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What have you noticed with our healthcare system nowadays? Today, we will take a look at our healthcare system and dive deep into our health. In this episode, Dr. Bagley and Dr. Schurger talk about their experiences with the keto rash, how our “health care system” is sickness care, and how to unlock your health today! They also share Dr. Peter McCullough’s spike detox protocol (on Dr. Schurger’s Fullscript site). Let’s unpack some valuable wisdom from Dr. Bagley and Dr. Schurger today. So, tune in to this episode now!

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Wellness Unlocked, Sick Vs Health Care, Keto Rash And More!

We’ve got a fun show.

We always have a fun show.

I believe this one is going to come out at the beginning of 2024. This should be the first of 2024.

I wouldn’t mind good snow. I’m going to be honest.

I would like good snow during the night. It’s all dug out before we even see patients because I,

I like it on a weekend. I’m not worrying about patients because I worry about my patients. Some of them plan two weeks in between appointments or a month. This was their time. They’ve been waiting to come in, and they can’t.

What’s funny is I started a new patient. He owns a wrecker business. He’s driving around. He’s got a flatbed truck.

It’s like a tow truck.

They’re called wreckers.

I heard wreckers sell records.

There’s nothing wrong with that. We were joking. He was telling me about some of his cases. He’s got to get under cars to get them onto a flatbed or a traditional wrecker and tow them to wherever they need to go. There is a lot of heavy equipment moving around heavy cars. He was telling me about how he had one case where his helper was somehow someone in a Walmart parking lot hit one of the concrete pylons. It’s a parking lot. Do not drive in excess of about fifteen miles per hour. Even then, be aware of people around you because some people are cutting across lanes.

The car is on its side. As his helper was trying to bring it back up, he landed it on the pylon. The firefighters had to come in and help undo it. It was a nightmare. His comment was that he wished it would only rain at night and that we shouldn’t be out driving at night. It’s a great combination. Reality doesn’t work that way, but it sounds good in mind.

Maybe it was a win. I don’t know.

I’m coming around to the wind. It was the snow comment and not having snow. We don’t like snow during patient hours or patient days.

I don’t want to miss my patients.

I don’t either. I’m over in Arthur every other week. That completely messes up my schedule if I miss one. Their schedules don’t necessarily allow us to shift it one week. Sometimes, we can move it to a Friday, but that doesn’t always work, not for everyone and with my schedule. We know the snow and the weather is coming, but we’re not looking forward to it except on the weekends.

The testimonial that I want to share is about a lady in her mid-70s who was referred by another one of my patients because she was in bad pain. When she went to the hospital, she was getting an X-ray, trying to figure out why she was in such bad pain. My patient was like, “You need to see Dr. Schurger.” She comes on over here. I work her in as quickly as I can.

I do a range of motion before I check all my patients. I figure out how well you can tip your head forward, backward, and side to side. It’s not my favorite motion there. Simple rotation, turning your head left and right. People take these for granted. They don’t think a whole lot of it, but the big one, more than all the others, especially for driving purposes, is to be able to turn your head left and right. You should be able to put your arms out, not quite straight across, but certainly comfortably across your body, and look down both arms. That’s about 80 degrees to either side.

This young lady was at fourteen degrees and 29 degrees to the right. There are yikes for two reasons. One, she’s driving. There are a lot of people who are in that situation where they can’t turn to look and see what’s going on behind them when they’re backing out. Two, her pain level was moderate to severe. I tell people, “Gauge your pain by either mild, moderate, or severe.” Sometimes, there’s a little bit in between those two. All of her pain was mostly on the right. When turning to the left, she had pain. It was at that moderate to severe level.

Gauge your pain by either mild, moderate, or severe. Sometimes, there’s a bit in between those two.

This was October 26th, 2024, when I did the initial evaluation on her. We haven’t gotten to do the reevaluation until now. I like to do about a month out. She’s closer to six weeks at this point. Not only did she have a better range of motion, all those motions that she had where her pain was moderate to severe, she’s now tight in those spots. It is great if you can move fourteen degrees instead of having pain that’s driving you crazy.

