TBTB – DFY 11 | Autoimmune Disease


Dr. Beth Bagley and Dr. Frederick Schurger, go in-depth into Dr. Frederick’s autoimmunity journey of losing his hair (alopecia totalis) & pigment spots (vitiligo…or maybe tinea versicolor) and what may have been the cause of it.  He explores the role of genetics, environmental factors, and other potential triggers of autoimmune disorders. And that’s the topic that shall not be named…

If you or someone you know is suffering from an autoimmune disease, this episode will give you a better understanding of the condition and give you hope that you can find answers. Join us as we uncover the unspoken cause of autoimmune diseases and learn about the latest research on this important topic.

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Autoimmune Disease & The Topic That Will Not Be Named

Dr. Bagley, how are you doing?

Dr. Schurger, how are you doing?

I’m good. I’m all purple. I didn’t realize.

You’re purple. I’m all black. I wear black pants and black shirts. I went all black but my mood isn’t black. I’m feeling quite good.

I hope everyone is ready. This is going to be highenergy.

We are pumped up.

It’s going to be fun. I hope everyone is ready to buckle up because this is going to be a crazy one based on some stuff that we saw in the news. We will get to that. We will talk about how I’m becoming a little bit less bald. You can’t tell but it’s getting there. Let me tell you about this funny story though. Hopefully, by the time you get to this episode, you’ve read the other ten episodes we’re doing. This should be episode number eleven. This will be a fun one. We have been working on getting all the pictures that you’re going to see on the websites and all the social media stuff.

It’s because when you do this stuff, you have to have all the stuff ready to go so we can make sure that it gets out to everyone so that they can enjoy it. Hopefully, you will enjoy this episode as much as we’re going to have fun going at it. I was tweaking some stuff and one of my patients was helping out with some stuff. I asked her, “How does this sound? Does this click with you? She’s had bad brain fog after her first car accident. Her second car accident has screwed her up. We’re slowly getting her out of that mess. She was back in and helping out cleaning up the office a little bit. I had another patient come in who also has lots of brain fog and lots of ups and downs with his condition. He was a mess.

They started telling stories. They’re like, “This is exactly my story.” It’s so funny how this has helped both of them out so they can start returning to life but so much of this has been a problem. He is disabled through the military. That got him his discharge. She’s got some stuff going on that’s keeping her from working the way she needs to. I help out here and there a little bit but quite honestly, it’s one of those, “We have the same story.” It’s fun.

That story is common. Here’s the way a car accident works. The force of your head is forward. You’re being held back by a seatbelt. Thank God for those. We like that but your head comes forward. You’re stopped and there’s shearing force. It’s terrible.

It’s not just the shearing force that’s going on but you’ve also got these compressive forces up and down at the same time, which is why a lot of people will feel pain in their lower back. We talked about this a couple of episodes back. The amount of compressive force that is going down at the lower back is four times gravity. It’s eight in the upper body. With the head, there’s nothing holding everything together. You don’t have a lab belt at this point.

We got a bowling ball on a stick. That’s what we got.

If I’m not mistaken, it’s 12 Gforces that go through within about 250 milliseconds. Most people won’t even realize that it happened but if you had a high-speed camera, you would be able to pick it up. It’s devastating for some people, more so than others. It doesn’t matter. We have talked about the differences between men and women as far as the integral strength of the ligaments. However, once the ligament damage has happened, the symptom profiles are almost identical because the damage has happened and the neurological damage is setting in. In any case, it was funny for them to both identify. That will be an interview with certainly both of them individually but maybe both of them at the same time to see. If I had both of them going, I would sit back.

We got the show done. It was a busy day, which is wonderful. We love that here at Precision. We had a woman bring her sister in. She was the one who told her sister here about the upper cervical. She’s a Blair Chiropractic patient from Lee Angle in Fort Myers, Florida. He got hit badly by that hurricane. She found him. I don’t know the story of how she found him but he changed her life. Chiropractic has changed this woman’s life. She tells everybody. She told her sister she had to find me. Her sister is the one who sent that lady who we talked about, Marge, who has asthma and lower back pain. She’s 93 and it’s getting better.

