The Blonde & The Bald | Gell-Mann Amnesia Effect


One of the most poorly understood ideas in health is how we focus on recovery. We briefly talk about how we need to take time to recover whether it be from an adjustment or a workout to restore our health to normal. Then we discuss the Gell-Mann Amnesia Effect and a recent article that came out saying protein is bad for you, followed up by our debunk of the article so you can choose better proteins!

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Recovery Ideas For Everything From Getting Adjusted To Working Out, Gell-Mann Amnesia Effect & “Protein Is Killing You?!?!?”

Dr. Bagley, how are you?

Dr. Schurger, I’m doing well.

That’s good.

Recovery Tips

I had a new patient and she got her first adjustment. I’m going to show you one of the positions she has to hold herself in. I’ve got my hand holding my head up because her head feels so heavy now. Our heads are heavy. We joke around and call people bowling ball heads because our head is as heavy as a small bowling ball, but a bowling ball. It’s not quite as heavy as Dr. Schurger’s Kettlebells. It’s not even close, but if your head feels heavy, I want to tell people that’s not normal. Your head isn’t supposed to feel heavy. Your neck muscles and vertebrae should be able to take the weight of your head without it feeling heavy.

One of the things that happens with this patient in particular is there’s a misalignment at the top of your neck. We call that a structural shift. That structural shift started causing her to start carrying her head forward. If you think about a bowling ball, if you take a bowling ball and you’re holding it right next to you, it’s not that heavy. You could hold it but if I was to hold it away from my body, that bowling ball would get very heavy. It’s the same thing with her head. The further forward it goes or off-kilter it goes, the heavier it’s going to feel. For this poor lady, after ten minutes, she has to lean down and have her head against the back of a chair or a wall.

It’s affecting her ability to live. She has stopped driving because of it because she can’t turn her head well and all of those things. I’m looking forward to seeing how well she did and I’m going to tell you about her post-adjustment scan. One of the things we do is we do a nervous system scan called a Tytron scan after the adjustment. Beforehand, it was a mess. Afterwards, it was one of those lines where I was like, “I want my scan to look like that because it looked so good.” I’m so excited to see how she does over the next few months. It’s going to be incredible. Maybe we’ll have her on the show.

That would be fantastic. I know firsthand because my wife has gone through a lot of stuff like that and when she’s really out of adjustment, that’s what she’s got to do. Sometimes we’ve got cases where we are oftentimes considered miracle workers and it gets into our head. We can’t fix these people even though some of them will fix and some of them won’t. Also, they happen to be family in this case here. There are cases where we can get people better and the sooner we get people in who are having these problems, the faster that they’re going to get better.

However, the longer a problem like that has been going on, the harder it is to recover it. Certainly, don’t get in a car accident, don’t get a concussion because that will complicate it and make things worse. Sometimes, cervical collars and neck braces and even to an extreme, something like a Halo collar that would require surgical intervention is necessary. We don’t want those things for people but we also realize that sometimes you got to start somewhere for each individual and meet them where they are.

That’s a good point. Maybe one time I recommended a soft cervical car collar for someone and that’s because they were driving two hours home from here and felt unstable. I was like, “Yeah, wear that in the car on the way home but I don’t want you wearing it 24/7 because then your body becomes so accustomed to it that your neck will get weaker.” Temporary use of a cervical collar is totally okay.

In fact, I’ve got another patient who has Ehlers Danlos and she hates the collar. It’s the same collar my wife has. My wife doesn’t love it, but it’s allowing her to be more functional across the board whereas, this other young lady only wears it after she gets adjusted for the drive home across town so that as mom or dad are crossing over the train tracks or any potholes that are in the roads everywhere because it’s Illinois.

Missouri is not all that better, but I will say Illinois roads are way worse. You drive across like from St. Louis, which is not that great of roads, but then you cross over to the East St. Louis side.

In fact, we were driving back from Indianapolis and I think I was reading. I was engulfed in what I was reading and all of a sudden I look up and I’m like, “The roads suck. We’re in Illinois. I didn’t even notice that we crossed the border except for that.” In any case, if you do know that you’re going to have that kind of driving ahead of you, some type of cervical collar might behoove you for that early time after your adjustment so that you can maintain that better.

Especially if you’re driving far distance but the other thing is making sure you do get some good rest time after that adjustment. Not just in the office with us, but going home and resting in a very position, not on the couch at a weird angle, but with your head back and flat if you can.

