TBTB - DFY 35 | Holiday Travels


Manage your energy, not just your time, and get your head on straight before you hit the road. As the holiday season approaches, Drs. Beth Bagley and Frederick Schurger share some of the favorite things they do to travel injury-free and fully enjoy their journeys. Whether you’re taking to the skies, hopping on a train, or hitting the open road, our chiropractic experts have some valuable tips for you. Drs. Bagley and Schurger share how to make mindful choices to keep your energy levels high, even when facing long travel hours. They also share how an upper cervical chiropractic checkup before your trip can make all the difference.  So, before you hit the road this holiday season, join us for some enlightening travel advice that might just change the way you travel. Tune in now!

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Planes, Trains & Automobiles

How To Enjoy Your Holiday Travels Free From Injury!!

Dr. Bagley, how are you?

I’m doing great. How are you doing, Dr. Frederick?

I’m doing excellent. I’m refreshed. We haven’t been doing this like we normally do, and I know we have one more week before we get back to our normal schedule. I take that back. We are still going to have a couple more weeks because I have got a travel schedule coming up between hunting. I just got back from visiting my folks.

Did you get any deer?

They are on my trail cameras. Between traveling in the rain, it was one of those weekends where I had other things I was going to do. I’m not going to go out and sit in the wet muck because the deer don’t want to come around in that wet muck. After all, the deer don’t want to come around in that wet muck.

No, they don’t. They want to huddle down, too.

I have tried that before in that area. I know better. I got back, and I’m looking at my schedule for the next couple of weeks. Not only I’m going to head back out there in weeks, but then the following week, I have got a seminar. You should be going to it, too, in Chicago, but you are not going to. That’s fine. We have a seminar at your office the following weekend.

We do. I know we are going to talk about wins and some awesome testimonials that happen in the office, but that leads us up to traveling and that’s what we are going to talk about in this episode how to keep yourself healthy during travel and it’s hard.

It is. I have gotten to the point where I can drive five hours without a problem, and that feels comfortable. That’s a trip between here and my folk’s place up in Fort Wayne, but anything beyond that, I get fatigued. I certainly don’t like doing it in the rain. Half the time, I don’t remember some of the things that I should be bringing with me, at least going to Dad’s. I’m like, “I can make it here and there.” I don’t know about you, but I like traveling with my pillow.

I take my pillow everywhere I go because it’s, first of all, my pillow, and I’m going to sleep the best of it. There’s going to be something that’s going to support my neck. That is my number one travel tip for people. if you can pack it, bring it. Even if it’s a pillow. I don’t necessarily think It’s a great pillow. As a chiropractor, it’s still something. Sleep is so important and you want to have good sleep when you are traveling.

If you can pack it, bring it.

In weeks, I have spent so much talking about pillows. This is not a pillow episode, but just so people know. I have spent hundreds of dollars, probably over $1,000, in trying out different pillows. Again, it’s a matter of what works and what you can sleep and rest comfortably on so that it doesn’t jack up your neck. I think that’s a technical term.

I read it somewhere in the study.

As long as you have a pillow that you are comfortable with using on the regular. You are going to get more benefits out of that. I use a therapeutic pillow now.

That’s what I used to do.

My wife has used those in the past, but now she’s found a different pillow that she likes better. I couldn’t even tell you how great it is.

Speaking of sleep, I have got a quick testimonial. I have a patient who came in to see me. She started to care. She was the type of patient who had her arms crossed, and she goes, “I have tried all this chiropractic stuff, and I don’t want to try.” I was like, “I don’t want to force you to do it, but I do think I can see this giant misalignment on your CBCT. The imaging doesn’t lie. There’s something going on that nobody’s addressed yet.” She was like, “Okay, I will try.”

She got her first adjustment and felt a little difference for like four hours. It wasn’t long before she felt much difference, and she was all mad. She’s like, “I came back.” I have been up and down. She’s needed maybe four adjustments. We have done different things each time. There might be different segments, but she came in late for her appointment. It was first thing in the morning, and she said, “I’m sorry, I’m late. I slept in.” She goes, “I never used to have to set an alarm because I hurt so bad when I slept, so I had to get out of bed.” I was like, “You are going to have to get an alarm clock.”

