TBTB - DFY 28 | Back Pain


Chiropractic care: where skepticism meets miracles, and spouses become believers in wellness journeys. Join Dr. Frederick Schurger and Dr. Beth Bagley in this delightfully random episode, diving deep into a diverse range of topics. From low back pain to migraines and even space-occupying lesions in the brain, these two chiropractors explore it all. But the real gem of this conversation? The intriguing tales of spouses who find themselves unexpectedly in the chiropractic office, often at the gentle urging of their partners. Then, of course, the miraculous results that follow – results that even the most skeptical spouses can’t deny, leading them to claim it was their idea all along. Join us for an entertaining discussion that touches on the mysteries of the human body, the power of chiropractic care, and the unexpected twists and turns of life’s journey. Tune in now!


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