If you’re not rushing back into life. I had two patients come in from out of town. They both drove for 2 to 3 hours. One has been working, and I said, “Take it easy,” but she’s doing a whole lot better after her first adjustment. The second one was that trigeminal neuralgia case I’ve mentioned. She’s like, “I don’t know what I did.” She starts describing how she’s trying to get back into activity. I don’t do treadmill time for six miles over three days, which isn’t bad if you split it up, but maybe it’s too much for her. Maybe it’s been too many months and she’s been a better part of a year not able to be active. It adds up very fast.

Remember, between the years we are eighteen, we will do everything we thought we could. We think we can do everything we did when we were eighteen but physically, I know if I take a whole week off and don’t do anything, I have to ease myself back into my routines because I can’t just pick right back up. It’s the nature of getting older.

Sometimes you have to take a step back and say, “We’re going to take it easy,” especially when you’re first getting adjusted, don’t rush back into everything as fast as possible. I say that and then I’ve got another patient who is excited. She’s like, “I can even go for a walk now.” I’m like, “Yep, go for it,” because I don’t think you can overdo walking. I think you can overdo a treadmill surprisingly enough because it’s easier to push a treadmill and be pushed by a treadmill than get outside and try to spin the globe. It’s hard to spin the globe.

The treadmill’s telling you how fast you’re supposed to be walking. You get to choose it but it would push you where if you do get tired or you need to slow down walking, you automatically do that. I can see how that would be true. I never thought about that.

There are better ways to self-regulate. In fact, the kettlebell coach that I’m working with right now basically says, “Your exercise timing should be self-regulated to when you can get a good breath again. If you can’t breathe, you’re not ready for the next set.” The way that we’re moving 60-second sets right now, I can’t move after two minutes. I’ve been going a little bit longer and I knew that I would.


Your exercise timing should be self-regulated to when you can get a good breath again. If you can’t breathe, you are not reading for the next set.


That’s okay. My trainer is also into breathing. She wants us, unless we are all out going for it, is do nose breathing. It’s nose-mouth or nose-nose breathing. Honestly, from a neurological standpoint, that’s way better. It’s the vagus nerve and all that fun stuff. It’s in and out. Nose-mouth or nose-nose. If you are mouth-to-mouth breathing, that is a signal to your body that it’s almost fight or flight. The sympathetic nervous system starts turning on. We should be able to mouth-to-mouth breathe when we’re running away from a cougar or a bear but you probably shouldn’t be doing that much when we’re recovering or doing recovery exercises.

If you switch into a mouth-breathing situation, you have done too much work. That’s probably the best way to look at that because we should be primarily breathing through the nose as much as possible. We’ve talked about this in the past. The more that you can focus on doing that throughout life, especially sleeping, and nasal breathing, you’re going to be better off. You’ll have a better jaw structure. Bite will be better and your head will stay on straight better.

I’ve been turning on my back and sleeping with my mouth open lately. I don’t know if I’m doing it. I wake up and I’m like, “I’m sure I look lovely.” We’ve talked about mouth taping before, but I’m sleeping on my side most of the time and then I wake up and I’m on my back with my mouth open and my mouth’s all dry and gross. I’m taping my mouth again.

It’s because you know what they say about spiders and swallowing them.

That doesn’t happen at my house. There are no spiders.

I said, “Do you know what they say about it?”

It’s lies. It’s gross.

Gell-Mann Amnesia Effect

Getting to what they say about it, let’s talk about this theory that I came across.

I love this theory. I read a smidgen of it and immediately dismissed it but I know that people are going to be reading it and not immediately dismissing it because the headline is incredible for making people afraid of something that is so good for them and it’s pissing me off.

You’re jumping the gun for the headline.

Are we doing a different one?

We’re doing a different one but we’re going to come to that one. This is something called the Murray Gell-Mann Amnesia Effect. This is a great read, but I was looking around for it. Murray Gell-Mann was a physicist. He was the guy who named quarks.

It’s the pieces of a proton.

It’s itty-bitty. Murray Gell-Mann defined that. Murray Gell-Mann is this great physicist who basically, as he was looking at articles because he’s got this great PhD and he knows all this stuff, as he was reading articles in the Wall Street Journal or The New York Times on Physics, he would look at something and say, “That doesn’t smell right. In fact, this article is completely wrong and they’ve got the wrong take on it.”

