woman enjoying the benefits of chiropractic care by breathing easier Vital Force Clinic St Louis

You may have heard someone say this before; maybe you’ve even said it once or twice, yourself: “My [back, neck, hip, etc] doesn’t hurt right now, so I don’t need to see my chiropractor.”

While that seems like a logical conclusion, chiropractics are about more than just adjusting pain away. In fact, there are many benefits of chiropractic care that have nothing to do with reducing aches.

Today, we’re focusing on the top five reasons you may want to visit your chiropractor more frequently.

1. Boost Your Immune System

For 50 million Americans coast to coast, allergies are a normal challenge of life — this statistic accounts for both seasonal allergies and frequently reoccurring allergies. While chiropractic services may not defeat allergies entirely, a proper adjustment has been known to boost the immune and nervous systems by up to 200%. Not only will such improvements help the body filter out allergens quicker, it may also protect you from other illnesses, such as the common cold and the flu.

2. Breathe Easier

The average person breathes 23,404 times a day. Now imagine if one quarter of those breaths (5,760) were accompanied by coughing, chest tightness or wheezing. For 25 million Americans who suffer from asthma, these struggles occur nearly every day. Keeping in mind the benefits of chiropractic care, a proper adjustment can promote better posture, reduce stress and even correct irregular breathing patterns, all of which can help to open up the breathing airways.

3. Lower Your Stress Levels

Not only is stress detrimental to your oxygen intake, stress can also effect your blood pressure in a big way. Although physical exercise is still considered one of the best solutions for stress management, chiropractic services can re-aline the nervous system through the spine while relaxing your muscles, allowing your body to release built-up tension. Research also shows that choosing a chiropractic method for stress management can be as effective on blood pressure as taking two prescribed medications; you may also notice an improvement in your mood.

4. Sleep Better

By now, you understand how continuous stress can effect your breathing and your blood pressure, so it probably comes as no surprise that stress also disrupts your quality of sleep. By utilizing chiropractic techniques to lower your stress levels, your body will be filled with less tension that can keep you up at night. A proper adjustment may even help insomnia patients lessen or prevent the symptoms of their condition.

5. Vertigo Away

Whether you occasionally feel off-balance due to allergies, inner-ear issues or good old fashioned fatigue, the benefits of chiropractic care can help you here, as well. By correcting the movement of certain joints and muscles around the neck, minor episodes of dizziness to extreme bouts with vertigo can be more easily managed or completely eliminated.

We can help you…yes, even you.

Have you been plagued by any of the challenges listed above? Maybe you’ve even tried prescription drugs or other conventional forms of treatment to manage your symptoms, but they haven’t worked.

Why have’t they worked, you ask? Because managing your symptoms aren’t enough. Instead, you can directly fix the issues that are causing you trouble!

Vital Force Chiropractic can help you regain complete control over your body and mind. Schedule your appointment today to see how we can empower you.