That is a cool story. I was like, “That’s a huge win that you are able to sleep in.” Sleep is when we heal a lot. All of that is great. We see these huge miracles in our office. The recoveries from things people don’t think they can recover from, but somebody with some chronic pain being able to sleep through the night. That’s phenomenal.

For somebody with some chronic pain, being able to sleep through the night is phenomenal.

It is, and that would allow them to go visit with friends and family that they would never have considered because they are like, “No, this hurts too much. I can’t make that trick. I’m not going to get a good night’s sleep while I’m there.” If you get a good night’s sleep when you are visiting friends and family. Everything is going to be better, especially during the holidays.

Bring your pillow with you.

Sometimes you might bring all your bedding too. You never know.

It depends on how gross the house you are going to.

There are a few things that I like to have with me, but generally, the pillows are the extent of my bedding needs. First off, you are getting a good night’s sleep. We are going to joke about this being our planes, trains, and automobiles. A lot of people are going to be flying, and you need to know that when you are flying, you are going to be sitting for a couple of hours.

I know our trip out to Las Vegas is about an hour or two and a half. It’s Southwest. Southwest has great airplanes, and generally, the seats are pretty good. It wasn’t. I was already hurting, and we had another hour and a half before we got off. A couple of things you can do, we have talked about the neck exercises. That nodding, that yes and the no, coming across the horizon, then the head glides. You don’t have to do the full thing while you are on the airplane, but you can do just a little bit. Don’t be doing this rotation. That will knock you out of it.

Don’t do rotation. That’s a good point how we think about the Jane Fonda workouts since the ‘80s. They were like, “Rotate your neck and rotate the other way.” No, don’t do that. Your neck is not supposed to do that. Don’t do neck rotation. If you are in an exercise class and someone starts doing that. You don’t have to raise your hand and say, “My chiropractor said.” You don’t have to. You just do normal rotations left and right and ups and downs. You don’t have to do what everybody else is doing.

This is why sometimes I tell all my patients, “Don’t do the rotation except in the office.” The reason we do that in our offices with our patients is because we know it’s going to stress them out. Sometimes, they are in the bubble of needing to be adjusted. Maybe they need to get adjusted, but if we did nothing, they don’t need to be adjusted at that moment.

They need to be adjusted five hours later when we have gone home and they are an hour away. Sometimes, you have to force the situation as it needs to be. The other thing is if you are on a long flight and you have problems with blood circulation. You may want to take a look at some compression socks or compression hose to help with that circulation need.

If you are on a long flight and you’ve got problems with blood circulation, you may want to take a look at some compression socks or compression hose to help with that circulation need.

I even wear them on my long days at the office. On Mondays and Thursdays, I work 10 and sometimes 12 hours. Everyone’s like, “You don’t work that much.” I was like, “I do. I just don’t work on Fridays.”

You don’t see the hours of work that I have put in that aren’t the hours that I am in the office.

They are not always when I’m seeing patients, but it’s long days and not a lot of relaxation or being able to put my feet up. Now, I do move a lot, which is one of the problems when you are not moving or in a plane or train or an automobile and you are sitting for a long period. Your legs are bent. When your legs are bent up, that’s going to cut off some of the circulation anyway. If you have poor circulation to begin with, consider compression socks. I like the ones that go up right below the knee.

If you have a preference, you can get higher ones, but those are the best ones. You can buy them on Amazon. They are so easy to find now, and they are cute. You can get cute ones. They are not all ugly-looking, so people don’t need to know that you are wearing compression socks. I feel like my energy is better when I wear them. I did wear them on the plane, too, because I wanted to. I wanted to see what it was like wearing them since I recommended them to Vegas. I felt good with them. Now, once we got to Vegas, it was hot, and we were at the Hoover Dam that day. I did, at some point, take them off because I was like, “My legs are hot.”

That is the only problem.

