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Boron has become Dr. Frederick Schurger’s new favorite mineral, and after this episode, Dr. Beth Bagley is extra excited about it. It has so many health benefits and is so readily available to us that we don’t even know how easy it is to get. Join us as we discuss the benefits of boron and how it can help with joint health, antifungal properties, and even sexual health. Plus, understand how much boron is safe and how much is unsafe because you will be asking that question after you find out where you can get boron in your immediate world.  It may even already be in your house!

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Electrolytes For Your Health, Part 2 – Boron As An Essential Mineral

Dr. Bagley, how are you doing?

I am doing well. How are you doing, Dr. Schurger?

I’m doing excellent. We’re excited to talk about boron. Honestly, I’m still flabbergasted by the benefits of this little mineral that is probably what we’re not getting as much as we need.

I want to know more about it. I’m going to have lots of questions for you. You’ve done some research and I want to know.

We are depriving you of the conversation we had after the last episode. We had our recap that we do offline. Dr Bagley’s comment was, “We should be recording this.” I’m like, “We should have been.” Let’s talk about boron. I’m going to start with this. One of the things that I have been fascinated with these past several years is some of these naturally occurring springs that purport to have healing benefits.

One of the things that they have found is that these springs tend to have a higher concentration, which is boron naturally occurring. This isn’t how I started down this rabbit hole but it’s something that I was looking at. I’ve been doing it for other health benefits, which we’ll get into here in a little bit but I finally had a few moments and I went down the rabbit hole. I’m like, “There are so many benefits to this.” One of the interesting things is everyone’s familiar with cytokines.

Maybe not everyone is familiar with cytokines.

Cytokines storm after COVID, which is a more common thing. What we’re going to do is go over some general science in how boron seems to be of benefit to helping things out. There are some spicier aspects. Cytokines come later.

Don’t get everybody excited about cytokines and then don’t talk about cytokines. We got to talk about cytokines.

Cytokines will be fun. We’re going to get into that. Also, some of the benefits that seem to be going on here.

First, what is boron? Is boron an element or a mineral?

Boron is a mineral.

It’s a straight element, too. It’s the atomic number 5. It has the symbol B, which is one of my favorite letters. Its crystalline form is brittle, dark, lustrous, and metalloid. It’s not a metal, is it?

It’s a mineral. All minerals are technically metal. Do you have it in a more metal or steel form? Not necessarily. There’s one doctor down in Australia, I believe is where he was, who figured out something if you added a little bit of element of boron to your diet. For him, it was 6 milligrams a day of sodium tetraborate. These names are less important when I say tetraborate. There are three that are all the same thing so when we’re looking for this, we’ll hit all of that. We have sodium tetraborate, sodium borate, and disodium tetraborate but they’re all the same thing when we’re getting into this.

He started taking this as a supplement and noticed his arthritis went away. This is how this all started saying, “This might be a dietary supplement that has some benefits.” He was using 55 milligrams of sodium tetraborate decahydrate. These are some fancy words but they’re all the same. What he figured out is that when he had these patients on this, their arthritis, especially their chronic arthritis, started to improve.

What they did end up figuring out is we have boron as part of the cellular matrix makeup for our skeletal system. If we don’t have enough boron at the joints, those joints start wearing more easily. This is one of those simple supplements that you can take to help if you have an arthritic condition. We’ll talk about dosing and how much to take.

It gets interesting and it’s like, “No surprise. This is why we don’t have boron as a regular supplementation.” You’ll hear the other problems with it. This doctor is making these tablets for his patients so much so that he doesn’t have time to practice. He approaches a pharmaceutical company and says, “If you can put this in a pill form here, you’ll make a bunch of money and you won’t have to give patients that toxic, expensive medication that you’ve been using.”



Why would they want to do something like that?

They killed their bottom line. What happened shortly after this was the Australian Food and Drug Administration and then probably the American one quickly said, “We can’t have that.”

“Boron is deadly and toxic. It will kill you.”

Not so much boron is deadly and toxic.

I know, but if we start looking this up, I bet we’ll find stuff on that because they’re trying to keep people from taking it.

What is sodium tetraborate? What is sodium borate? What is disodium tetraborate? Where do you buy it in the cheapest form but yet as pure as all the other forms? You buy it at the grocery store or supermarket. I picked up a couple of boxes at Menards. It is 20 Mule Borax. It is the same thing. It is mind-blowing.

Is it really the same? That’s what I’ve been looking at. I’m trying to figure out if it’s the same.