Now, it’s tight. That’s great. She is now almost 60 degrees on both sides. As I was going through and telling her and explaining what both she and another patient came in shortly after, for those of you who are reading at home, imagine I’ve turned, and I’m perpendicular to the camera. If you have good posture, your ear should be over the seam of your shirt.

If you’re not watching, it’s the most attractive and the best I’ve ever seen.

The middle of your ear should be over the top of that seam of your shirt. Ideally, that’s where you want. If you’re slumped over, and that ear is sitting in front of your body, the amount of rotation you have is limited because all of those joints aren’t working.

For everyone who is reading, slump forward for me. We’re going to slump forward. Try to look up at the ceiling. You got nothing. Sit straight up, like more than you would normally. Look how much further you can go up. When people structurally lose that forward head posture, we call it anterior head syndrome; they’ve lost not only the side-to-side but also the up. They can usually still go down, but they can’t go up anymore because there’s a physical barrier that’s happening. You can make it happen by faking bad posture.

Let’s add one more thing. These are things that, for some people who were like, “I don’t care if I can go back further. I don’t care if I have this range of motion.” One more posture test that will tell you, “I get it. Slump forward. Take a deep breath.” That’s hard. You can’t. How many people are living here trying to breathe all the time, and they have horrible sinuses? You sit up tall and take a deep breath.

All of a sudden, you can fill your lungs up so much more.

That proper full upright posture is designed. That way, we can use the full lung capacity. If you are not getting the full lung capacity, you are not getting up into the top parts of your lung, which they call the deep parts, because it goes down, sits at the bottom of your sternum, and comes back up. Not to say that is where cancers always live because when we were taking normal X-rays, we would see the top of the lungs.

It was not uncommon to see a spot of cancer in that part of the lung. Oftentimes, it’s all the way throughout. What is going on at the top is that it is not getting a full amount of air into those various pockets. They call them alveoli, which aren’t being fully utilized. What happens? Things break down. Chemical biochemical processes don’t work.



The actual physical part of them moving creates more health for them. They’re supposed to move. That’s a good point. I also have one more thing to add because, in our class that I teach on Wednesday nights called Half Hour to Health, I talk about protection posture. If I was to come at you and I was a bear, and I was going to try to swipe at you, your posture would go into protection, which is that forward posture.

If you see somebody who’s upset and crying, they’re not going to be sitting up straight. They’re in protection posture. When we’re in a protection posture, all of those things are true. You’re not going to breathe and move well. That also usually means you’re heading towards sympathetic dominance, which typically means that you’re not sleeping and digesting food well. You tend to have anxiety and circular thoughts. All of those things are true.

All of that becomes a bigger problem because we are not addressing those things outside of most chiropractic offices, certainly within our offices. Those are things that we focus on trying to say, “How do we keep you better and healthier?” It was the next thing that I wanted to talk about. We prerecord these. It was the second runner-up Republican debate.

It’s a pointless debate. It’s funny. There were some telling things there. Some of these people are vying for cabinet positions in the next administration. Some of them are burning stuff down.

There are some statements that they’re making that I’m like, “These are intelligent things we need to think about. How do we change society?” The one comment that stands out, because we’ve been saying it for years, is that made by Vivek Ramaswamy.

I liked his comment. Go ahead and tell us.

His comment was that we do not have a healthcare system. We have a sick care system. This is something chiropractic has been saying for years since health insurance became a common thing in the 1970s when Nixon brought it in, and Medicare came about.

It messed a whole bunch of stuff up. I’ll tell you that.

Everyone’s like, “If I got health insurance, it’s going to cover all the things that I need to do.” Vivek’s wife is a cancer doctor. She’s doing these surgeries that need to be performed, but he made the comment that they are not covered by insurance because the insurance would rather put you on a drug. They make no getting you well and giving you a cure. They make all their money keeping you sick enough that you don’t die but not well enough that you can get off the drugs and potential surgeries that you need down the line.