They are warm, so great for the winter. I never used to use them. Now that I do, I am a believer. They are helpful. If you are going to go on an overseas flight, that’s helpful too. Also, getting up and moving. I know it’s a pain in the butt to get out of your seat. Your nice window seat and go to the bathroom, but you might get up. Even if you don’t have to go to the bathroom, go to the bathroom just to walk for a minute and maybe stretch just a smidge.

One of the things they tell you when you are flying a longer flight overseas is to pop your shoes off so that you can allow your feet to breathe a little bit. Now, please wear clean socks.

One of the things they tell you when you are flying a longer flight overseas is to actually pop your shoes off so that you can actually allow your feet to breathe a little bit.

Please don’t put your feet up on somebody else’s.

Into the armrest area.

There are pictures and that is nasty. People, don’t be nasty.

Again, you do that, and you get up and move around so that you can make sure your blood flow is not pulling in your legs, which can cause other problems down the road. Even if it’s not an immediate problem at that time. Getting up and walking around are all big things to keep moving. The other thing is, if you are going to get jet-lagged, just realize you are going to get jet-lagged if you are going to be switching time zones. You may find that you have a bunch of things that you plan on doing, but you are not going to be able to keep track of them. Manage your energy, which we are going to talk about here in a little bit.

You have to take a look at how much time you can put into a thing that you are doing on a vacation. My dad got back. He made it out to be a Mediterranean cruise, but it was a bus and train tour of Switzerland and Italy and a couple of other neat little places. This is less a health thing than a good way to manage what’s going on. Use your phone to take a bunch of pictures. The tour guides are doing this now so that they are taking a bunch of pictures, then they will upload them to a central group on your phone.

One of the interesting things they did was so you could keep track of where you were because dad was like, “There was a place here and a place there. There was this one church that had a barbershop quartet singing.” He couldn’t remember what days it was, but he had videos of some of these things. They would interspersed the videos with the itineraries for each given day. Now you can go through your phone and start saying, “Which day was this?” Without having to think about it, you can start recreating your event, especially on a tour like that. He didn’t have any extra time.

To get to church on Sunday, they asked him first thing in the morning, “What do you normally do on Sundays?” Most of them respond, “We go to church.” They immediately got put on a train, and they didn’t get a chance to get to a church until sometime late in the evening, and sure enough, there was a service. These tours are nonstop. A lot of these things, our Blair weekend was a nonstop thing. You did family stuff, but you didn’t have any spare downtime to sit at the pool. I kept on trying to get one of these things, but then they wrote me into stuff.

You have to keep doing work.

I do. You only have so much time. One of the things that I have come across in Scott Adams’ new book, Reframe Your Brain. This is a great book. This is going to be gifted a lot for this holiday that’s coming up. He has managing energy instead of time as an actual chapter here. The normal frame that we think of is we are going to manage our time and get so much done.

He has it flipped where it’s managed your energy. This gets back to as we come off of the holidays, and we have been pushing and pushing. Two things are going to happen. We are not going to have the energy that we had when we started the weekend and all the excitement about going off to places. We are going to be done because we have been running so hard and come Monday morning. For a lot of people, come Sunday night.

They are going to be like, “I got to go to bed early,” which is why you should probably add an extra day if you can of travel or at least a buffer so that you are not going right back to work like you did this past time and I did too. I came back a day earlier, but even recognizing that there are only so many hours in the day that your tank can only be so full.

If we don’t manage our energy properly, we are not going to get things done. We might have a day where we know, “That’s going to be busy,” but I’m not going to do that two days in a row. I’m going to go to bed early. I crashed out last time by 9:00 trying to watch a documentary, then I said, “It’s an hour earlier than I normally go to bed, but I’m going to bed now.”

That’s a great point. When you are traveling, manage your energy and fatigue because when you are fatigued and stressed, your immune system is going to be lower. Also, when we are on vacation, we tend not to eat like we normally eat. Maybe you went somewhere, and it’s amazing. You are eating healthy, good food, but people tend to be like, “It’s vacation. I’m going to have that second dessert or dessert with lunch and dinner. Breakfast was a dessert, too, so we are just eating sugar,” which tanks your immune system. People wonder, “Why do I always get sick when I’m on vacation? Why do I get sick after vacation?”