It says sodium borate. The only thing that I have not had a chance to dive down deep is I’ve got an old chemical manual somewhere. I can’t remember where I’ve put it but it goes through all of these different minerals. I haven’t had a chance to say, “What is the actual difference?” These are common names for Borax. Sodium tetraborate, sodium borate, and disodium tetraborate are all the same. We’re not looking to use the amount that you’re going to use to clean your laundry as a laundry booster because you don’t need that much. Quite honestly, that much is going to be toxic but a little bit, because that’s all we need, goes a long way. 10 milligrams of boron will come out of a quarter teaspoon of Borax.

If you took a cup of it, you would probably die.

Let’s hit that because we’re getting into that. As I’ve been reading through the public health risks associated with this, why was it considered public health risky? There have been several on this one study that I found and I don’t have the reference off the top of my head. It was relevant to public health documents though. Accidental poisonings range from 10 to 88 grams of Borax, which 88% of cases were asymptomatic. You might have some GI distress or some heart and liver stuff going on.

It says, “Large amounts can lead to shock and kidney failure,” but that’s a lot. What if I ate a cup of salt? What would happen to me?

Large amounts of Boron can lead to shock and kidney failure.

That’s the thing. I did the math. They figured it out. This is where you have to be careful when you’re starting to look at these things. Death has been observed in children and adults exposed to 84 milligrams per kilogram.

That’s a lot.

That’s where it gets into the crazy stuff because I did the math and figured out that at 84 milligrams per kilogram of boron, it didn’t say boric acid or borax, it translates to 2.1 teaspoons per kilogram of body weight. We did the math here. It’s about two cups. What’s curious about this is table salt has similar toxicity levels as sodium borate.

Yet we’re not afraid of table salt. We don’t go like, “We got to keep that away.”

In no certain terms, are you going to be consuming anything from teaspoons to tablespoons of salt at a sitting or even using that much? I’ve got a big large stock pot. I barely put half a cup of salt in for my bone broth when I’m making that. That’s a big 20-quart pot. We’re talking very small amounts. What’s interesting is that there’s a number called LD50. That is the amount of a substance that is toxic enough that kill 50% of the people taking it. If you see LD50 in the literature, that’s what they’re talking about. The amount that you have to get to that level of toxicity is high.

It would be hard to do. Somebody would have to force-feed it or purposely poison someone with that.

The same thing holds true for table salt. I misplaced the article that I was looking for that had that but it said you need a little bit less table salt like half a cup compared to sodium borate or Borax. That’s the kicker on this thing.

I have a conspiracy theorist brain and I’m thinking the reason why this is not common knowledge. I know you’re going to go through quite a few other things that are helpful. It’s not just arthritic pain. The reason I don’t know this is because it’s another truth that’s been kept from us. This should be common knowledge.

What are the things that we do on a daily basis, you and I, as chiropractors, that we know that are going to improve our health and the health of our patients? We take care of ourselves and look at how we become more reliant on ourselves, especially in a world that is deciding that it doesn’t want to be reliant on themselves for anything. Most people, given the option, are like, “Wait a second. I can be reliant and do my thing?”

What we’re talking about here goes to those people. If you don’t feel like you are self-reliant enough, maybe you need a little bit more boron. We’re going to talk about how it boosts testosterone in a bit. The benefits of looking to the things that will help you heal and function better will far outweigh waiting for somebody else to try to figure out what’s wrong with you.

“No one’s coming to save you.” That’s one of my mantras sometimes. No one’s coming to save me. We have to be our advocates and do the digging. One of the reasons that Dr. Schurger and I love this show is because we do some of the digging and share our thoughts with you. I’m quite excited to start this as a supplement. I get achy. I use my hands all day long. There is probably some arthritis starting to settle in my knees and hands. I’m wondering if this will help.

At the very least, your joints are not as supple as they were years ago. It’s funny because I came across a VO2 max as my heart running. I threw some numbers in there off the top of my head because I didn’t have all of them but it was based a little bit on my age, height, weight, and then my resting heart rate. There’s good data for this test because they’ve matched it and mapped it properly. Even though at 50, for what I can do in my resting heart rate, my VO2 max is that of a 33-year-old.



I probably could do some more fine-tuning of that and I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m in my late twenties, what I can do physically. None of this stuff is the fountain of youth and reversing aging but if it can slow it and keep you strong all the way through, that’s the benefit there. Let’s hit a couple of other things. 5 to 6 milligrams of Borax is going to be about an eighth of a teaspoon.