The Blonde & The Bald | Wellness


Insurance companies are for profit. One of the issues I see is that I don’t think insurance companies should make a profit. They should pay their employees. Their CEO should make a lot of money. That’s fine. If they’re making a profit, they are not giving out enough benefits, and they’re charging too much. Both are happening.

This isn’t saying that socialized medicine is a great idea either because it has different problems that will suck money into different things that don’t necessarily ever serve. The system is a broken system because we’ve been looking at it from the wrong perspective. I honestly do not have a problem with for-profit companies, even a healthcare company. I’m not saying the individual groups work, as they’re running things now. I’m saying that there is a problem with the system that is different than what is being implemented.

I agree 100% with what you’re saying, but I’m going to add the reason I think it shouldn’t be for profit. A not-for-profit could be a charitable organization. A lot of hospitals are not for profit. They don’t have shareholders, and they’re not beholden to shareholders. The profits don’t go to shareholders. The profits go back into the hospital conglomerate. I’m not saying all hospitals are great. United Health Group is probably one of the bigger ones. United Healthcare does all sorts of things. In 2022, they made $20 billion of profit. Cigna made $6.7 billion. For CVS Health, I didn’t know that they had a health insurance company, but they made $4.2 billion.

I’m not saying that there isn’t a problem there. My point is the metrics that they are saying, “Our clients and all the people paying into our system are doing well, are the wrong metrics. We didn’t pay this many claims. We got them to this.” More generic drugs are probably part of the answer. I’m not saying that we need these medications. I’m saying that they need to be able to do the research. They also need to be able to do research into things that are pro-health, like chiropractic and stem cell research, which is being stonewalled because the FDA, which has its reasons to do research in a fashion, doesn’t understand how these technologies have changed. There’s got to be a better way.

I’m not saying I have an answer. I’m not going to get into that business, but I do know that there are ways to do it. The current systems are failing the current, and any of the socialized systems aren’t better. Everyone was like, “Look at Canada.” I’m like, Yeah, you have to wait three months to get an MRI. I can order an MRI, and I can walk into a place.” You and I can order MRIs, but I can even get a patient to be able to walk in tomorrow. I’ll have them get an MRI, and I’ll have the report by the afternoon.

The current systems are failing, and socialized systems aren’t better.

You’ll be paying money for it. You have insurance that’s covered there. You’ll probably have a payment that you still have to pay. In Canada, you walk out.

Here’s the question. How much should an MRI cost? Did Jason get any MRIs when he went in? What do you think? When was the last MRI that you heard about as far as the price tag?

It was $800.

Eight hundred dollars is reasonable.

It’s a cash pay patient paying for it. It was not in a hospital setting.

We’ve had full upright MRIs taken for around $350 to $500. My local MRI place will do my X-rays for $50 per region. That’s 2 or 3 films for the neck or the lower back. Their MRI is about $500. It is reasonably priced when you understand what they are charging your insurance company. I had a gentleman that I knew that had a full workup. I don’t know if he had more than a brain MRI, but I felt like he said it was like $3,000 or $6,000.

You’re not wrong. The cost of a neck MRI can range between $500, which is okay because you’re getting a radiologist to read and the equipment. You’re paying a tech to do it. That seems reasonable. It’s up to $11,000.

There’s a disconnect there.

That’s why these radiology centers exist. In a hospital setting, in order to make the hospital solvent, they have to charge outrageous prices. The insurance companies don’t pay all of that. They pay a portion of it. They’ve reduced their rates. The patient might pay a portion of it, but in general, they’re never going to make $11,000.



The other part of this is the hospitals are not transparent about their pricing. That law is getting passed. It’s changing. Oftentimes, if they aren’t upfront with you about how much it’s going to cost you as an individual, even with your insurance, they can be sued, which is why, and I know you’re the same, we always present, “Here are the fees. The exam and the X-ray normally run about $400.” That’s how we start our conversations. Some people are like, “Let’s get to get down to brass tax stock.”

