Episode 43 – The Overwhelming Neurology Of The Atlas & Missing Other Issues, Optimal Healing & Cookie Monsters


Drs. Bagley and Schurger discuss their findings regarding how often most people will come in with a lower cervical problem that has been hidden by the Atlas problem. This is a great discussion regarding how sometimes it takes a couple of extra visits to really dial in all the healthcare needs that a person has. […]

Episode 29 – Summer Break Randomness – Emotions, 50, Workouts & Plateaus


Just as random as today‚Äôs weather changes, this summer brought us even more randomness! Dr. Frederick Schurger and Dr. Beth Bagley are not the ones to pass this up by literally talking about anything under the sun within their practices. From power outages, internet issues, barometer changes, workouts, and more, we explore how these various […]