The Blonde & The Bald | Boron


None of this is medical advice. You shouldn’t do this. You should talk to your chiropractor, naturopath, or medical doctor about this. This is just information.

The site that I found, I’m not going to say that they’ve got a bunch of great stuff but I found the way that they put together all this information and then I’m going to the research. I’m not just taking the site by what it says alone.

It’s like trusting Wikipedia. We don’t do one source. That’s a starting point. I’m looking at this stuff and I’m like, “What’s going on here,” and then I’m like, “What does it say in the research? Does the research support what the website has put together?” I’m quite impressed with the website because it pulled well based on my readings of the research. When we’re talking about dosages, we’re not talking about dry weight. Back to my comment about minerals, put it in your water. Drink it in your water throughout the day. That’s going to get you what you need.

For the boron, if you’re using a sodium tetraborate, sodium Borax, you’re going to be looking at about an eighth of a teaspoon in water. It doesn’t always melt well so you might need warmer water. I put an eighth of a teaspoon in my coffee every morning and then another eighth either in my water before my workout on days that I’m working out or in my lunch coffee that I’ll have at that point in time.

How long have you been doing this?

I’ve been on a sixteenth of a teaspoon for several years.

At that point, are you making a little pinch and doing a little pinch?

No, I had a sixteenth teaspoon. I went and found a set of teaspoons that went down to a sixteenth. I was looking for a thirty-second. At that point in time, I found a milligram scale because it was easier to do that.

You could use a kitchen scale.

Kitchen scales only go to grams. I bought a milligram scale for $10. It was not a fancy one.

What does that look like? Is it like just a pinch?

You are right. It is just a pinch. It is a very small amount. I was taking it a very little bit forever. We’ve talked about this before. On my 50th birthday, I made the comment to my siblings, “I don’t have any pain.” All of them are moaning. That day, I wasn’t feeling well for other reasons but it wasn’t because my joints hurt or I ached. It was because I was out of sorts and probably out of adjustment.

In general, you’re not sitting there talking about what achy thing is hurting you and this and that.

I’ve got a hip thing that doesn’t want to relax but that’s more self-imposed than anything else. It was not an arthritic joint issue type of thing. Now that I’m looking at Boron, I’m like, “Maybe that’s part of my secret weapon package.” I was saying that was because I was keeping my head on straight, which I’m certain was doing a bunch of good. It’s part of it because if everything’s in alignment, you’re not going to be wearing down joints faster. If I’m also doing this low level for several years, that was certainly of benefit.

I bumped it up to a quarter teaspoon. I had an eighth of a teaspoon later in the day. That was a snow day. I went to a full quarter the following day. I did a workout that I wouldn’t say was hard because I’d been doing it for the better part of a month but I felt like I finished my sets better and recovered more easily, not enough to get an extra set in. I was pushing for that. These are kettlebell push presses with both arms so that was harder. It was certainly pushing me in that direction where I was feeling better. Running back to this study here, there was a group of men who were given various doses of boron at different levels. The ones who had the higher dose of boron reported they felt better and stronger.

Isn’t there a testosterone connection, too?

Let’s go to that one. That’s what we’re all here for, the fun stuff. This goes back to the cytokines. They were looking at what 10 milligrams of boron, which is a quarter teaspoon, do. They put it in a capsule. I’ve been putting it in water. I’ll talk about why the capsule doesn’t make sense. Let’s start with what they were measuring. They were measuring sex hormone-binding globulin, high sensitivity CRP, and TNF alpha level. They looked at free testosterone as well as estradiol. We’ll come back and hit all of these. TNFA alpha, if I’m not mistaken, is the Tumor Necrosis Factor. That’s what they’re looking at there.

It is important. That’s interesting that they were testing that.

What they found by doing the 6 milligrams of boron is there was a significant decrease in sex hormone binding globulin, a decrease in CRP, which is an inflammation marker, and a decrease in the TNF alpha. That was six hours supplemented when they found that change. After one week of supplementation, plasma-free testosterone increased and plasma estradiol decreased. These are men. They also found that dihydrotestosterone was increased.

Cortisol was up, and we can talk about cortisol in a bit. Vitamin D was also increased. All three of the inflammatory biomarkers decreased after supplementation. Of note, despite decreased pro-inflammatory cytokines, this might be the first human study to show an increased level of free testosterone after boron consumption. This was a 2011 Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology Study, Volume 25, Issue 1.