There are many things in many places, even the nonprofit hospitals. We like to say, “Those nonprofits are the good people.” Most nonprofits, and I’m talking across the board, for every $100 they are collecting, maybe $10 of it gets to the end goal. Everything else is administrative dollars that are running the show. We can’t say, “Just because they’re a nonprofit, they’re good people.” There are good people in these systems.

Some of our best patients are in hospital systems. They know it’s broken.

There are many spots along the chain that need to be changed. Even saying, “We’re going to say you have X amount of chiropractic visits a year that are dedicated to chiropractic and not to physiotherapy.” That would be a huge starting point. If you can get the patient to lose fifteen pounds, that is a bonus to the people who are involved. These are not metrics that people are trying to measure and influence.

Back to our comment trying to push extra protein, I had a gentleman. He and his wife are trying to do stuff. He’s big. His A1C is solid, which is a good bonus for him, but he is overweight. He was like, “The wife and I are trying to cut back on what we’re eating.” I’m like, “No, go the other direction.” If you can crush 300 grams of protein, you’re not going to eat anything else. You’re going to boost your metabolism as your body says, “Let’s get rid of this body fat.” In consequence, it’s going to be hard because even I have a hard time crushing over 200 grams of protein, but it can be done. How do we help these people understand to go in this direction and not that direction?

You might crave things like carbs at first, but you won’t have to be hungry. I have a weird question. Have you ever heard of the keto rash?

I have not. What is this?

I got to know about it because I have a keto rash. I started getting itchy on my back. It is almost like poison ivy, but tiny little bumps. At first, I thought some bugs. What happened? It started spreading. I have a couple of spots on my arm now. It stays mostly on the torso. I was like, “Could it have to do with my diet?” I looked up the keto rash, and all these things came up. It’s a real thing. It’s rare. I’m glad I got the rare thing.

Someone’s got to go through it. I didn’t.

I’m not stopping keto because I’m doing it. It’s called prurigo pigmentosa.

What drives it?

They don’t know. Interesting. It’s an uncommon dermatosis consisting of a network of arithmetic, periodic papules evolving into reticulated hyperpigmentation with a specific predilection. There we go for the trunk. It’s mostly seen in young adults and mostly women. It doesn’t hurt. If I’m not thinking about it, it’s itchy. It has not changed. Over the course of a few weeks, it almost looks like liver spots if you look it up, and it does go away.

I wonder if the pigmentation that’s come back for me is that.

It’s not dangerous. I’ve looked up a lot of it. I’m wondering if it’s yeast die-off and it’s a reaction of yeast die-off.

My initial thought is, “What is your body dumping out of your body?”

Yes, because you will dump things through your skin. Even though it says how to get rid of it, one of the ways is to start eating carbs. I was like, “No, I will not do that because I know how much better everything else feels. This is my body processing through something.”

People don’t look at the skin as an excretion organ, but it is. We are dumping stuff all the time. Mostly, sweat is what we think of it as, but there’s stuff coming out. Sometimes, you have to let that stuff happen. Sometimes, not everything feels good when you heal. We’ve talked about this in the past.

Some say, “I also could go on doxycycline, and that helps.” I was like, “No, I’m not going to do that.”

The only thing I would add is that this sounds weird until you start playing with it. As I’ve been making different meat dishes, I end up harvesting all of this extra fat. The beef tallow is a better straight beef. You don’t have to add anything to it. It is a good skin moisturizer. You could experiment with that. Bacon grease is a good second because it’s bacon.

I like to smell like bacon. That’s fabulous.

Samuel will come after you.

The dog will come jumping at me.

Did I tell you the story about how I got pulled through the security line in Las Vegas after the Blair conference?


I haven’t shared this with you. I’ve shared this with Jean, my wife. It’s funny. Sunday morning, you’re sleeping. You guys stuck around for the rest of the day. I’m flying back. I checked my bag, and I got my normal laptop bag, which was sitting at the back of the office. Otherwise, I’d pull it up. I’m walking through security. Security in Las Vegas has an area that you walk through where the dogs walk past you. I don’t know if they’re drug-sniffing or bomb-sniffing. I brought some of my tallow balm with me to keep my skin moisturized as I do. I’d put some on after taking a shower that morning. I smell like tallow. I got some essential oils in there. It’s just not tallow.