The holidays in general because how big is the entree table compared to the buffet for all the pies?

I don’t want it to be any different, but we can manage how much. I like to see it all.

Bear in mind you might need to take a nap while you are running around. I joke, but my dad jokes with my siblings. We go back to our folk’s place, and the next thing we know, we are taking naps, and we are sleeping in because that’s the only time we can rest. I don’t know what that’s about, but that was that was me. I’m like, “I’m only going to do this much. It’s wet and cold out. That is not the combination I want to play with at 6:00 in the morning trying to climb a tree.”

One of the other injuries that I see in the office is lifting-type injuries from over-packed bags. I get it if you are on a flight and you have your 150-pound bag, but it’s also okay to break it into two bags. You got 25 and 25, or bring a carry-on and a smaller bag. First of all, nobody wants to pick those up. Not even the people working at the airport, but you are not used to lifting 50 pounds all the time. People at the airport are. They have worked out those muscles.

You, on the other hand, pull that out of your trunk and set it on the ground and tweak your back at the beginning of your vacation and ruin your vacation. The other issue is when you are lifting something that heavy and not used to it, unlike Dr. Frederick, who lifts 50 pounds in his sleep via kettlebell. You have got to consider how you are standing because if you are standing squared up with your feet planted on the ground in a slightly squat position, you lift in that position. You are a lot less likely to blow out a disc than if you are turned to the side. You twist it, pull it out from the side, and drop it to the ground.

You have to think through those things when you are lifting that weight. The other thing is overhead compartments. If you are a small female, which I’m not. If you are a small female, ask for help. It is okay because you are going to tear up your shoulders, and you can hurt your back, too. Men love to help, too. Do you love to help? If a small female said, “I need help getting this up.” You’d be like, “Sure.”

Even as 6-foot-strong individuals as we are, a 40 or 50-pound bag trying to get into the overhead compartment is one thing. That’s not a hard thing, except if you are in the center aisle. It’s already a cramped space. There are people on either side of you. You feel rushed. Take the moment. Don’t try to say, “I’m going to get it in this spot.” Somebody’s going to be more than happy to help you, especially if you are flying Southwest, where you have already packed 2 other bags at 50 pounds a piece that you checked. Plus, the 50-pound bag that you are trying to put overhead was all free, we would love to be sponsored by Southwest, but I don’t ever see that happening.

That would be amazing. We’d get some free flights. They don’t have to pay us. They pay us for free flights.

I would be very fine with that.

That’s a good point with the Southwest. It’s okay to have two bags with them that you check. It’s awesome, and they don’t have to be 50 pounds each. They could be 25 pounds each, and you can lift them in and out of your rental car then. Lifting into an overhead compartment or taking it down. If the flight is over and you want to pull that item down again, your body isn’t prepared to take that force, and you are rushed.

People are like trying to get out. Everybody stood up when the plane landed, and that’s dumb. I sit back and sit there. I continue to read my book until there are like two in front of me and try not to think about it because there’s nowhere to go. You pull that out of the overhead, trying to rush, and you are twisting. Again, I have seen multiple injuries to the shoulder rotator cuff and also that twisting back injury again. That time, square yourself up or ask for help if you don’t feel confident that you can do it.

When pulling out items from the overhead, take that time and square yourself up, or ask for help if you don’t feel confident that you can do it.

Those are the big ones. Nothing else comes to mind.

There’s one more for planes. When you are taking off and landing, remember that one? Dr. Forrest talks about that one. Do you want to explain it?

No, you go ahead.

Take-off and landing. The plane is vibrating. We have got this jostling happening, and the tendency is you are talking to your friend next to you or looking out the window, so your head’s turned. That’s going to put your neck and your upper cervical spine in an awkward position, allowing for things to line up that will allow things to slide. The best position for take-off and landing and during times of turbulence, they call it a neck retraction. I call it the double chin.

