Episode 14 – Cold And Flu Season: See Dr. Bagley And Dr. Schurger When Feeling Under The Weather


It was a particularly nasty cold & flu season this year, but that doesn’t mean Dr. Bagley & Dr. Schurger won’t see you when you’re feeling bad. Heck! You might even benefit from getting checked and adjusted in that situation! Dr. Bagley & Dr. Schurger discuss getting in to see them when you’re under the […]

Episode 13 – Trigeminal Neuralgia & Fasting


Living with trigeminal neuralgia can be very difficult. It impacts our life, resulting in problems like, weight loss, isolation, and depression. Today, Frederick Schurger and Beth Bagley welcome a guest close to Beth’s heart. Beth Bagley’s sister, Sarah, shares her experience dealing with trigeminal neuralgia and why people should seek care and try it. Beth […]

Episode 11 – Autoimmune Disease & The Topic That Will Not Be Named


Dr. Beth Bagley and Dr. Frederick Schurger, go in-depth into Dr. Frederick’s autoimmunity journey of losing his hair (alopecia totalis) & pigment spots (vitiligo…or maybe tinea versicolor) and what may have been the cause of it.  He explores the role of genetics, environmental factors, and other potential triggers of autoimmune disorders. And that’s the topic […]

Episode 12 – Allergies, Crying & Holding Your Adjustments


Did you know that some chiropractors do more than adjust patients during their visits? Sometimes chiropractors don’t even need to adjust you during your visit! That’s an excellent sign of healing, and that’s great news because that means you can go longer and longer between visits! On top of that, it might help with your […]

Seed Oils And Chronic Inflammation


Chronic inflammation is a huge issue your body needs to deal with. The worst part is you may not even feel the inflammation until it has already been present for many years. There is a strong concern that too many omega-6-rich oils are causing a very high level of inflammation. And that oil is in […]

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