Scientific research demonstrates that chiropractic care may enhance running performance in both recreational runners as well as professional athletes. Dr. Bagley focuses on teaching runners, joggers and walkers how to ward off injury before it occurs. When injury does take place, chiropractic offers all-natural solutions, which allow athletes to avoid surgery and medication.

Along with regular chiropractic visits, the doctor often recommends the following to prevent exercise-related injuries:

  • Proper Shoes: Running and walking shoes are designed specifically for different foot types in order to reduce injuries. “Running in the correct footwear matched for foot type may have a greater influence on mechanics when runners become exerted.” (Gait Posture 2006;24.) That’s why having your feet examined and your running shoes professionally fitted is important for injury prevention.
  • Shoe Replacement: Track your mileage. After 350-550 miles it’s time for a new pair. For runners/walkers who log 25 miles per week replace your shoes every three to four months.
  • Stretching & Yoga: You should perform stretching exercises on a regular basis — as well as just prior to and following a run. Ask the doctor for specific exercises geared toward your unique circumstances. Practicing yoga regularly is a fantastic way to keep muscles well stretched.
  • Strengthen: Strengthening the muscles in the front of the calf and hamstrings, to counteract tight calves and quadriceps, prevents shin splints by reducing tension exerted on the tibial bone.
  • Posture and Foot Position: When running or walking, concentrate on your posture. For running the idea is to keep your center of gravity in front of your foot strike — not behind it. Also, avoid landing on the heel or ball of your foot. When walking, concentrate on keeping your chin up and being tall and straight, keep your stomach activated and tight, and your hands should not be clenched.

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