They all ended up coming in at the same time. I was able to get the sister adjusted based on what Lee Angle had done in Florida. That’s a cool thing how consistent Blair Chiropractors are. As long as I know the doctor and I trust them, a patient can come in with a screenshot of what we call listings, how bones have moved out of place, and what are their angles of how they get things back into place. I was able to adjust her and get her back on track while she was here in the great state of Missouri. They were all out there talking and conversing about how amazing the upper cervical was. I was like, “Can we bottle that up and keep that?”

I’ll stay right here as the rest of my patients come through so they understand.

A few people did come through. It was buzzing. It’s the electricity with. It was a wonderful time, except they all needed to be adjusted. They were all three in the resting room.

It didn’t stop. When we get you adjusted, you are supposed to then go to our resting rooms. We have these wonderful recliners. Both of us have zero-gravity chairs. There’s some science to a twenty-minute cat nap throughout the day and after getting adjusted to letting your nervous system come back, get used to it, and reset. It is not time to jabber on your phone. It is not time to get your phone out, go through the Instagram posts that your cousin or your brother sent you, and catch up because I only get about twenty of those. My entire Instagram experience is curated by about five people. They keep on sending me stuff.

That being said, it’s a wonderful time to relax and allow things to reset. I always tell people, “I’m not your mom. I’m not going to tell you what to do,” but they were chatting away. It was cute so I didn’t go in there and yell at anybody.

I remember we had a pair of young boys. They couldn’t have been more than junior high at that point in time. The older and younger brother were jibberjabbering. My wife Jean was working the front desk. She goes over there. It was just them, and I was doing something else with someone. She goes in there and says, “I don’t want to hear a peep out of you.” She closed the door and they go peep. It was so funny. She broke out laughing. We still laugh about it. Those are sometimes the best experiences.

Another time, I had an Amish family. It was a brother and three sisters. They all got into the restroom. All of a sudden, not that they told a joke, they all started giggling and laughing the entire time. I was like, “What’s going on?” “We’re giggling, laughing, and having a good time as we’re trying to rest.” It was funny. Sometimes the energy does weird things like that.

One of the things that a lot of people would be interested in is hearing about your struggles with autoimmune disease, how it happened, and what you’ve done that has made the biggest impact on healing.

We would technically diagnose me with two different autoimmune diseases. You see all these little white spots. My old joke was I have the same disease that Michael Jackson has, except I was born White. That’s not funny now but it’s funny. I have two thoughts on it because one, it could be vitiligo, which is what it was originally diagnosed with, which is white spots. Your pigmentation isn’t filling in. The back of my hands was all white a couple of years back. I’ll talk about that in a moment.

My other thought is it’s a skin fungus, which is called Tinea Versicolor, which you would also present very similarly. As far as dealing with that, it was more embarrassing to some degree. At some point, you get a thick skin and you don’t worry about it. I don’t have fewer problems with it. I don’t worry about them. Some of these patches would burn worse. I would be more concerned at that time about putting on some sunscreen or something to that effect. That’s a whole other story that I don’t do anymore.

The other one is my lack of hair, which is slowly coming back in, which would be considered alopecia totalis. It’s all gone. For anyone who has gotten on my Facebook page, scrolled back, and said, “Who’s this guy with a ponytail and a goatee?” that was me probably since college. I had hair. I could sneeze wrong and I had a full beard in undergrad. That carried through chiropractic school up until about 2009. That was in 2009 when I had hair. I’ve always had some alopecia issues. Stress would knock it out but never to this level. It would be a spot. I wouldn’t have hair but I would have enough hair to cover it up.

Do you think it’s common for someone who has one autoimmune disease to trigger other autoimmune things?

I don’t know.

I feel like I have patients and more coming in that have more than one thing.

That’s a good assessment that there are multiple things going on. It’s a question of, “Where do they cross over?” Mine makes sense that the two might be intertwined because it’s a skin condition and a hair condition, which is largely associated with the skin. There are things I would like to grow back. I can feel little stubs of eyebrows and eyelashes. You have no idea how bad not having eyelashes are until you get a good dust storm here in the Midwest where it has been dry for months.

It’s not just to look pretty. There’s a purpose to that.

It keeps some dust away but my eyes adapted. Let’s say that. I’ve been pretty good about protecting them and making sure nothing gets into them as best as possible. My vitiligo increased shortly before going to chiropractic school about a year before. We will talk about why in a moment. All the hair came out after a car accident. I spoke about this in the past when I got rear-ended, a minor fender bender but I didn’t address it properly. I did not go to my chiropractor at the time who was in the Quad Cities because that’s where I was running to. I don’t think you were doing Blair at this point yet.

