The Toxin Lurking in Our Tap Water Vital Force Clinic St Louis

My family has been avoiding fluoride ever since I found this information out years ago.  Water fluoridation seems to be a sacred cow in the US and we need to start to question if it really is good for us.  Drinking/ingesting fluoride is not only ineffective but it is extremely toxic to our whole body health.  Fluoride is the only pharmaceutical that massively distributed to every man, woman, child and infant that uses municipal tap water in their home.  Chlorine makes the water safer by killing the bugs in it, and it is easily filtered out using a carbon filter.  Fluoride is not there to make the water safe, it is there to medicate a whole community of people.  The American Dental Association has even recommended making infant formula reconstituted with water that has low or no levels of fluoride.  My question to you is how is a person without a great deal of means going to afford to buy a reverse osmosis filter for their house and have it installed to avoid the fluoride for their baby?  The answer is, they can’t and their baby will suffer the consequences of the one pharmaceutical fits all approach.  So I actually have a solution to this problem for once.  I believe the dentists in the community have the power to change this mass medication.  If we can get enough dentists to listen and open their hearts and mind, I believe we can petition the water board to stop the water fluoridation in St. Louis and everywhere else in this country.  I’ve read many books and articles on this topic but this video below is very well done and I believe this may be the key to opening the eyes of the dental community.  Also the  pictures below are picture of what dental fluorosis looks like.  I’ve got it, my kids don’t.  But i grew up drinking water right out of the tap and I am doing my best to keep my kids with as low a dose as possible.  Dental fluorosis is a signal of TOXIC levels of exposure of fluoride, our teeth are just the window and show the evidence but our bones, organs, and nervous system has also been exposed.  Don’t let me convince you, do your own research and protect your family.

 Fluoride Damage on Teeth Vital Force Clinic St Loui

Informational Video on Water Fluoridation
Fluoride Action Network is another great resource.

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