Precision Chiropractic LogoIt is always amazing to me how the body can heal itself when it is free from interference.  Here’s the latest success story from our clinic.

“Over the last six years I have searched for help and answers for my neck, shoulder and lower back pain. I have tried other types of chiropractic measures.  This would help with the pain and lack of mobility as long as I kept going and got the adjustments to put me back together again.  I also tried physical therapy, which worked on the shoulder and caused the back to fare up.  So that was stopped and the lower back was worked on and then the shoulder would become a problem again.  I needed some relief that would help my entire body.

My husband and I used to walk everywhere with our dog, it was an adventure because we would walk miles every day to different places.  We really enjoyed the time together.  Because of the pain I was not able to walk with them and it was really sad because we all missed that special time together (even the dog).
I also was blessed with a grandchild, so I needed to get healthy so I could get on the floor and play with him.  I saw this article about the doctor’s story and ripped it out of the paper, because I thought this was me in the story.  I got excited so I called and made my first appointment, I was skeptical at first because it all seemed too good to be true.

After seeing my x-rays and having all my questions answered I made the commitment to invest in my health.  This was in the beginning of November, a couple of months later my husband said that he thought the treatment was working because I was not in as much pain as I normally was.  My daughter said she could see the difference in my coloring, I look healthier.  Just last month I was able to walk the entire path of our favorite park without pain.  (I am looking for some warm weather to start up walking again).


My daughter was so happy with my progress, that she also decided to start treatments and is making progress on her health issues.
It is a joy to come into the office every time and see Michelle and Dr. Bagley, they are so enthusiastic and truly care about YOU.  Your successes are theirs, Dr. Bagley wants to hear about your concerns and takes the time to answer all of your questions.

This was the best decision I made for myself and hope you also take the time to help yourself get into good health.”

-Mary W.

 Thank you so much for your kind words Mary.  It has and continues to be a pleasure to serve you!  

Yours in health,
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