Yo-Yo Chiropractic

“Yo-Yo Chiropractic”

     You start a diet, lose 15 lbs, then quit… only to gain the weight back, plus five extra pounds.  When it’s time to fit into that bathing suit, you’ll repeat the process all over again.  Yo-yo dieting is transient and event based – not lifestyle based, thus the results are always fleeting.

     Yo-Yo […]

Check Spine Light

What would you do if your car’s low oil light came on today?  Would you immediately top off your engine with some 10W-30 weight or put some black tape over that little annoying light so you wouldn’t have to deal with its foreshadowing glow any longer?

     If you continue to ignore the warning light, […]

Molding Back to Normal




“Molding Back to Normal”
 One of the most important benefits of Chiropractic care is the restoration of normal alignment and mechanics to your spine.  But getting the shape back to where it should be takes time and effort… especially if your spine is tight and rigid to begin with.

     If you’ve ever worked with a […]

“Launching Your Care…”


“Launching Your Care…”

In its heyday, the space shuttle would generate nearly 8 million pounds of thrust just to lift itself off the launch pad into the atmosphere.  Once beyond the earth’s gravitational pull, it didn’t require as much effort to stay in space and could effortlessly cruise at 17,500 mph with a fraction […]

“Cutting Off the Effect…”

“Cutting Off the Effect…”

If predisposed to chronic life debilitating migraines, no rational person would agree to a beheading to pre-empt the next one.  But fear misplaced faith and little knowledge of how the body innately works could influence such a move on ‘lesser’ body parts…like a gallbladder, some adenoids or a pair of tonsils.
Healthy function […]

Dr. Bagley… Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

       What makes us Fat?  We have been lead to believe that fat in food makes us fat and that simply is not true.  The only thing that can cause us to store fat is when insulin is high and our blood sugar is spiked.  The truth is the Atkins, Paleo, South Beach or any […]

The Toxin Lurking in Our Tap Water

My family has been avoiding fluoride ever since I found this information out years ago.  Water fluoridation seems to be a sacred cow in the US and we need to start to question if it really is good for us.  Drinking/ingesting fluoride is not only ineffective but it is extremely toxic to our whole body […]

The Skinny on Obesity!

This eye opening show is exactly what I am trying to fight against with my own habits and for my family.  This program does an eloquent explanation on how sugar effects us all and on subsequent videos goes a little further.  Please watch and have all of your family watch too.

Ladies Night of Indulgence

When: Friday, March 30th 5:00-9:00PM

Where: The Height’s Community Center Ballroom
8001 Dale Avenue
Richmond Heights

Our annual Ladies Night of Indulgence
is just around the corner. Grab your
friends and head out for a night of
pampering and fun. Local businesses
will be there to provide everything from
free massages and mini manicures to
candles and jewelry. There is truly
something for everyone. Treat yourself
to […]

How to Fight a Cold Faster

It’s that time of year when it’s almost dark at 4PM and bitterly cold outside and all we hear about it “cold a flu season.” I’ve put together a few tips on not only how to fight the cold you’ve already gotten but also how to prepare your body so you can prevent or make […]

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