He would read another article that he didn’t have expertise in and say, “That must be true.” Here’s how it sort of falls through and how they explain it. You open the newspaper to an article on some subject you know well. In Murray’s case, it was Physics. In mine, it’s the show business. You read the article and see the journalist has absolutely no understanding of either the facts or the issues. Often, the article is so wrong. It presents the story backwards reversing cause and effect.

He calls this the wet streets cause rain stories. The paper’s full of them. In any case, you read with exasperation or amusement the multiple errors in a story and then turn the page to national or international affairs and read it as if the rest of the newspaper was somehow more accurate about whatever thing was going on than the bologna you read. You turn the page and you forget what you know. Effectively, it’s implying that if one article that you understand properly is completely false, what makes anything else that has been put inside that article or those newspapers accurate in any way, shape, or form? We don’t know.

Other people will say, “This article is wrong for these reasons,” and the issue comes down to the news media, not presenting stuff in a fashion that tells the news because good news should be boring. I used a different phrase with one of my patients and he laughed and laughed because he was right. It should be absolutely boring because it should be the facts.

It’s like, “That’s what the thing is. I’m going to move on,” but the world we live in now is clickbait titles and getting you to say, “I’m going to go after this because this is the thing that will cause a sensational headline. It will get a bunch of clicks on my page.” What do page clicks translate to in business? More time and more eyeballs on the add rolls that are running through the pages.


We live now with clickbait titles that use sensational headlines to get a bunch of clicks towards their pages.


In fact, I might give him a call and say, “Didn’t you make this technology?” If he says, “Yes,” I will punch him in the face for all of us. He made the technology to make those ad rolls show up on websites many years ago. They sold it for a small penny and then they made their next business, which they did and they’re still doing. This begs the question when we see a news article that says, “The sky is falling.”

I’m so scared. Let me click on it. I’m going to click on it fast.

The next thing is, “The sky is rising.” We don’t have good evidence and we don’t have good gatekeepers telling us the truth whereas we’ve given too much authority and respect to the news media to tell us the honest truth and we don’t have time to go look at it.

We don’t have time to look at all of that. That’s the biggest thing. It’s like, “What should I believe?” You can at least believe that we’re trying our hardest to tell you the truth and find the truth. That’s where I think the independent media like podcasters, are always right and we’ll admit it but we’ll also tell you, “I don’t know this one 100%, but this is my thoughts on it. Do your own research rather than saying definitively, “This causes this and then this is going to make you die,” and that’s terrible for you.


The study said that they went into it, and this is where it gets into concern. The study looked at protein consumption in a small group that effectively said, “This higher protein intake in a meal is going to cause these problems including vascular problems. Also, a spike in something called mTOR and leucine content. They made mTOR to be a bad thing and it’s not. Leucine is an amino acid that helps signal mTOR. What they’re trying to do is they’re trying to sensationalize this story saying, “You add protein with leucine, you’re going to get this mTOR boost.” What does mTOR do?

mTOR is the Mammalian target of rapamycin. What that does is it is a growth factor in cancer. “It is the end of the world.” That’s the sensational headline that they try to do but what else does mTOR do? mTOR builds muscle. If you eat something, mTOR is going to get boosted. It is the natural course of things but we’re getting into this weird space where the longevity scientists want to say, “mTOR is bad. We shouldn’t raise that,” and yet I go to lift a weight in my kettlebells and I want an mTOR response because I did something physical, which is going to cause an mTOR response. I want to fuel it so that it goes into the muscles and builds new muscle mass, of which I have built an extra pound of muscle this past month. That’s cool.

Also, leucine happens to be the driver of building muscle. That’s the big amino acid that starts that. If you hear about guys in the gym who are all about their branch chain amino acids or their essential amino acids, it’s the essential amino acids. Those three happen to be branch chains, leucine, isoleucine, and valine but leucine is the driver on this stuff.

Good And Bad Food

Everyone’s like, “That’s bad.” The next step is saying, “Now, it’s going to cause a hardening of the arteries.” That’s what the study showed up but the question is what’s in the study that they didn’t tell you about? Were they feeding protein? Yes. What kind of protein? Were they using beef protein? Were they using whey protein? Whey protein would’ve been an excellent source.

Egg protein would’ve been good.

