Vitamin D has been in the news frequently lately. It is becoming apparent that it is involved in many more processes in the body then ever known before. From the immune system to regulation of hormones, this vitamin might just be the key to good health.



The old definition of vitamin D was that it is a fat-soluble steroid based vitamin, the body can produce it when exposed to sunlight, and it aids in the absorption of calcium.When children have low vitamin D levels they are more likely to get a condition called rickets (softening, weakening and deformity of bones).This vitamin is not naturally occurring in very many foods but is added to foods like dairy.


Now it is known that Vitamin D is essential in many body processes. The research is astounding. There are some professionals that now believe that cold and flu season takes place in the winter months because the population is all vitamin D deficient from inadequate sun exposure. Vitamin D deficiency seems to be responsible for immune system dysfunction that can often lead to illness or possibly cancer. Some have estimated that 25 to 50 percent of health care budgets could be saved by vitamin D supplementation when necessary.


Without blood tests it is impossible to check for deficiency.Ideally blood levels of 25 OH D should be 60ng/ml.A rule of thumb for a light skinned individual is at least 15 minutes of mid-day of sun exposure (arms, face, and chest) daily.Now, the cutting edge research is that vitamin D is formed on the surface of your skin in the oils from cholesterol exposure to ultra violet B rays and takes 48 hours to absorb through the skin.That means when using soap in the shower it washes away before the body absorbs it.


Overall, Vitamin D has proved to be an essential part of the human body and everyone should make sure that their levels are adequate.


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