I don’t think we knew each other.

I should have gone up there within a week or two, gotten new X-rays, and figured out how I needed to get adjusted differently but I didn’t. Within about six months, all the hair decided that it was going to not be on my head. I decided, “I’m going to shave it.” I still had a little bit of facial hair on and off through the years but there was nothing consistently growing back. It was a question of what was going on there. Since I’ve reintroduced Braunschweiger, I thought hard about going full Liver King and eating a pound of liver.

Didn’t you hear about Liver King? You missed it. This is the guy who was saying, “I’m selling all these ancestral supplements of the liver.” I tried some of them. He’s like, “Look at me. I’m so ancestral. I’m so strong.” I think he was on steroids to look the way he did. They proved that after he said, “I’m not,” but there is something to having these highnutrition meats in your diet. I like liver. I don’t mind it. I like the Braunschweiger. I eat half a pound of that a day. There’s something going on there.

As far as skin pigmentation, I used to have a complete white spot. For those of you who are big comic book fans, Spider-Man always had that big odd white spot on the back of his hand. I’m not sure why he did it. It was part of the costume but I had it as well. It was this hand that got it first, which is interesting because it’s a nervous system connection when you start hearing and putting these pieces together. The back of this hand got pinched in a doorway as I was going to do a spinal screening over in Decatur, Illinois.

At about that same time, I was starting to tan because it was so dreary here in the Midwest, especially in Central Illinois. We are in a bowl. All the clouds hang over our heads like this. All I see is no sun for several months out of the year. I needed it to give me a pickmeup. It has been great. I’ve been doing it for 8 or 9 years a couple of times a week. I ran over there. I feel good. I get my vitamin D and sunlight fix. I figured low levels weren’t going to burn me too badly.

What’s interesting is the area that got the skin torn open. I took the Band-Aid off because I don’t want tan lines. What was interesting is the area around started getting pigment. I was taking a whole iodine supplement. You need more iodine and iodide, especially for wholebody iodine levels. Most people in the Midwest are certainly deficient in iodine. There are ways to check it that are better than others. The whole skin test thing is bogus. I started taking iodine as a supplement every now and then.

I don’t do it as regularly as I did back then but all of a sudden, all of that pigment came back. There were a couple of spots. If I was a little bit darker, you can see the whiteness that’s right here in my thumb web. You can make it out there. All of this one came back too. I broke the skin here. My theory is that somehow breaking the skin brought all of that immune system up to the surface because whatever response I was having to create the vitiligo in the first place had died down enough that now the body can fix it on its own.

My brain goes to what could someone do. Microneedling is something people do for their face to try to take away scarring and that kind of stuff. What if someone brought health back to their body through nutrition, chiropractic care, and all that stuff but they still have the spots on their skin? What if a microneedling treatment might help to restore it?

I’ve considered that. With all my callus and kettlebell stuff, I have taken a spot and said, “I’m going to rub down this skin because it’s easy enough.” They have these little callus removers but all the callus removers are sandpaper of sorts. I’ve thought about doing the left arm, roughing that up a little bit, and then going to the tanning bed. Your face exactly is why I haven’t done it. I’m like, “I’m going to rip open.” Look at my pretty purple shirt. My purple shirt will also be red. I don’t want that either. It will be a white shirt that day anyways. That’s how I would roll it. Everything else is dirty but now the white is red.

In any case, it is a consideration that I have thought about. I haven’t seen it but I have other places where I’ve had spots. All of a sudden, I spot a pigment. It’s a little island that starts coming in. That’s what I’ve been doing. That seems to have been reversing it but the bigger question is, “Why might it have come on in the first place?” This is where things are going to get spicy.

We‘re going to go onto the spicy part.

Let’s talk about my vitiligo first when that flared up. I had mild vitiligo since I was about twelve. I seemed to recall scraping up my elbow pretty badly riding my bike around the neighborhood. We had a chipandtar black top for the main runner that we were doing. No big deal, as boys do, we’re going to find ways to beat ourselves up. I don’t know if there were any jabs at that time but certainly several years later. I’ve got patches. Instead of this arm being all like this, I’ve got a spot. It was a wound. When the wound healed, it was white on top.