All of these things, if it was real food would’ve been good but no, they used a product. I believe it was the Boost product. That’s the brand name for it.

It’s similar to Ensure.

It is. In fact, we were at Sam’s Club yesterday and I was walking out and I looked to my right and sure enough, there was a stack of Ensure. I think it was Ensure it wasn’t Boost. As you look at the product label, there are things out there like Muscle Milk that are mostly whey protein and some things to stabilize. There’s some junk in that as well but mostly good stuff. I’m not going to say Muscle Milk is great stuff.

However, it’s better than this. Let me read Boost ingredients. It’s water. Water sounds good. Also, glucose syrup. That sounds like sugar to me. Is that sugar?

Exactly. That’s sugar.

That’s the second ingredient. If you don’t know this, when you’re reading a product label, the first ingredient on the list is you got the most percentage of it. It’s mostly water and then we’ve got mostly sugar. We have milk protein concentrate, which has sugar in it too by the way. The fourth ingredient is actual sugar. We’ve got water, then three sugars, and then canola oil. A little seed oil snuck in there as the fifth ingredient. It’s great. Also, less than 2% of soy protein isolate and then all the extra minerals and stuff that they put in there. It’s a giant trash. If you are on your deathbed and the only thing you can keep down is to keep yourself alive or if you are someone who suffers from an eating disorder.


When reading a product label, the first ingredient on the list is the percentage you are consuming


You may be in the middle of the desert.

I’m saying those are the people that if the only thing keeping you alive is Boost or Ensure, don’t stop taking it. That’s fine. It’s keeping you alive but it is not improving your health. It’s a keep-alive product but people look at these things as a health shake. “I’m eating my health shake, darling.”

No, that is not a health shake and that is going to cause you more problems.

If you are using this as your sustenance or how you’re keeping yourself alive, there’s a better way to do it. It takes a tiny bit of research and a little bit more work than just picking up those shakes but the one thing I’ll say about the shakes is they do put vitamins and minerals in them. Whether they’re great or not great, they’re in. It does keep some people alive who are on hospice, but we should not be doing studies on the health ramifications of general protein using a product that’s meant for people who are dying.



Speaking of which, what’s the cost?

I was on Target. Boost is $20.99 for a twelve-pack, eight fluid ounces. Each one of those is 250 calories.

I am looking at a different product that I’ve heard is fantastic. Jocko Willink and Jocko Fuel want to send us some products. I am more than willing to try this stuff out.

I like to try products.

This is called Jocko Molk. It’s his own protein. It’s grass-fed. A twelve-pack is $45. How much did you say the other one was?

It was $21 for twelve servings.

You’ve got $25 more. If you subscribed on a monthly basis, you could save $5 and it’s $40 a package.

This one also has some vitamins and stuff in it.

They’ve added a little bit of potassium and some calcium but I’m looking at their list as opposed to what they say their actual ingredients are. You’ve got water, you’ve got a protein blend, which they have some monk fruit, which is good for balancing some stuff out.

I must be looking at the peanut butter-flavored one because this one has peanut powder in it.

I’m looking at the vanilla one because that’s the one I wanted. It’s got fermented cane sugar. I don’t know what that does, but that’s cool. It has a locust bean gum.

The first ingredient in that is protein. Other than that one, it’s a made-up one. It’s water. This one is a powder.

I’m looking at their drink mix.

At their pre-mixed ones.

Yeah, it’s their pre-mixed ones. They’ve got a blended milk protein and calcium casein.

The boost is only 20 grams of trash protein.

You’re already getting better stuff. It is sugar-free. It is sweetened with monk fruit and I think as they say sugar-free because it does have that fermented cane sugar my suspicion is somehow the sugar is not there, but you still get some of the sweetness.

If something’s fermented, usually some sort of bacteria or yeast is eating the sugar.

I have heard so many people swear by this. Sunflower oil is probably a better oil than canola oil. It’s still a seed oil so it’s not my favorite. That adds some thickening to it. Also, cellulose and sunflower lecithin helps with giving it a thicker tendency. Some sodium, gelatin gum, and potassium but this is a much cleaner product that has less junk in it right off the bat.

If you are someone who’s using a protein powder or something to sustain life, you could use something cleaner like this. If you’re like putting it into a feeding tube or something like that, you could open up multivitamin tablets and put them in this and put that in that way so you can get cleaner protein even if you are using a feeding tube or something like that.

