It’s that time of year when it’s almost dark at 4PM and bitterly cold outside and all we hear about it “cold a flu season.” I’ve put together a few tips on not only how to fight the cold you’ve already gotten but also how to prepare your body so you can prevent or make the next cold less severe.

1. A different way to look at cold symptoms: When you are in the middle of a runny nose or a full out sinus assault try and see it from your body’s point of view. A runny nose serves a very useful purpose. When we catch that cold the virus stimulates the membranes in the nose to produce mucus which carries germs from the nose and sinuses. When the body’s immune system starts battling it out, the mucus can change color (white or yellow). So as hard as it may be, next time you see colorful mucus in your Kleenex, say “Great going immune system!”

2. An ounce of prevention: So we hear about washing our hands this time of year very often. I’m all for that although I’m against using antibacterial soap. Another reason that many people are more prone to colds and flu is because of nervous system interference. See your chiropractor for a checkup to make sure your nervous system is sending the right signals to your immune system. Lastly, we have an epidemic of low vitamin D levels in the winter especially. Get your D levels checked and keep them optimized with supplements in the winter to stay healthy.

3. So what to do when your body is fighting that cold: Well when your immune system is activated, you may feel fatigued. That fatigue is actually a good thing, use it. Get more rest. They can live without you for one day at work or call a babysitter to play with the kids while you sleep. Do what it takes to get more rest because that is going to cut your recovery time. There are also some supplements that can be beneficial like Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Olive leaf, and Echinacea. Remember to keep drinking water and to avoid eating too many refined carbohydrates while recovering. Cold a flu medicines just cover up the symptoms which could be helping your body fight this infection faster.

4. Dr. Bagley’s favorite sore throat remedy: First get checked to see if you need an adjustment. Second mix up some ½ cup warm water, 1 tbsp sea salt, 1 tbsp lemon juice and 1 tsp cayenne pepper into a “tea.” Gargle with a mouthful a few times until the tea is gone. This is so gross but man does it help get your body going to get rid of that sore throat.

Stay warm out there and remember if you need a St. Louis Chiropractor call 314-596-4070