It’s an interesting aside. I’ve got another one underneath my left wrist where you can see this white strap. It’s intact. I had been wearing a watch right about here when I was cleaning in the restaurant I was at. As I was cleaning over the Broaster, the Broaster goes off. It’s got a vent. I’m cleaning the back vent wall of stainless steel. All of a sudden, I get that burn on the underside of my wrist. It destroys the watch band. The watch band is dead but I’m under cold water trying to recover this. Sure enough, a couple of weeks later, this comes back, and the pigmentation does not.

I don’t know what all that means but it wasn’t until 2001. I’m at my folks’ place. I’m running down to Terre Haute for something related to my alma mater. I stayed at their house overnight because it was a work thing. As I’m walking down the steps, all of a sudden, I catch the back of my Achilles area on the step. Dad has got a little aluminum piece that comes down like that. I rip up the skin around my Achilles. We’re cleaning it out. Dad was like, “When was the last time you got a tetanus shot?” I’m like, “I don’t remember. When was the last time you took me in?” At this point, I’ve been out on my own. I hadn’t seen a doctor in several years. I’m generally healthy. This is before chiropractic school.

We didn’t know but the other side of this was, “Is chiropractic school already on the table?” I don’t remember. Dad was like, “Let’s run you in, have them take a look at it, and then get you a tetanus booster.” I didn’t realize this at the time. This is where pieces and parts of the story come back as you think about it in hindsight. This was a September or October type of thing. I get a tetanus booster, no big deal. There were no real problems.

I go down to Terre Haute, hang out at the career fest thing, visit some of my fraternity brothers, hop on the road, and come back up North. It was all well and good. That winter, I lose what tan I had. Come spring, the white spots are en masse. Everything got worse all of a sudden. I don’t have any other explanation until I think about it in that respect. It makes me wonder what was going on with that. Did I need a tetanus booster? No. First off, it was a superficial flesh wound. We were able to clean it out. It was not a deep puncture. People say, “Tetanus is a real problem.” Tetanus is a real problem if you have a rusty nail that is 3 to 4 inches long.

Sheep poop, cow poop, or whatever it is but more importantly, it’s long, it penetrated deep, and it comes out. If it goes in straight and comes out straight, that alone is going to give you enough of a problem because you can’t clean that well. It’s the same reason that catscratch fever is a problem. Cats have those long fangs. They get in deep. There are bacteria. There’s stuff in there. When they come out, the wound will clear up very fast superficially but the deep stuff has already penetrated and will cause problems. Those are the times when you might need something more to get that stuff cleaned out and maybe a tetanus shot but I did not need a tetanus shot.

Not for a scrape.

It was a bad scrape. It was bad enough. For anyone who has scraped up their Achilles area, there are reasons that it’s a pain in the butt because it’s a sensitive area that doesn’t get a whole lot of blood flow, to begin with. We could go on and on. It’s one of those silly things.

Can you prove it? Everybody will say, “What’s the double-blind placebo-controlled study to prove that?” There’s none. We don’t have it. I can’t tell you about it. It’s story after story of things happening after jabs. It’s parents talking about their kids that are never the same. It’s my patients telling me how things have changed, or their cancers come back. Going forward, I want to read something that you sent me. I don’t know if I’ll read the whole thing because it’s going to make me so mad.

The link is something called IQfy.com. I’ve never heard of this website.

It could be somebody trolling. I don’t know.

That’s the question because I got this off Robb Wolf‘s page who is a big keto guy.

That’s IQfy.com Health and Wellness. It’s not even signed who wrote it. There’s no author’s name. My question is, “Is this somebody trolling?”

It’s not a troll because they had comments that they were allowing at the bottom of it, which is very curious. If you’re going to read this article, read the comments.

I haven’t read the comments yet.

The comments are interesting. Read what you’re going to read, and then we will go down and read some comments.

The title of this is, “They Knew: Why didn’t the unvaccinated do more to warn us?” Immediately, I was like, “What?” I’m going to read a few paragraphs, “The unvaccinated knew what we didn’t. Some of them said too little. Most of them said nothing at all. A lot of blood is now on their hands. As the world struggles to come to terms with the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, one question that continues to surface is why the unvaccinated didn’t do more to warn us about the potential dangers of being injected.”

“Well-intended citizens lined up and did the right thing. COVID-19 vaccination is now seeming to do more harm than good. Their unvaccinated friends stood by and let them do it. Some of them said too little. Some said nothing at all. Even though they knew what we didn’t, our blood is now on their hands.” That’s interesting right there.