It’s a matter of saying, “What is good stuff out there?” The Jocko Fuel proteins look like they’re pretty clean and Jocko’s taking this stuff. If you’ve ever listened to his podcast or anytime that he’s been on a podcast, this guy is, “I do what I say and I follow these rules,” because that is what has saved his life and the lives of all the SEALs that he’s trained over the years.

He focuses on doing those things. Also, he’s a big jujitsu guy. He’s going to be the guy who says, “This is the blend that fuels me after my workout so that I can keep on doing the things that I want to do. I don’t like his kettlebell snatch form, but I think he was doing that on purpose. It was a bad day. To the point, other brands are good. Jay Robb’s got a good brand. You can’t go wrong with Jay Robb.

For somebody out there, if they need a protein powder or some sort of drink to help sustain them whether it’s from workouts or because of a health issue that you can’t chew or something like that. We are okay with whey protein if you can’t handle milk.

There was some back and forth a while ago between whey and casein. Casein is more slow release than whey but quite honestly, the studies that are coming out make whey the winner in that battle. If you don’t tolerate whey try, casein. If you don’t try to tolerate that, get a high-quality egg protein. You can tolerate that. There are some vegetable pea proteins that are okay. The amino acid breakdown is not as optimal. Your best bet is to still sit down with a pound of hamburger after a workout and eat that.

Also, raw. I’m kidding. Don’t get it raw.

You can, if it’s good. If it’s fresh. If it’s been frozen. The next time I come on down, I’ll bring a frozen thing. I’ll let that thaw.

I’ll eat it like a popsicle and gnaw on it.

That’s a little hard but the reason that hamburger might be better as a protein source than steak. I love a steak, but I don’t mind hamburgers.

I got steak waiting for me at home so don’t say it too much. I’m going to leave early.

Hamburger has all the gristle ground up.

That’s true. It has all the connective tissues in it.

All of that connective tissue is there because of one of the things that we are seeing in some of the research that’s out there and Siim Land had some great information talking about connective tissue. He and James DiNicolantonio wrote a book called The Collagen Cure. We’ve talked about collagen and glycine in the past. Glycine is the primary amino acid in connective tissue and in collagen. We may need a whole lot more glycine than we are getting in our diet but to the point, if you give me a beef rib, I will eat every bit of connective tissue on that thing. I like gnawing on that. I like chewing on that. Some of it gets to the dogs if it’s chewy, but I don’t mind that.

On the flip side, a lot of people don’t have the chompers that I do or the desire to chew on that for half an hour. This is where the collagen proteins come in. This is where if you’ve already thrown it through a meat grinder, you have it broken down to a manageable, digestible form that you then consume. If you said, “I want to increase my protein and I want to make it easy,” a pound of hamburger. Maybe pushing for a pound and a half or two. Dr. Shiloh and I were talking about this. I don’t think she’ll mind me sharing.



I miss my Dr. Shiloh.

I know she comes over when I’m in Arthur. We check each other. She was out, but I was holding so she got me a good adjustment, but she’s like, “Doc, I don’t know if I can do carnivore. What can I eat?” I’m like, “Beef.” She’s like, “Can I have eggs?” I’m like, “Absolutely, you can have eggs.” That’s going to be eggs and bacon. That’s a great combination right there but then you have that beef and all of that connective tissue and all of that iron and all those minerals that are in beef that people don’t think are there because they stop looking. It’s those kinds of things.

If you make it simple, eat a pound. It’s prepackaged. That one’s yours. This one’s mine and we’re good. That will satiate you throughout the day. You might have to work into that. Maybe three-quarters of a pound is what you can digest at a time but I’ve worked up to being able to tolerate a pound in a sitting without a problem. I’ve seen some guys put down four pounds of meat and I’m like, “How do you do that?” He didn’t do that on day one. He’s worked himself up to that and he probably spends about half an hour eating meat.

I’m not going to ever do that.

Not yet.

No. I’m good. I don’t need to.

Except for the next time we go to Fogo.

Following The Money

I could do it in one night. My stomach hurts thinking about that though. In general, that study that did make headlines is protein causes problems. Protein’s killing you.

Do we want to talk about the mice that are designed to have atherosclerosis that they were looking at?