To a dog, it would smell like beef.

They’re going to smell the beef. On top of that, in my bag, I have a plethora of meat stick snacks that I’ve got with me. I’ll give Fire Creek Snacks a shout-out.

If they want to bestow us some products, we would be happy to taste-test them all over.

There are my beef sticks. Those are the originals.

If they’d like to give us some snacks, we’ll talk about them.

They’re great, and they’re great people. We could even reach out to them and say, “Do you want to come on the show?” They wouldn’t mind talking about their wellness model. I got pulled, which is not too bad because I got pulled straight to the front of the line. I didn’t have to wait through everybody else. They had to do an extra search in my bag, my normal pat down, and things like that.

Here’s the other funny part. First off, I got right to the front of the line because I got meat sticks in the back of my bag. The second time, I met the officer at the first checkpoint, as I was supposed to wait before an officer escorted me to the front. I’m chatting with this young man, and he’s like, “I want to get your name right. I want to make sure I say Schurger correctly.” My name is tricky to say.

He said his name was Jamerson. Immediately, my brain was like, “That’s an easy one to say.” I’ve been saying Jamerson for years because I’m a bass player. One of my bass player heroes is a guy by the name of James Jamerson, who was like the Motown legend. All of those old Motown hits, some of the Michael Jackson stuff, Stevie Wonder, and all of those old Motown classics were played by James Jamerson, who turns out to be this guy’s nephew or uncle. I tell him that, and he is like, “That’s my uncle.” It’s funny how small a world it is, especially since I lived up in the Detroit area as long as I did. I visited the Motown area, but I never got to the Motown studio properly.

I’m guessing you got released without stealing your beef tallow and beef sticks.

The dog might have wanted a beef stick.

That’s a good point. Don’t spread bacon grease all over yourself when you’re going to the airport.

Sammy might like you extra.

She doesn’t like me very much anyway. She didn’t even get up off the couch to say when I got home from work. She might be gone. I don’t know. She’s old. No, my dog is not dead. I had a one-win I wanted to share with you and the readers. I’m going to call him a young man because he is younger than me. He will come on the show at some point. He’s new to care now.

He went to a place called the Dizzy Imbalance Center, which is a clinic in St. Louis that does all these cool that’d be amazing to have. The doctor that runs that on here has all of these amazing technologies to help people get better from certain types of dizziness. What this center has realized is that when it’s carcinogenic in nature, they have limited help, but if it’s like BPPV or with the eyes, they can help a lot. They do amazing work.

I’ve sent patients to them, and they send patients to me. This young man was told by the doctor, “You have to get this checked out.” He came in with a big misalignment, posterior C2 double misalignment, but on one side. This guy was miserable. Not only was he dizzy and felt awful, but he would feel his neck. He said, “I can feel this big bump on my neck. I felt I was a C2 or C3.” On the X-ray, both sides were misaligned.

He’s been getting adjusted for a few weeks. As he was getting downrested, I was like, “I’d love to do a video with you sometime when you’re back to your old self.” He goes, “Anytime. I can’t wait to talk about it. I’ll do all the videos. You’ve given me my life back.” I go, “I couldn’t have done it without you, bud.” That’s why I tell people. I was like, “I couldn’t have done it without you. You had to show.” He goes, “I showed up.” I was like, “That’s the battle. People have to show up for us to help them.” We can’t help them via Zoom or via the show for all of you out there.” We can help you a little bit via the show, but you have to go to the doctor.

People have to show up for us to help them.

This is where I’m like, “People are doing virtual consults and nutritional stuff across the country. There is no virtual adjustment. You have to come into the office to do what we do.”

If you’re a billionaire and you want me to fly to a certain area, I go on your yacht.

You have to be careful getting on the yachts.

I don’t know. I would get on Elon’s yacht.

I wouldn’t worry about Elon.

I’d be his friend.

I’d be okay with being Elon’s friend. I wouldn’t mind being a friend to a lot of those guys.