Give yourself a slight double chin and put your head slightly. You don’t have to jam it, but slightly against the headrest. Hold it there straight. It does look like you are a little scared because it’s a scary position, but who cares what people think around you? It’s about trying to keep that alignment. Even if you are not under care, I recommend that you be under care. If you are not under the care, you can still tweak your neck in a position like that or a position turn during turbulence or take-off and landing. Landing, especially because they put on the brakes or the reverse engine, and you come forward. If you are turned, that lines up your atlas to misalign the opposite side.

All of those things are the things you can do when you are paying attention, but half the time, you are just waking up from a nap, or you are not paying attention.

I don’t recommend that either.

It’s hard. It is very hard to sleep on a plane.

I find it hard to fall asleep on a plane myself, but I do know people that can do it.

I do it all the time.

The tendency is that people have their heads tilted.

It’s not any better when you decide, “I’m going to keep my head straight and rigid like this.” You wake up, and you are like, “Those muscles contracted, and they kept my head in that position. Now I hurt and now need to go get adjusted.” That’s the other recommendation.

To bring a chiropractor with you on your trip?

There is a reason we go to all these seminars when we travel as opposed to anywhere else so that we can get adjusted by our colleagues. The other thing is, even if you are on a couple of times a week schedule and you make a weekend trip or even a week-long trip, and you are back the following day. That would be ideal, but if you are on a more extended plan where you are getting checked once a month or once every couple of months.

That would be a good time to say, “Doc, I know I would normally have come in a week or two after, but I’m traveling. Do you think I should get in beforehand?” The answer is always yes because there is no modern travel. Even if you are just driving, that can be a stress on your body. My wife does all the driving now, and even though I’m still sitting in the passenger seat, I’m still exhausted. Anything longer than five hours, and I don’t have the energy to take a nap half the time on a trip, anything beyond that.

Getting back to that idea of managing your energy. I want to talk about a couple of ways that relate to our health. When we are in good health, our energy is not going to be as strong as we would like to be. Maybe our tank leaks somewhere down the side of the tank for our energy. Until we get our head on straight, those leaks will not get plugged properly to refuel and replenish.

When we aren’t in good health, our energy is not going to be as strong as we would like it to be.

There are two sides to this. I like the idea of managing your time instead of managing your time. Manage your energy. Once we start thinking about managing our energy, we can start asking the questions, what are the things that improve our energy so that we can have a more productive day and accomplish all the things we want to accomplish? Certainly, the top of that list is getting your head on straight with an upper cervical doc like either of us, but other things might be, “I’m not going to eat that sugary snack after the holiday because I know that replenishes my energy. I can’t recover as fast.”

Another one and it goes to get good sleep. People talk about melatonin all the time. I’m 50/50. Some people have good responses to melatonin to help them get to sleep. Other people don’t. It’s a great hormone. There’s a lot of good research behind it, but as a supplement, it’s questionable. Instead, magnesium is a supplement. It seems to be a much better choice for helping you reset your sleep cycle get your body working the way it’s supposed to, and considering it feels like we are in such an epidemic of magnesium depletion in our food supply that taking magnesium on the regular is a smart thing to do.

Again, I’m just saying, “I’m going to take a nap. I am tired. I have every intention to.” There are two big bucks out on my folks’ property. They walk by at about 8:00 in the morning, which is prime time. It’s perfect. I could get up in a tree early enough not to disturb them walking by, but no, I was too tired. At 6:00, when the alarm started going off, which was 5:00 our time. My brain was like, “No, I have not recovered. Yesterday was a little bit. Saturday was rough.” It was wet and damp, and we didn’t want to do anything.

It’s not laziness. There’s a difference between taking time for yourself and saying, “No, I’m going to take care of myself,” versus sitting on the couch all day, day after day, and being depressed and giving yourself a, it’s okay, like permission to rest or take a nap or sleep in. Now, we can’t do that every day. I get it because we have work. On a day off when you are on a trip and sleeping until 7:30 or whatever it ended up being, versus getting out into a tree scene. That’s legitimate. Is there anything in the book, or have you considered the energy choosing who we give our energy to, which is like people and who we allow in our energy and our space?