Let’s talk about these various things. Testosterone is pretty clear. We want to think higher testosterone means you are going to be more virile, virulent, and stronger. Yes and no. We don’t have a good measure of utilization of testosterone. You might have a lower testosterone number but be jacked like Jack Reacher without the steroids or with steroids. It might be because you’re utilizing all the free testosterone.

However, sex hormone-binding globulin is one of these things that will grab onto testosterone. As men get older, they tend to have that increase. That one and estradiol both will suck up or convert all your free testosterone into either unusable testosterone. You might have a bunch of free testosterone but you can’t convert and utilize it for either fat-burning or muscle-building.

At that point, you could even be supplementing your testosterone with a pill, cream, or shot.

With a TRT, yeah.

It might not even help you as much because you can’t do anything with it.

Dr. Peter Attia has gone down that rabbit hole well. I was listening to him talk about that. The problem with measuring free T is saying, “How many cars can you have in the parking lot? There’s a bunch of cars in the parking lot.” It doesn’t tell you, “Are they coming into your business and delivering the goods?” This is where we start asking those questions and what else is going on.

Dihydrotestosterone is not as usable. Vitamin D is elevated. That’s a benefit because that means you’re able to keep your vitamin D stores as opposed to flushing it out. Higher cortisol is not all bad. Everyone thinks, “Cortisol is going to sit in my belly fat and hips.” There’s a special cortisol cycle. It needs to spike in the morning. If it does not spike in the morning properly, you tend to be lethargic throughout the day.

I don’t do this but this is why you should not be drinking black coffee or any caffeinated beverage for the first 1.5 hours to 2 hours after waking because your cortisol is doing the waking process. Many people, either beating themselves up through our modern society, haven’t gotten the rest so that cortisol spike naturally comes up and then drops. That’s how that was. They’re not sure how it works but they’re seeing that it’s working and that it happens fast. That’s what I noticed.

You should not be drinking black coffee or any sort of caffeinated beverage for that first hour and a half to two hours after waking because your cortisol is doing the waking process.

They did a baseline blood draw and then did a 6-hour.

2 hours and 6 hours. They saw it at 6 hours. It was 10 milligrams every day with their breakfast and then a seventh day. Quite honestly, for men, there is no reason we should not be doing a quarter teaspoon a day to get that 10 milligrams. A quarter teaspoon of Borax or sodium borate, we’re looking to get 10 milligrams of elemental boron. That’s where the quarter teaspoon comes in. That’s how you figure it out.

They did it in a capsule but I’m taking it straight in water. Dr. Bagley, I saw somebody talking about this. What flavor of soap gives you the heebie-jeebies because you had your mouth washed out with it? Boron or sodium borate is a little bit of a soapy flavor. There’s no other way to describe it. It’s not bad. This is why I recommend only an eighth of a teaspoon. It disappears in coffee. Depending upon the bitterness of a tea, it might disappear. A lot of these things will recommend taking it and putting it in your water bottle for the day.

They’ll do it at a higher concentration and then say, “Take a little bit of that and put it in your water so that the flavor doesn’t bother you.” I’m convinced that one of our colleagues who gives me beef as a thank-you has cows that are grazing on forage that’s high in boron. Now that I know what it tastes like and I’m putting the pieces together in my head, I can taste that the beef fat in particular has a higher level of boron in it.

You have a very fine palate.

It is a shame that I only want to eat meat and salt.

I was reading top foods high in boron. It’s interesting because the first thing they’re going to do is juice. They said prune juice is one of the easiest sources of boron available. One cup of prune juice offers as much as 1.43 milligrams of boron. How much were they taking in that study?

The one setting was for healthy joints. Especially if you’re arthritic, I would say 5 to 6 milligrams.

You could drink five cups of prune juice and you’ll get enough. That’s awful. That’s where supplementation comes into play.

What’s funny is I used to love prunes. My grandfather would always have some. I would go to town on them and in the bathroom.

Nobody wants to hear about your toilet.

It’s horrible.

Avocado has about 1.5 milligrams of half-cup serving. We can get some of it in our diet but that’s probably not enough. Does that avocado have enough boron in it? I don’t know. How was it grown? Was it grown in boron-rich soil? Then yeah, it would probably have it in it. If it’s not, it’s not going to have it in it.