I’ve heard Epstein is not a good one. He might still be alive. I’m going to put my tinfoil hat on. They may have faked his death and got him out of prison.

This goes back to my point. There are some yachts you should not get on.

I don’t get on that one. You’d have to go back in time, but I don’t even know if he had it yet. I’m sure he did.

It was more about the island

Don’t get on his plane.

The other thing we were doing before we started was that you had pulled up ChatGPT to do a search. I want to go through this list that they came up with because this list is one more piece to the puzzle that tells me AI is not about to be taking away and getting rid of your doctor or giving better advice than what your doctors already know how to do. This isn’t necessarily a doctor’s advice.

I asked for ideas for upper-circle chiropractors with an audience of patients and people who would like it. I was like, “That’s us. Let’s see.” As I read through it, I was like, “Done it.” It is great for us.

Go through the list because we’ve hit some of these. Some of these are saying the wrong thing because it doesn’t understand.

Align your health is a cute chiropractic reference. Discuss the benefits of upper cervical chiropractic care, featuring patient success stories and expert insights.

Align your health.

The reason we have to do this on one level is to share the different things. We don’t make South African dripping diabetes go away any better than a migraine. We correct the underlying cause, that neuro-structural shift at the base of your skull that is preventing your body from functioning the way it’s supposed to. Everything else, the body, as you said about your other patient, you couldn’t have gotten him better without him.

He can’t do it without you.

His body is doing the healing.

Your body is a thousand more intelligent than anyone.

What I want to instill in my patients is that you are way more powerful than pharmaceutical companies, the insurance companies, and the medical industrial complex want you to think you are. They want to keep you weak and subservient. They want to keep you to the point where the only way you can get well is with their injections, drugs, and ideas. The truth of the matter is your body is thousands of times more intelligent than any one or many of the doctors, pharmaceutical companies, me, and Dr. Schurger. We are here to empower you to take control of your health. You can do it. We did it. I’ll let you know in the next episode if it’s gone away. It’s driving me crazy.


The Blonde & The Bald | Wellness


When we see her hair covered in coconut oil, we will know she is gone.

I’ve done that before. I do a coconut oil mask. I didn’t like it. It wasn’t great. I thought that was a good idea. No, I don’t recommend it. Dive into the science behind Upper Cervical chiropractic adjustments, educating readers on the impact of spinal health and nervous system function. Family wellness hub, Discuss how upper cervical care benefits families from children to adults, promoting a holistic approach to family health.

That might be one we haven’t dove into. We’ve talked about kids.

We’ve talked about pregnancy.

What’s curious is I’ve got several families that have been coming to me for over a decade now. They know they’re doing better when they come in to see us regularly. The one family for the longest time, one of her kids has asthma or two of them. She would take them to the ER every time there was an asthma flareup. Finally, she said, “The kid doesn’t have the asthma flareups when we’ve been in to see Dr. Schurger.” She’s like, “Can you get me in? I know it’s an off time, but the kids are having a flareup of asthma.” I’m like, “Sure.” It gets them better, and it calms down.

It’s not Dr. Schurger doing that. All he did was check the patient and make sure that there was a subluxation present and a structural shift happening. He already knew the adjustment to give. He gives the adjustment, lets them rest, and hands off, let them heal. We’re not going to keep inundating them with chemicals. We let them heal, which is hard for some patients because they might get adjusted and be like, “Doc, it still hurts right here.” I’m like, “Yeah, it’s only been fifteen minutes. It’s not going to go away that quick.” I would love for it to go away that quickly. If I had the magic wand and I could poof it all away for you, I would do it.”

It’s not magic. It’s science. Bodies take time to heal, but it is incredible when you see a kid take a deep breath when they haven’t been able to do it for a few weeks. It does feel good. I’m going to be honest. I’ll give you one more. Pain-free journeys, share patient testimonials about overcoming pain and improving mobility through upper cervical chiropractic treatments. I think you did that.

I did that one now. Are there any nutrition ones on that list?