There’s some content that talks about that later on. It’s a different area. I was reading about that, and again, it’s what are the things in your life that when you are looking at a situation, you are looking at a job prospect and a job opportunity. Which one has a better energy that you are drawn to? That’s the same thing. There are going to be people that you are more drawn to and that you are energetically and excited about. That was for me with chiropractic.

I look back at certain moments in my life that were immediate. I’m going to go do that because the energy was right, and everything just clicked. Getting into chiropractic was one of those things, even though the sensible engineer in me said, “I could either go down this law route or this business route.” Neither of which was exciting enough for me to say, “I’m going to sit down, and I’m going to fill out this application.” When chiropractic became an option, I was like, “I’m going to do these 17 things that seemed hard for the other 17 things that were super easy because the energy felt right.”

That’s like following your passion, is what I’m hearing. I get it. Sometimes, we have to have a job that we don’t like. I fortunately have a job I love, which is amazing, but I get that some people have to do things. We can choose to complain, and that will continue to deplete our energy, or we can choose joy and happiness and figure out where it’s the situation here that was a win. What co-worker can I compliment to bring the energy up?

You can elevate your energy just by having an attitude that is conducive to that. You can also suck the energy out of a place. I know you know somebody. Does anybody reading know someone who is the energy drain? That energy drain is also, I would say, you can pray for them and try to talk to them about this stuff, but sometimes, that’s also someone you need to cut out of your life.

The joke is an energy vampire.

It’s not even a joke. That’s a good way to say it if they stick your energy and don’t give you energy.

Folks, if you don’t know what an energy vampire is, what we do in the Shadows. It’s a TV show. It’s on Hulu now. I can’t remember, but there is a character on that who plays an energy vampire. I don’t want to meet this man because he’s an actor. I don’t want to meet him in real life because he does this job so well, and I have met these people. I don’t need to ever interact with him as an actor outside of the acting because he might do it for fun. Sometimes, these people are doing it for fun.

We can run into that as chiropractors from our patients sometimes. What I love and what gives me joy is when I meet one of these people who is, I would call, a drain energy vampire-type personality. Through getting their head on straight and, sometimes, they become the most amazing people that I fall in love with. It doesn’t happen to everyone now because some people choose to be miserable.

This is true, but how many of these people who are falling into that category? This probably is the better way to think. Your energy is well within you. Sometimes, that well is not running, and as soon as you get your head on straight, that well can start pumping into that reservoir if you are between the pump running and all the leaks in the tank being filled up. You are going to do so much better. You are going to feel so much better, and the things that you thought were insurmountable are now easy, and you can figure out how to achieve those goals.

I had a young lady that came over. Her sister was saying all sorts of great stuff about us because her sister had been in months earlier and was having a lot of health issues and got better. She came over in her late ‘40s and early ‘50s. Up until about 4 or 5 years ago, she was still teaching and doing gymnastics at high level. She didn’t remember any falls except for the fact that she did mention that she jumped off a 2 or 3-story that they practiced outside and landed on her feet. That was fine outside, but when they took it into the gym, she broke her legs.

All of these injuries and accidents. She’s already said, “I’m hurting all the time. I got all these problems.” What happens after she gets adjusted? Things start getting better. Unfortunately, she’s hours away, so she can’t make it in as regularly as she needs, but it’s in the back of her mind. I was chatting with her, and she’s like, “I need to get in because I’m starting to hurt again,” and she gets it. She’s got that internal reservoir. The other part was that she was like, “I don’t know who else to go to. You are my last hope.” I don’t need to be Obi-Wan Kenobi.

I know. That does put a lot of pressure on us, but I’m used to it at this place.

It’s like, “You are not the first person to say this.”

I tell them the only thing I fix is a structural shift in your spine. That’s the only thing I do.

You don’t have the force as Obi-Wan did.