As I read that first statement about them doing the right things, I’m not going to criticize people who in the fog of war took a jab because they thought it was the right thing to do but was it the right thing? Honestly, we still don’t know what the right thing was. As COVID goes, I would argue that we have what was probably a labgrown virus 99% but there’s a 1% that it happened accidentally somewhere else.

It’s not even 1%. It’s 0%.

Where else are you going to have a lab outbreak next to a Wuhan research lab that has been known to be studying Coronaviruses?

They created the cure before we even had the disease.

That’s another question.

I want to go back to this lady. It sounds like it’s a lady. Am I sexist? Yeah, probably. This lady says, “Our blood is on their hands.” Why can’t we say this on YouTube? We have been saying this.

There have been a lot of people.

We can’t say it on YouTube. We can’t say it on Big Tech platforms because they will take us off. We might still be taken off from some things by having this conversation right here.

Before you go on, Candace Owens of The Daily Wire is a celebrity icon or something over there. I can’t remember what her actual title is. I was listening to her on Timcast. She has a twelve-part series that she put up on Parler. She knows she can put it on Parler because her husband is the CEO and it will not get taken down. That’s why she said, “This is a safe place.” She did twelve videos going through the history of vaccines. I haven’t had a chance to watch them yet.

I haven’t either. Does she have it up on Daily Wire also?

No. It’s free on Parler so get a Parler app.

I pay for The Daily Wire.

I do too. It’s on Parler. Parler is free anyway.

There are lots of places you can look for this stuff.

She’s a good one. She said, “Something is off with these vaccines.” She had some vaccine injuries when she went to get the HPV shot when she was younger when she was coming into her teens. She had two. There were supposed to be three after the second one. She passed out in the office the first time. They said it was dehydration. She passed out after the second time. She was like, “I’m done. No more.” She started asking questions. Another good place is The High Wire. It also has been banned from YouTube for having these conversations.

We started seeing people who were asking the right questions and starting to say, “What’s going on with the science?” They weren’t saying, “This is this and that.” They started asking questions. When we started seeing them get taken off YouTube, I’m like, “That’s a thing. We should pay attention to that thing because somebody has decided.” We’re seeing all the Twitter files and everything else. Even with the FOIA coming out of the great state of Missouri against Facebook, the government was colluding with Big Tech to not allow us to have our freedom of speech.

Our chiropractic profession has been strongly suppressed by people in those strong or powerful positions to prevent us from having our ability to share with you that there are other questions and other places to go to. This is not to say that we haven’t asked the questions. We’re asking the questions. We’re not saying that you shouldn’t do this but we are pointing out that when you ask questions, then you will not get an answer because they’re saying, “You’re stupid. You’re this and that.”

The chiropractic profession has been strongly suppressed by people in those strong or powerful positions.

A) You’re probably onto something. B) You’re not getting a direct or straight answer. If you can’t get a straight answer from the two of us, we’re going to tell you, “I don’t have a good answer for that. I’ll be honest. I don’t know.” I’m not going to come from a place of authority and say, “You’re going to take the vitamin D at 10,000 IU because I said so.” I’m never going to say that. There are reasons you shouldn’t.

You get a choice. That’s the whole thing.

I forgot to mention that I’m taking 30,000 IU for my vitiligo.

As long as you’re checking your blood levels occasionally, that’s fine, especially in the winter. The point after reading that which made my heart jump is that I’ve lost friends and family members over this. I’ve lost people because of the jab. I’ll go into that in a second. I did speak up. I was called crazy, grandma killer, and all of the things. I didn’t stop. People cut me out of their lives and that’s okay. I’m not upset by it. I’m like, “We tried to tell you, and we couldn’t because you wouldn’t listen.”

“I don’t know what else to say. There were plenty of people screaming about this. You decided to not listen. Even if you heard no one say it, you have the power to do research too. You get to decide what goes in your body. If you are coerced into it, it sucks but you still made that decision.” That being said, there were some people who barely did not get that decision. People would either lose their jobs or couldn’t get medical treatment.

This is a story that makes my blood boil. A one-year-old child has a peanut reaction. The mom wants him to get some therapies through an allergist or those shots. They work for some people. I’m glad that she was exploring those options. The doctor would not give the baby the shots until he got the COVID vaccine. That is unacceptable. First of all, children had a 0% chance of dying from this virus. Thank you, God.