They didn’t even get the good nutrition that we could be talking about. I’m going to throw out a nutrition idea that I heard from Dr. Peter McCullough. Are you familiar with Dr. McCullough?

I love Dr. McCullough. I wish he wasn’t popular because we could get him on our little show.

I would love to have him on our show and seminars.

Wouldn’t it be incredible if he came to the conference as a keynote speaker?

He would be fantastic. If you don’t know who Dr. Peter McCullough is, you are missing out. He does have his own little podcast. He is the most published practicing physician in the country, with over 600 articles published in cardiology. He’s a nephrology fellow. The heart and the kidneys have this hormonal interaction that is close to each other. He’s one of the few doctors in the country who do both well. For whatever reason, he got roped into the COVID-19 stuff for the longest time at the beginning, trying to figure out what was going on and helping his patient base.

He helped all of his patients get well.

He was looking for a way to solve the problem. There’s a lot of back and forth. He’s regularly on Fox News about stuff, but he came across something that, as soon as he said it, I’m like, “Yes.” I saw the same thing in my clinic during COVID, but I didn’t figure it out until later. I have two supplements that I normally give out or that I recommend during the cold and flu season. One is called Andrographis for MediHerb.

That one has been my go-to for years. Whenever my sinuses start acting up, within about a couple of days, it will kill and stop. It kicks up my immune system so that I break down whatever’s attacking. Within about 2 to 3 days, it’s done. If I’m out of adjustment, I’ll start taking them and go get adjusted. Within about 4 to 8 hours, everything is cleared up, and I don’t need to take it anymore. It tastes horrible.

It works great for everything except for apparently Coronaviruses. It didn’t hit it, but all of my patients, some of them, didn’t like that, but they liked this herbal throat spray, which is primarily clove, and they loved it. Most of those people who were on that and using that on the regular didn’t have a problem with COVID because there’s an anti microbial bacterial effect from the clove. You don’t need a fancy spray. This is for everyone who’s coming off the holidays, and you’re like, “My immune system is taxed from everything I did over the holidays.” You can simply take a whole clove and chew on it. There’s going to be a numbing effect.

It numbs, which, if you have a toothache, is not a bad idea.

It’s also going to help clean up some of the stuff in your mouth as far as any bugs that aren’t supposed to be there and help balance things out.

Chew on a clove. What about clove cigarettes? Is that okay?

I would say stay away from clove cigarettes. Anything that is a cigarette has bigger problems.

That’s not what we’re going to do. We’re going to do chewing on a clove. I’m going to try it because I have some in my cabinet.

What’s funny is I know more smokers. You’d think smokers have poor lung capacity. No, they want to get every last bit of that nicotine into their lungs. That is half the problem because they destroy the lungs. They know how to take a nice deep breath.

Smokers do not start smoking because I said they did not get COVID as much as non-smokers. |Those smoking killed off the COVID.

It is a two-part thing going on because I don’t know how it is in St. Louis. In Illinois, you can’t smoke indoors.

There are a few exceptions, like casinos.

You have to go outside and smoke outside. You can’t stop because you’re addicted. Those people who were smoking were breathing fresh air.

I think it had something to do with how it was probably killing off the airborne.

I’m not saying it’s one thing.

Don’t start smoking because of that. It’s not a good idea. There are many other things that could go wrong.

If you need to get some fresh air, go outside for a 10 to 15-minute walk.

What are your thoughts on vaping?

I don’t like it either. There are two problems with vaping. The one is whatever liquid they’re suspending it in; apparently, that stuff is toxic as all gets out. There might be a flavor that you like with it, and there might be nicotine. Some of them also have THC.

They could be, depending on what state you’re in.

There’s some chemical that you’ve decided that you want out of that. The main chemical that suspends it and allows it to be vaped, everything that I’ve read about, suggests that it is nasty stuff and you want to stay away from it.

People will say, “It’s healthier than smoking.” I don’t know if that’s true or not. I prefer someone vaping. If someone is going to smoke or vape in my house, I’d say vape because it doesn’t stink as bad. Not that I want either of those things, but we’re going to find out several years from now that these people have either popcorn lungs or fibrous tissue in their lungs. There’s going to be an issue.

