Before coming into Vital Force Clinic, I had constant migraines which kept me from living my life.  I also had back pain, shoulder pain, jaw clicking… I was a mess.  I almost lost my job because of how many days I was calling in sick.  I haven’t taken a sick day from work since starting care.  Now I feel amazing!  The migraines are gone and other than an occasional headaches, I feel like a new person.”  Cynthia C- Kirkwood, MO

Constant Migranes

It’s always amazing to me the lengths people will go through to try and get their health back.  I understand why, we know what it used to feel like, and we want that back.  The unfortunate part is that some people often travel down the wrong road to get there.  The treatments for migraines are for symptoms, not getting to the cause.  Honestly I don’t think many doctors even know the cause.  I’m here today to tell you it isn’t bad luck, there is a cause, it is correctable, and its actually a simple concept to understand.

The Cause:
Quoting from Healthline (an online health resource)–

Migraine headaches are a bit of a mystery. Researchers have identified possible causes, but no definitive causes have been declared. Possible theories include:

  • Central nervous system disorder. An underlying disorder may set off a migraine episode when the disorder is triggered.
  • Vascular problem. Irregularities in the brain’s blood vessel system may cause migraines.
  • Genes. Having a family member who experiences migraine headaches increases your risk for having migraines, so researchers suspect an inherited gene may cause migraines.
  • Chemical abnormalities. Several types of brain chemicals and nerve pathways are active during a migraine headache. Abnormalities in any of these areas may cause migraine.”

The cause really is a mystery to the medical profession.  We have figured out how to reattach limbs and visualize things on a molecular level but a very common problem like migraines, we just don’t know the cause.  Or do we… The first theory is what I’m going to focus on.  It’s what chiropractors do.  There is a word in chiropractic: Subluxation– we could define it as “central nervous system disorder” but I’ll be more specific.  There are highly mobile vertebrae in the neck, especially C1, that allow us to move our heads in multiple directions.  There are injuries that occur in our lives that cause a breakdown in the system that holds everything in place, these injuries could be a small thing like a slip on the sidewalk, or a big thing like a whiplash.  But the wrong force, in the wrong direction, at the wrong time can cause a subluxation, and for some people that can cause a lifetime of misery.

When a subluxation is present, the bone doesn’t move exactly as it was made to and that alone can cause pain.  But the bigger problem is what is going on in the central canal where the brainstem live.  The brainstem can be pulled and twisted ever so slightly causing dysfuntion not only in the head but in the whole body.  It is my theory that this dysfunction is the CAUSE of migraines.
The other theories, my opinion is that they are a symptoms or an indirect cause.
1. Vascular problems:  These definitely contribute to migraines but the nervous system controls the vascular system.  Therefore, this is a symptom or a consequence.
2. Genes:  I definitely see similar patterns of migraines in families in my practice.  But have you ever noticed how you sort of look like your mother?  Underlying bone structure similarities and asymmetries could predispose similar misalignment and symptoms.  So genes are more of a indirect cause because we are shaped like our parents.
3.  Chemical abnormalities:  People definitely have migraine triggers.  Its a food or a situation that makes a migraine to come on.  But a trigger isn’t a cause, there is an underlying problem that is lurking.  The trigger itself is a very outside-in approach.  Chiropractors look more for an inside-out approach.  “What is going on with me, inside me, that is making me more prone to migraines.”
So in my opinion, most if not all migraines are caused by an underlying central nervous system disorder.  But the question is… do drugs fix this.  The answer is no.  Drugs only treat or mask the symptoms.
Is it correctable?  
The short answer is YES!  Chiropractors have been helping people with migraines for over 100 years.  It’s not magic and it’s not Voodoo.  It’s a scientific method of detecting and analyzing subluxation in the spine, and adjusting (realigning).  When the nervous system is clear of the interference, it’s amazing what the body is capable of healing from.  Many of my patients no longer have any migraines, some have drastically reduced frequency and duration.  In my office I do a procedure called Blair Upper Cervical.  After a full history and exam,  I take very detailed x-rays and find that misalignment and the asymmetries in your spine.   After that we come up with a detailed health plan designed to correct the nerve system “disorder” and help you live life again.  We do this all without drugs and surgery.
If you have questions about what I do and how I can help you, please reach out.  If you live outside the St. Louis area please find a practitioner through Blair or UpCSpine.  This care saved my life, get more information and start living yours again.
Thanks for reading!  Dr. Beth Bagley
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