Sugary treats including donuts. Vital Force Clinic BlogI definitely don’t hate sugar. I compare myself to a drug addict when it comes to sugar.   They say that Oreos are more addictive than Heroin.  REALLY?  I know I have a tough time just eating one cookie or one piece of candy.  So what’s a girl to do?  What’s a doctor to do?  I have taken it to an extreme and I promise you this is not right for everyone.  I’ve gone cold turkey.  

Losing Weight By Cutting Sugar

Starting at the beginning of this year, 6 months ago, I embarked on my sugar free life.  At times it has made me miserable and also extremely proud of myself.  The more I have read about sugar, the more I realize how much it was killing me.   I’m 40 lbs down from my highest weight (I do exclude the bursting with twins weight from that which was higher).  The have been 3 major cheat days, where I fell off the wagon, since January.  Each of those times I very much regretted those days because I felt sick for at least 2 days after.  Again, this is not for everyone, but it’s working for me.  
The truth is, FAT DOESN’T MAKE US FAT!  I know that sounds ridiculous when you hear that at first.  Too much sugar pretty much the only thing that can make humans fat.  Now when I say sugar, I really mean carbohydrates.  Sugar is the sweet stuff which we all know is bad, but what a lot of people fail to realize is that any carbohydrate (bread, rice, pasta, potatoes) will affect your blood sugar almost the same way as a soda.  When your blood sugar goes up, and you don’t use that energy immediately, you are making fat.
So my continued plan, eat low carbohydrate and as clean as possible for the rest of my life.  You heard me right, this is not a diet for me, this is a way of eating.  Please comment below and tell me what your struggle is.
Yours in health,
Dr. Beth Bagley

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