It’s dangling the fruit like, “You could do that but you can’t have this treatment unless you get the vaccine.” There are stories about people not being able to get transplants because they’re not vaccinated. My colleague has MS. She was coerced into it because she was told she can’t have her immunotherapy without having the jab. That right there is medical malpractice to me. That is unacceptable.

The Nuremberg codes after World War II say, “We will not do medical experiments and give informed consent to medical treatments.” There are people that were tried for war crimes for that. That was supposed to be the ethical standard that medicine and healthcare aspired to. Medical coercion is a real thing. It still happens, not just with this. It happens all the time, unfortunately, but at least it’s recognized, “We need to explain to you why this thing is going to happen this way.”


TBTB – DFY 11 | Autoimmune Disease


We do not have that transparency. Quite honestly, anything that lacks transparency, I have a problem with. I try to be as transparent as possible, “This is how we run our practices. This is what we do to get people better. If you want this other thing, I can help you with some of it if you want to go down that rabbit hole.”

I will tell you, “See that guy down the road for what they offer. They’re going to do it better because that’s all they do. We focus on this.” Unfortunately, we have gotten to a point where I don’t want to have this conversation with people. I don’t want to have it in public but it needs to be said because at what point do we stop having the right to speak about it at all? When do they start coming for us when we didn’t speak up in the first place?

Let me go back to this article because I wanted to see any of their other pages. It looks like they have shut down their entire moderation staff but if you scroll down in this article, first off, they say, “Commenting has been disabled.” It’s suggesting targeted troll storms. They opened up conversations and allowed it for a little bit a couple of times. One of the first comments that I see here is, “We have been telling you for years but have been ignored, laughed at, and accused of being mentally ill and murderers by the same people stupid enough to make medical exemptions because that nice Dr. Hilary off the telly said it was safe.”

I tried to have this conversation with friends and family members. I don’t talk to some people about this anymore. I had one thread on my Facebook page that got taken over. I disabled notifications for it. I let one set of my chiropractic classmates keep on talking with my other medical doctor fraternity brother. I don’t know where that went to.

Quite honestly, I never looked back but the thing is if we want to have this conversation and ask these questions about any healthcare procedure, I’m saying anything. It doesn’t matter but for whatever reason, these jabs have a religious connotation to them. There should be no religion to it if you don’t understand that this is supposed to be science. Science is about asking questions.

Trust the science is the biggest load of bullshit I’ve ever heard. Science is asking questions over and over again. When you think it’s settled, you ask a different question and find out it wasn’t settled. Science is never settled.


TBTB – DFY 11 | Autoimmune Disease


In the late 1890s, Sir Kelvin announces to the British Royal Scientific Society or something to that effect that we have done all the science and that we have no more science to do because we have figured everything out. It’s all up to the engineers to apply it. A couple of years later, Einstein comes on the scene and says, “You’re wrong. Go away.” You get to have absolute zero on kelvin, which is Lord Kelvin’s name, which is when there is zero energy in the universe, even space is four degrees kelvin. It’s asinine to think that we are the epitome of the intellectual world at this point in our lives when we know for a fact we know nothing.

We know a tiny piece. We don’t even know what we don’t know.

That’s the crazy part. Leaps and bounds, this phone here has so much more power than a phone a decade earlier. I don’t want to say a decade earlier than this because this is about ten years old. It works. It’s an Apple. Therefore, it still works well. I don’t want to change it out. The battery is having issues now but it might not be a decade old. Somebody told me that 2016 was a few years ago. I’m like, “That’s when I got this phone.” Let’s compare a modern iPhone to the first iteration of the iPhone or even the third generation, which was my first iPhone. It is so much lightning difference in all the applications. That’s in a very short window. We are constantly turning over new stuff. We might have AI during an episode.

I played with ChatGPT. I had it write me a 500-word blog post on something. It’s interesting.

How did it turn out?

I didn’t post it. I would have to touch it up a little bit but it was pretty awesome. Jason, my husband, had it write an HTML webpage on baking chocolate chip cookies. We took the code and put it into the generator thing. We were able to look at the webpage it made. It didn’t put the picture on. There was a spot for a picture but it was written out. It was unbelievable. I don’t know how I feel about it. I’m a little scared but I’m pretty excited also because that was cool.