No, but when people say, “Doc, you fixed me. This is so great.” I always said, “I couldn’t have done it without you,” because I couldn’t. I don’t have any of that power. All I can do is visualize this terrible misalignment on people that is affecting their health and it’s making their well dry up. Remove that misalignment, put it back where it’s supposed to be and restore normal motion. It’s amazing what we get to see. That’s why I have trouble not accepting everyone for care. Now, there are some people that we can’t accept for care, but if I see a misalignment, it’s possible that we can help. I’m going to try.


TBTB - DFY 35 | Holiday Travels


I need to have Pam and Jerry on the show at some point in time because Pam is doing great. We are concerned because Jerry is not as in good health as he would like to be and as she would like him to be, but there was a traumatic injury to his neck. It’s healed, but it’s not healed. I don’t know if I will ever be able to adjust him again. Time will tell, but the short answer is I’m not touching his neck until we see it look a little bit more stable. That might be a while, and yet his energy, again, is not as robust as it was, especially when we were working on him.

All of these factors play in. When a patient comes in who’s not supposed to be in our office because they have some injury that is not a neck problem, it’s a surgical problem, or cancer would be the other one, which I fall into the surgery, but it’s a full-on medical problem. If that’s the case, we are going to make sure you get to the medical doctors first, and once you have been cleared by them, everything looks stable and your ultimate good spot. We can start talking again about what we can do to help, but we are not going to do that right off the bat.

We are not the doctors that you hear about that sneak up on the person in the gym because they are a friend and they were tired of looking at their neck weirdly. No, we don’t do that. You got to come into our office and get pictures taken first. That’s the bare minimum. Anything else? That wraps it up now.

Planes, trains, and automobiles are safe places to stop. The last thing I will say about being in an automobile. If you have a long-distance journey, like ten hours. When you do stop for gas, do some stretches. Move. Get out and do some things while the gas is pumping because that’s going to save you.

It’s a good time if you pick up a cup of coffee to drink on the way. It’s too hot. Don’t try to drink it immediately. Put it in the cup holder and walk around. Stretch your legs a little bit. We have dogs. They got to be walked, so we got to be walked. I at least get things moving for all the possible things that extended sitting is going to give a problem.

Where do they find you, doctor?

I am at KeystoneChiroSPI.com and all the socials, Facebook and Instagram. Technically, I’m on Twitter, but I’m not looking at it very much.

I don’t load anything on Twitter. I am in St. Louis, Missouri. We are PrecisionChiroSTL.com. You can find me on all the socials also except for Twitter. I don’t think I even have a Twitter handle that’s related to my business.

It’s not Twitter anymore. It’s X.

Sorry, Elon. Elon is going to come and get me.

I like Twix. Halloween is coming up, and I need to avoid Twix.

It’s not good for you, but those are good.

They are. Caramel, but not the peanut butter ones.

I don’t do the peanut butter. Gross.

The only peanut butter you do is Reese’s Pieces.

I don’t even do that anymore. Ever since COVID, my peanut butter tastes like a butt.

That is the problem with the sinus issues, but you are not wrong. A lot of things taste different since COVID, so I get that. Anyway, folks, like, subscribe, and give us a five-star review. Tell people about it.

Especially for the butt comment. I want like a six-star review.

There was a five-star review. Everybody needs to know. She did fix it. When you learn about upper cervical chiropractic, experience the benefits and see the life-changing impacts it makes in many lives. You can’t help but share how amazing it is. I’m the best example of this because I was first a patient, then decided to pursue chiropractic because of the Blair technique. I love that this show is getting the word out about a significant aspect of healthcare that many do not even know about.


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These discussions bring light to some of the conditions that upper cervical care can help, but there is so much more because it has such an impact on the nervous system. I highly recommend reading and learning more about how important this type of care is to your well-being. Seek local upper cervical care, especially Blair chiropractors, to get your head on straight and improve how you function on a daily basis. She started with a one-star review, and I’m like, “What?” I read it, and I’m like, “No, it’s a five-star review.” She must have hit one, and she fixed it since, but in any case. Get those five-star reviews up there for us because that’s how people find us, and that’s what’s important.


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