One of the biggest boron mines is out of California. It was a 20 Mule team that brought them out for the first time when they found this area. It’s that California area and probably going down to Mexico. It came out of a meteorite of all things. It probably has a lot more boron benefits in the soil but like everything else, at least with avocados, it’s coming out of a tree. Are they spraying glyphosate on the ground to keep the grasses and weeds down?

Does that bind up all your minerals like everything else that gets bound up by roundup to prevent it from working? It’s a thing. It’s out there but are you getting enough? If you’re in aches and pains, it’s not going to be a detriment to you. Men need to take more because some more than women, there’s a benefit. There is a decreasing benefit. They did a rat study and gave something ridiculous. It’s 81 milligrams of boron per kilogram a day. It’s getting close to that 84. That two cups per day of boron created testicular atrophy in rats.

You’re not going to be taking that much.

There is such a thing as too much of a good thing, and there we have it. We can over-adjust.

We talk about that all the time, too many adjustments and adjusting someone when they don’t need it.

There’s this next study I want to hit. Boron is essential for plant growth. It’s used in pesticides because it will kill out a bunch of bugs but it also helps plants grow better. This study here is out of 2009 Cytotechnology. Boric acid is a potential chemoprotective agent against Aflatoxin B1 toxicity in human blood. All the great stuff. It is a very pulmonary and hepatic carcinogen. Its contamination in agricultural products has been a problem for a long time.

They were looking down your way in St. Louis at Sigma Chemical. They got some good aflatoxin and they started with small amounts of boron going through the study and finding our stuff. The antifungal one sticks in my brain better. This one here was not as cleanly defined. The good news is they’ll cut these out for us. The worst part about some of these things is when we don’t have all the information clearly explained.

They’re looking at stuff based on a part per million so you have to redo all the math to figure out how much that would be. They’re going to figure out, “How much do we have to do?” They were doing very small amounts anywhere from half a part per million or a quarter of a part per million to twenty parts per million to look at how fast it would take out the aflatoxins. It’s protective. That was the bottom line.

Treatment significantly reduced the activities of antioxidants by increasing the aldehyde level by 30% and 50% of blood, whereas the boric acid led to an increased resistance of DNA to oxidative damage induced by aflatoxin. It increases the resistance of DNA to oxidative damage. Boric acid was essentially useful in aflatoxin-intoxicated blood. Thus, the risk of tissue targeting of aflatoxin could be reduced, ensuring early recovery from toxicity.

Long study short, there was a benefit to using boron. They were probably more using this certainly in human blood but they’re looking at how can we take tech people. This next one here was using boric acid as a way to get rid of different strains of Candida and isolates of mold. They figured that 2% boron is equal to 20,000 parts per million or 20,000 milligrams per liter. I did the math. It’s 20 grams per liter. I made this batch up and was trying it out.

They started with the 2% solution and then diluted it even further. They increased the concentration of how much would kill 50% or 90% of it. That’s where this graph is. I believe this first one is the control and this very last one had nothing in it. They added a little bit and all of a sudden, bam. It takes out the Candida very quickly. It has this quick change where it drops down. It’s an amazing little product that was taking out Candida, non-Candida albicans, and Trichophyton. They had two different varieties of that. Aspergillus fumigatus is another one of those funguses that we tend to see in our environment pretty regularly. That’s the neat part of it. It’s an alkaline solution. It wipes out the yeast.

That has a big implication for people with maybe SIBO or gastrointestinal issues.

That saves the best for last. The last one was looking at Vulvovaginal Candidiasis. It’s yeast infections in women. They looked at a number of case series and case reports. I don’t have the full study on this one here. I don’t know how you would apply this or they made up a specific cream or something else but the findings suggest that boric acid is a safe alternative economic option for women with recurrent and chronic symptoms of vaginitis when conventional treatment fails because of the involvement of non-albicans Candida, which they found in the other study.

The finding suggests that boron is a safe alternative economic option for women with recurrent and chronic symptoms of vaginitis.

It sounds like this should be the first step and not the last step because all those other things are very toxic.

The other part of this was azole is a common antifungal that a lot of women will take. This suggests that it’s beneficial for azole-resistant strains, too. This was more of a review of seven different studies. What they did find as far as negative adverse events for the women is a little bit of vaginal burning sensation in less than 10% of the cases, some water discharge during treatment, and vaginal erythema, which would be red. It’s maybe some inflammation but that’s about the extent of it. It’s identified in seven studies.

If you have yeast infections already red and not great, it’s doing all the things already. You could put anything on and it could cause it to burn. That’s interesting. It cures everything. It’s the cure for all things.