If it becomes the thing that helps us do more, then great. If it’s the thing that takes over our lives like this, then we’ve got problems.

It’s going to create even more laziness and decrease creativity because there are some people who are amazing writers. I am not one of them. I am not a great writer. I never will be but if they don’t feel like they’re needed anymore, they might not want to write because this thing can write a book.

It’s very curious how it works that way. Technology is changing rapidly. We’re learning new things every day. The human genome has been unpacked. They said, “This will tell us exactly how we make all the proteins.” Quite honestly, the crazy thing about the genome is once they got it figured out, they were like, “These things have different combinations. There’s not enough genome for the number of proteins in the human body, yet there are other signals and factors that unwind and turn on different proteins that are allowing my hair to grow because of whatever I’m doing with my diet and my lifestyle.”

It is all meat and eggs. Everybody needs to know that.

I’m thinking of backyard chickens. I got to figure out a way to keep them from my dogs.

I wish I could have backyard chickens.

You need backyard chickens.

I wish I could. The coyotes would eat them immediately.

The point is $10 for two dozen eggs is a lot more. I’m used to spending $20 on eggs. It’s not for two dozen.

I watched an interesting TikTok video on this lady. We’re talking about all the conspiracy theories. A lot of the backyard chickens have not been laying at all this winter. Typically, they will lay less but not, “Not at all.” It will be 2 or 3 eggs versus 10 eggs. She had the theory that it was the feed. She started letting her chickens free roam and do some foraging, which they should do. She started doing that. All of a sudden, her chickens started laying again. Other people have done the same thing or switched their feed to goat feed instead of chicken feed. Their chickens are laying again. What are they doing to the chicken feed? That’s another conspiracy theory.

Quite honestly, this is where it gets more interesting because you’ve got a small anecdote of a couple of cases. I heard somebody else mention that a larger investigative reporter asked several big family chains what they have noticed. They said the same thing, “The chicken feed got the chickens to stop laying.” They didn’t change chicken feed or something to that effect but whatever they were doing was implying that the chicken feed is doing something to keep them from laying all of a sudden. It’s very disturbing.

Who’s in charge of that? Who did that? Somebody did that.

Here’s where the conspiracy ends and where reality begins. You know this as well as I do from being out in the industry. How much of it is somebody doing this on purpose? How much of it is poor quality control that caused other problems? Let’s hit on one other thing. For those who want to deep dive into what I’m going to talk about, go to Peter McCullough‘s podcast.

What should they search for on his podcasts? What’s the keyword they can search for?

Peter McCullough is the podcast.

Peter McCullough is a medical doctor who’s pretty freaking amazing. He’s one of the ones who did continue to speak up and out about not just the vaccines. He is talking about that a little bit but more about how people were treated with COVID and how to help people who have COVID get better. For the people that were getting sick, he had some protocols that were helping and saving lives yet he was not allowed to explain it or tell other people about it. He was shut down. They tried to take away some of his credentials because he is a medical doctor that is super well-respected.

He is both a researcher and a practitioner.

That is not common.

You either get one or the other.

He has saved so many lives yet was not allowed to tell what he was doing. He did speak out a lot. People got his protocols, which were amazing but the problem was it was too late for many.

This was the McCullough report from November 7th, 2022, Department of Defense Driving Mass Vaccination While FDA and Vaccine Companies are Powerless to Stop it.” It was curious because the doc that was doing the research into this and looking at this was realizing that first, this was largely a DARPA-run project. It was the Department of Defense because Trump had control of the Department of Defense, and Project Warp Speed could run faster that way. That’s one argument as to why it was run that way but the other one was there’s something in the making of this vaccine.

Can we stop calling it a vaccine? We’re already off YouTube. This is not a vaccine.

You are correct. They changed the definition on the FDA website.

They changed the definition so it could be included.

An experimental genetic injection is probably the better way to describe it.

It was teaching your body to make a spike protein. The spike protein itself was dangerous.

It was the toxin.

It was teaching your body to create something dangerous.

Here is where we can ask the question as to whether or not the injection did anything at all. Here’s one of the things that they discovered as they were going through the manufacturing process. You heard about all the people with the little magnets on their arms that they would stick. Apparently, there is a filtration process that uses a little magnetic BB that was not supposed to get into the final product.

Do you think that was real?

That was real. They can explain why that happened.

