Sign showing "No Flu" flu shots Vital Force Clinic blogI realize this is a controversial topic.  And if you don’t know why it is a controversial topic, you probably don’t know all the facts yet.  There are 4 main reasons I don’t get the flu shot and the last one is the most important.


The 4 Reasons I Don’t Get the Flu Shot

1.  The ingredients are junk!  Formaldehyde, Aluminum and Mercury… Oh My!  There are more than just that but shouldn’t that be enough to stop us from getting this injected into our body?
2.  The side effects are real.  I don’t want to be a statistic and I certainly don’t want to be a guinea pig.  I don’t know how many people have told me through the years that they get sick after the flu shot.  I don’t believe the flu shot actually makes people contract that flu, but I do think it lowers the immune system enough that you no longer can fight off something you should have been able to fight. 
3.  Just this year I have witnessed 3 reactions.  I was at a health fair doing posture assessments and teaching people about chiropractic.  Right next to us was a Flu Shot Clinic, giving away flu shots as long as you had your insurance card with you.  Let me tell you, it took all of my willpower not to freak out, but I knew this wasn’t the time or the place.  Well one woman in her 80’s sat down to get the shot, and she had an immediate reaction and terrible headache in the back of her head.  The event location was able to give her an icepack but I don’t know if it helped.  I wonder what was happening.  Was it a coincidence?  Also 2 extended family members got their flu shots, and by the end of the day one had an excruciating headache and the other had a series of mini-strokes and spent 3 days in the hospital.  Another coincidence I’m sure. 
4.  All living things have a wonderful ability to heal.  Most of the Flu symptoms are actually the body’s way of fighting the infection.  Why do you think we get a fever?  A fever is the body’s amazing ability to raise the temperature with inhibits the viruses ability to replicate as fast and activates the immune response.  So why would I want to take a fever reducer?  In theory that could possibly prolong the actual illness.  I believe that my body has the ability to recover fully from the flu.   I know because I’m here today, and I’ve had many colds and flus and infections in my life, and I’ve recovered.
 But there has to be some action, I don’t want the flu and I don’t want the ineffective and damaging vaccine.  So here’s what I do and my family does to stay healthy especially during the colder months. 
-We maintain a healthy nervous system by getting checked by a doctor of chiropractic for nerve stress and adjusted if needed.  I cannot emphasize enough how important this is.
-We supplement Vitamin D.  My kids take 2500IU a day and my husband and I take 10,000IU daily in the low sunshine months (starting late September through March).   We also periodically get out vitamin D levels checked using a blood test (great vitamin D resource).
-We wash our hands with mild soap (NOT antibacterial soap), and moisturize with pure coconut oil.
-We eat a low sugar low grain diet.  I can’t say I’m perfect, but my family doesn’t eat that many grains and sugars which has a negative effect and health and immune functioning.  I can tell you from personal experience that I feel much better when I’m eating clean.
This is my opinion as a doctor and a mother.  Just do your research, don’t follow what I have to say or anyone or any pharmaceutical company has to say blindly.