Why I don’t get the Flu shot

I realize this is a controversial topic.  And if you don’t know why it is a controversial topic, you probably don’t know all the facts yet.  There are 4 main reasons I don’t get the flu shot and the last one is the most important.

The 4 Reasons I Don’t Get the Flu Shot

1.  The ingredients […]

How to Fight a Cold Faster

It’s that time of year when it’s almost dark at 4PM and bitterly cold outside and all we hear about it “cold a flu season.” I’ve put together a few tips on not only how to fight the cold you’ve already gotten but also how to prepare your body so you can prevent or make […]

Natural Ways to Avoid the Flu.

So It’s that time Methenolone Enanthate injection for sale online of year when the days are getting shorter and if you live in St. Louis, its rained more here in October than ever recorded. All of that combined makes it prime season for colds and the Flu.

Have you ever asked yourself why are Fall and […]