Beth Bagley to discuss Dr. Littrell’s journey into chiropractic and then ultimately into academia and radiology. Dr. Littrell is a graduate of Purdue University where her future husband introduced her to chiropractic. With a newfound vitality, she pursued her chiropractic education at […]

Episode 38 – Activities You May Need To Give Up & Sugar Alternatives


We all love our hobbies, but some can be detrimental to our health! In this episode, we cover how some activities like bowling, Jiu-Jitsu, and golf may need a break in activity to allow your body to heal while under care. And since it is the holidays, we’re covering a little more on how to […]