We don’t see these on TV because most people don’t see these commercials running as they used to. Every now and then, you’ll see a commercial that says, “If you or a loved one was part of this, that, or the other, here’s a class accident lawsuit because you had exposure to asbestos or you had exposure.”

What was the base that my husband was on that base?

I don’t know.

In Camp Lejeune, the water was bad there, and that was when my husband was there. We’ll see.

There are a lot of those little things like that where these class action lawsuits come out. They say, “If you or a loved one were damaged, that’s going to come out on the vaping.” The stuff that I’ve been reading in the mainstream press is suggesting that all of these liability protections that the jab companies got for the shot are going to go away severely, and there’s going to be class action lawsuits against that. The evidence is now mounting that what they did the research on and then what they released to the public were two distinctly different things. They did not do the safety study for the second item that was released to the public.

Have you been following the guy in New Zealand that’s now been arrested?

No, I’ve heard about this.

He had access to the raw data. When he looked at it, we’re talking deaths, not like sicknesses but deaths. Some of these lots had 17% of deaths. One lot, which was hot, was 28% of deaths. He couldn’t stay silent about it, and God blessed him for that. He’s been taken into custody because he spoke the truth.

Unfortunately, we live in a world that’s censored. I’m going to let this run normally on YouTube because we’re not getting into things. We’re sharing the information.

We’re not monetized, either.

We’re sharing the information that we’re hearing about, but we’re not proposing anything. If a lawyer can get involved, they’re going to do a class action lawsuit. Let’s put it that way. I heard someone else say that we are going to come out here in about 10 or 15 years, maybe even not that long, and be accused of this timeframe being such a censorship-heavy time that it’s going to be equivalent to the McCarthy era, witch hunts that were going on in the ‘50s and ‘60s. It’s scary.

If we can’t have discussions about the science and the data and ask questions, does the data line up with what is coming out? Why couldn’t they get all of these thousands of pages that Pfizer had that they gave to the FDA? Why couldn’t they release all of it immediately? The people who are going through it are overwhelmed trying to get through 25,000 pages a month.

We live in a strange world now. Half the reason we’re doing the show is to share the information. When I got into this, and I know when you got into this, we already saw a lot of this on the wall where we’re like, “We don’t have healthcare in this country. We have sick care.” The best way that you and I both saw independence was getting out of the industries that we were in, where we were told, “Go get your degree.”

Go work for a big corporation.

They’re going to take care of you because they’re good people. I’m like, “No, they’re not.”

I didn’t make a lot of money doing that. If I stayed there, I may be making more money than I make now, but I would not have passion for what I would be doing.

You might have sold your soul, sadly.

I would’ve, and I don’t want to be like that. That’s not a good place to live.

We wouldn’t have these people’s lives changed like we have them. I’ve had several people who say, “Doc, I’m glad you made the change.”

Whether you readers want to believe it or not, I was led to this because I listened to my innate, which to me is God speaking to me. It was, “Do this. Check that out. Look at that sign. What’s that?” The journey has been incredible. I’ve got many years left of the journey to continue to help change lives. Where can they find you, Dr. Schurger?

I am at It’s in Springfield, Illinois. I’m on all the socials.

I am at

You can go both ways.

It is in the show notes. We do have a link tree that normally gets posted. Hopefully, that’s there. If you need to find the stuff, it’s all there. That was the other nutritional thing I wanted to post. It’s another Peter McCullough thing. I will be posting a link to my full script for those people who are concerned. Did this jab cause problems? Is the spike protein still potentially circulating in me all these months to years later?

The answer is probably yes to some degree, especially if you are living with COVID-19 or having other problems. There are ways to do to degrade that protein. I will post that in on the full script. It’s three real simple supplements. You might need to take it for a year before everything gets cleaned up, but that will be there. Sometimes, you have to start sometime with these things.

Take care.

You have a great one. We will come back we’ll be back in another week with another episode. Have a good one. Bye.


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