Yeah. Let’s talk about that too. It’s like one of those things that’s like, “You can design a study to make it say anything you want it to say if you put things in it.” It’s awful where science is now and the clickbait headlines and all that stuff but I do think there’s a great awakening happening. I think people are waking up to the fact that we’ve been lied to and are continuing to be lied to and they can follow the money. When you follow the money, you realize that this study was paid for by someone. I don’t know who it was paid for by, but it was either a pharmaceutical that had the answer to the problem. It wasn’t paid for by Boost.


The Blonde & The Bald | Gell-Mann Amnesia Effect


Is Boost Nestle?

I don’t know.

There are only six food companies in the world. We think we have the option of choice when we go to the grocery store, but at the bottom line, I think there are only 6 or 8 food companies that make all of that stuff. Here’s the question, in the ’40s and ’50s, were cigarettes good for you?


They were absolutely good for you.

Four out of five doctors smoke Marlboro’s or whatever. It was when that stuff came up.

This is the problem. Who was making money and if you follow the money, you start saying, “That makes sense.” There was another study that I heard about. I was like you when you saw this protein study. You’re like, “That’s dumb. That’s going to be wrong.”

I read right away that it was the soy protein and where it was coming from and I was like, “I’m not even going to remotely listen to anything the study has to say because I would be sick.” If I drink one of those Boosts, I would be sick because my body does not respond well to 90% of those ingredients.

When we see a headline like that, we are like, “That’s full of crap but which companies are saying, “This is good for you at a certain time and the correlation strengths have not come together so much to say, “If you smoke cigarettes for any length of time, you’re probably going to get lung cancer. It’s pretty high.” In this study here, how much protein did they have to give these animals that were already prone to having apoB?

Folks correct me if I’m wrong on that, but the mice involved in the study are prone to having these atherosclerotic plaques with anything. We have to start asking questions, what is going on? This is the other problem. Many of these studies are still behind paywalls because all you see is the abstract. You never see the methods. You never see the data. You just get the headlock.


The Blonde & The Bald | Gell-Mann Amnesia Effect


Even if you had the money to do it, you don’t have the time to look at all these studies. I’m guilty of it myself. I read an abstract and I was like, “That’s interesting. That makes sense or that doesn’t make sense.” I accept that as a truth when it could have not been a good study at all.

This is where both the methods and the discussion will in a study oftentimes come out with information that is contrary to what their conclusions of the study are because the people who are doing it are manipulating the data to come up with a different outcome and different conclusion. I don’t want to say they don’t understand their data, but they had a narrative that they needed to answer and they made their conclusion.

Protein Consumption

Most people read an abstract. They’ll read the conclusion because they don’t have time to go through the rest of it. The reason I brought up Siim Land was to make another connection. There is a new study that basically says, “The old adage on protein consumption was the most you could consume was about 30 grams in a meal.” What they were suggesting is anything over the 30-gram threshold was going to be converted right to sugar.

What we’re starting to understand in the metabolic studies is sugar converts pretty easily. If we have too much in the body, it will convert pretty easily into fat stores. Protein can convert into sugars but it is a very difficult process and a very energy-intensive process. What this new research has found is that 30 grams of protein in a sitting is not an upper limit. They know the upper limit is at least 100. That’s an important phrasing though. I said, “At least 100.” We don’t know what the upper limit of protein consumption in one sitting is because the limit of their study said, we’re going to look at what happens when we feed these kids 100 grams of protein. It’s real food, mind you.


Sugar converts easily. If we have too much of it in the body, it will convert into fat stores. Protein can be converted into sugar, but it is a difficult and intensive process.


They were able to utilize and convert that down the line. There are some studies out there and we’ve talked about this where most people should be consuming at least 1 gram of protein per body weight. There are some studies out there that suggest that 2 to 3 grams of protein consumption will drastically create fat loss effects because your body just has so much protein. The problem is eating that much protein. That is a lot of food and believe me, I’ve tried.

I don’t have time.

No, you don’t.

I can’t chew that much.

You’d be surprised at how little food it is.

When you’re eating real food.

I had one gentleman joke with me. He’s like, “Doc, I can barely get through three eggs. They were telling us that three eggs are going to cause heart disease.” I’m like, “Yeah, that doesn’t hold up.” I’m going to have six eggs tonight for dinner. That’s what I said to him last night. I’m going to do the same thing tonight.

Have we ever gone over statin myths and cholesterol myths?

It is on my list.

We got to do that. That’s one of my favorite topics. Have we not done that?