I don’t know if it’s the cure for all things. If you are having problems in the morning, you go out and say, “I want to chop some wood,” but your wood is not choppable, add some boron. It is so simple. Ladies, if you don’t want your spouse or husband to take care of things, hide the boron.

It makes sense that people will feel better. When you’re feeling better, your sexual health is better, and all of those things. It affects the hormones. There’s so much proof there. I started this show half-convinced but I’m pretty convinced that boron should be one of the things that I add to my supplements. I’m going to try it. I’ll get back to you as I’ll give myself a month. I don’t ever tell patients or people that they should take something unless I’ve already done it myself when it comes to supplements and things like that. That’s one I will work on. I’m going to see what it does. I can’t wait to report back.


The Blonde & The Bald | Boron


It is one of those things that I have been very happy with. I’m getting older. Therefore, I’ve got to start saying, “Maybe I should try some of this.” I noticed I had some Tongkat Ali up here, which is one of those testosterone-boosting supplements. I had decent test results. All of my male hormones were where they’re supposed to be but I can’t get rid of some of this extra body weight so the question is, “What am I doing wrong?”

Not that I’ve seen a huge change with the bar on because that’s just started but I noticed a change in my workout ability. I switched from 30 seconds to 45 seconds workout. I’m surprised that I don’t feel worse to be quite honest. An extra 15 seconds doesn’t sound like a whole lot until you realize you were pretty tanked at the end of the first 30 and then you have to do another 15. There seem to be some benefits. Don’t dive in double-fisting it. We’re talking about a very small amount.

It’s a little pinch.

20 Mule Borax has an interesting story about how they found Borax and why the 20 Mule. I was reading the box and looking at the ingredients. It just says sodium borate. I kept on reading. They do say don’t ingest. They don’t say they sell it at that. What’s interesting about that product is the purity of that product is marginally different from the purity of what they consider a pharmaceutical grade. I don’t know what that difference is. Can you find Boron on Amazon? Absolutely. That’s where I started.

That’s where I’m going to start. I have Borax in the house but it freaks me out that something that I’ve used for cleaning is something I’m going to put in my mouth. I don’t want to do that. I will find a supplement. I’m not sure which one. I was looking earlier and I don’t know what to take.

I don’t think it matters much.

I’d probably take it in pill form. I don’t want to taste soap.

Put it in your tea and you won’t notice it. It melts pretty fast or put it in a larger bottle. It doesn’t taste like soap. It’s not soapy soap but probably better.

I like my tea. If it ruins the taste of my tea, I’m going to be honest, I’m not going to do it. I’m going to have to do something because that’s my favorite thing. If that tastes good, that’s sweet.

The glycine will hide it.

I have been taking it and it’s been good. If you have read some of the past episodes and he was talking about glycine, glycine, which is an amino acid, has a similar sweetness to sugar. It’s not quite as sweet as sugar but it’s similar.

It can be used as a one-to-one replacement for sugar. It’s an expensive one-to-one replacement.

I put a spoonful into my tea and it sweetens my tea up. I’m getting some amino acids from it. There are some health benefits like weight loss and sugar metabolism.

Insulin balancing especially. Even though it tastes sweet, it’s going to lower your insulin response. Don’t tell the vegans but it’s technically meat.

It’s powdered meat.

It’s awesome. I’m trying to think if there’s anything else that I want to cover on Boron.

People, do your research. Don’t just listen to us. I say that about everything. There are supplements out there with this in it. The supplements I’m seeing are boron glycinate and stuff like that. I have to look to see what’s the best form. I don’t know.

As I started going down the rabbit hole, I got to go find that one book. I was hoping that it was here in the office and I didn’t find it, which means it’s in a box somewhere in my attic. I don’t think there’s a whole lot of difference between these forms and names. How much do you have to take before it’s a problem? If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, maybe not so much. With kids, keep it away. Don’t take it dry. That will be unpleasant naturally because it’s a weird little salt. All the other health benefits are obvious once you start diving deep and going into things. Dr. Bagley, where are they going to find you when they have questions?

It’s I’m on the Westside of St. Louis.

I am at Keystone Chiropractic in Springfield, Illinois. We look forward to another episode of the show. Have a good time. If you have any questions or there are any topics you want us to cover, make sure to reach out and ask on either website. We have portals, emails, and contact information there. Make sure you like and subscribe. If you like it, give us a five-star review. If you don’t like us, tell us what we can do to improve. Until next time. Have a good one.


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