I thought we did.

We’re sucky podcasters.

I know. We are. We’re horrible. Like and subscribe. Thank you. Again, Siim Land was a big proponent of the 30-gram spot, but he was also a big.

30 grams per meal?

30 grams per meal because that’s what the literature was saying but now the literature is saying at least 100 grams and it might be higher than that because the body will slow down digestion and will break down that protein and utilize it properly.

Intermittent fasting

What about intermittent fasting? I’m a fan of intermittent fasting. I don’t eat breakfast. I don’t miss it. I’m literally not hungry until lunchtime and I feel great when I do that as long as I’m eating in a low carbohydrate or keto lifestyle. If I’m not, if I’m in a sugar mode, which happens occasionally to me, I do not feel good in the morning and I want to eat. That means I’ll get two meals in a day.

I think intermittent fasting seems to have fallen out of favor, but it’s not something that has gone away. I think intermittent fasting has benefits and I’m going to tell you exactly what I told this gentleman. It’s exactly what I’m trying to tell myself but I’m having a hard time making it switch. We need to be eating breakfast. We need to eat that early meal in the day and not be eating dinner.

That makes so much sense to me. I don’t know if I’m going to do it, but it makes sense.

Also, the evidence supports that intermittent fasting works better from at least a woman’s standpoint when you are eating your meals during daylight. If you consume all your meals, they looked at two different groups of women with breast cancer incidents. That’s what the marker that they were looking at.

What they found was, that even though both sets of women were eating in a time-restricted fashion, the ones that ate during sunlight and daylight hours had lower incidences of breast cancer. I think the other half of it is we need a little bit of protein to get a good night’s sleep and you might not need a lot, but I think if you’re doing your intermittent fasting and you switch morning lunch for your meals and skip dinner, you might be better off.


We need a little bit of protein to get a good night’s sleep.


It means dinner does not need to be the biggest meal of the day, which is how Americans treat it is that should be the biggest meal.

We had three squares a day. That was the big sell.

The problem with dinner being the biggest meal of the day is, first of all, the digestive load when you’re trying to sleep but second of all, “Why do you need energy at night?” You need a little bit, but you need your energy during the day.

This is why I switched to bacon and eggs at dinner on purpose because that’s a light enough meal for me that I get my protein and I get my vitamins because an egg is a vitamin and it’s a giant vitamin.

Cooking Bacon

I found a new way to cook bacon. How do you cook your bacon?

I chop it up and I throw it in a skillet and then I throw my eggs on top of it.

This was like if you’re cooking a whole 12 or 16 ounces of bacon, you chop the whole package in half or whatever. And you throw it all into a 6-inch tall pot and you stir it a little bit here or there. By the end, it’s deep frying in the fat. It doesn’t splatter. I happened to have bacon in my fridge so I threw it in there and it was so good because it was at the end it was deep fried. In the last two minutes, you have to watch it because it could get too burned very quickly.

You then got all that lard left over for cooking.

I usually cook my bacon in the oven because it’s easy too but this was so fast and incredibly easy and it didn’t take nearly as much time. It’s my new way to cook bacon.

I like it, Dr. Bagley. We’re talking about food a lot. We must be hungry.

We’re hungry.

Closing Words

I’m always hungry. I think that’s probably a good place to wrap it up. I know we haven’t talked about statins and cholesterol at length.

That could be a podcast series, honestly. I wonder if we could get an expert to come talk to us about that. That would be fun.

What’d love to do is I’d love to have Feldman. He’s got a lipid density model. There’s a lipid density model that basically explains a different way to think about cholesterol because LDL cholesterol, first off, you can’t eat enough cholesterol to raise your cholesterol. You can eat enough carbohydrates to screw up your cholesterol though.

“However, Cheerios are lowering my cholesterol, Doc.”

Did you remember how we were talking about that Gell-Mann amnesia thing?

Did I just have that? We’re going to talk about that in one of the upcoming episodes so stay tuned for that. Where can they find you, Doc?

It’s I’m at Keystone Chiropractic in Springfield, Illinois and you are down in St. Louis?

I am at We are on the West side of St. Louis and you can find me on all the socials and leave us a like, a subscribe, and a five-star review. Send this off to your friends. We would love to have more subscribers and more people listening to us because we’re trying to change the world.

Folks, you have a good one. We’ll see you in a week.


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