Maybe it was just some lots and not all of them.

This is where it wasn’t consistent. You had a contaminated lot with a manufacturing product that should have been filtered out but wasn’t for whatever reason. That’s where that piece came from. There’s a settling issue because you have a saline solution. It’s some sort of aqueous solution that you’re putting this stuff in, except the thing that you are trying to deliver is encapsulated in this nanocholesterol or nanofat particle. Do you want to have some fun? Put some fat in water, see what it does, and mix it up. Watch what happens after you mix it up for a while. It’s going to start separating again.

Why some people had more severe reactions to this than others is that as they separate it out and then get them into vials, maybe one vial has a bunch of the active ingredient and another vial is effectively saline. Some people get nothing, “I didn’t have a problem.” They get COVID a couple of months later, and they’re like, “It didn’t help.” Others get a hyperdose that they shouldn’t have gotten, and maybe now they have some horrible reaction.

I’ve never heard that but that does make sense.

It’s a great podcast to listen to.

Is that what Peter McCullough was talking about on that one?

That’s the doctor that he was interviewing on that one. It’s worth a listen. It begs questions and explains so much immediately. Is the chicken feed contaminated on purpose? Did somebody screw up at the plant? Was there some manufacturing error? Let’s face it. People make mistakes and screw up all the freaking time, and because they’re going to screw up inherently, sometimes things get through the cracks accidentally. It’s not done on purpose, and now you see this reaction.

People make mistakes and screw up all the time. Sometimes things get through the cracks accidentally.

If it’s a large manufacturer that has been doing stuff, then all of a sudden, you’ve got bad products out on the streets that they should have recalled if they can put the two pieces together. I’ll have to tell that to my Amish folks and make sure that they are not doing whatever feed that was. That will be the next big piece of news.

Supposedly, people are saying it was the feed from Tractor Supply but I don’t know. I don’t have chickens.

Where do they get them? We need chickens. We need to let them forage but in the middle of winter, they have a hard time.

There’s not much.

The bugs are not at the surface as they should be. We shouldn’t always imply that malice is the active participant in these situations.

I don’t blame a medical doctor who has been promoting the vaccine. I don’t look at them and think they’re evil. That’s not evil. They truly believe that this was going to help people and save lives. I don’t think you’re evil. The people in charge knew what we have been talking about and knew that there was going to be an antibody-dependent enhancement. People are going to get it more often and need to get jabbed over and over again with the autoimmune diseases that were going to come up, the deaths, prion diseases, and all the things that we are seeing now.

Talk about the prion disease.

Do you want to tell my story about it?

We’re already there.

Pretty much, prion disease is like Mad Cow Disease. It’s something that you should never see in your lifetime. It is so rare. We should never know someone who has this. I still call her a family member because she was close enough for many years. She died of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, which is Mad Cow Disease. She started getting dizzy one day. Three months later, she was dead. It’s scary and sad. Four adult kids are now without a mom. They said, “It was something she ate when she was younger, and it activated.” Can I prove it? I can’t prove it but I should never know someone who dies of this. That should be in a textbook somewhere.

Wasn’t that right after early 21?

I don’t know if she got the vaccine. Honestly, I don’t know but I do know she worked for an airline. They were some of the first ones to get it. It lined up at work. It could be coincidental. The other family member I have who is now blind permanently had an autoimmune reaction called Giant Cell Arteritis or Temporal Arteritis. A symptom of that is a pain in the temples. They say something like their hair hurts and double vision. Over the course of about two weeks, he went completely blind and now is permanently blind.

When I have older patients come in and they’ve got that burning, it gets me worried. I say, “Call your medical doctor, get an appointment, and maybe get to the ER.”

It can be stopped if they can catch it early enough. He did do everything he did but nobody caught it. It was too late by the time they caught it. Usually, steroids can knock it out or at least stop it temporarily. Unfortunately, it causes blindness. That happened not too long after a jab. Can I prove any of it? Can I prove that my cousin died because his kidney shut down, and he had other problems going on too? A couple of my patients had cancers come back, or any of those things. I can’t prove any of it but it sure is happening a lot.

This comes back to how we need to ask questions. We need to get answers to these things.

Be allowed to ask questions.

This is the bigger issue. Hopefully, we can share this with you all, or at the very least, it’s going to be a handful of people. This is the super private part of the thing.

We will see if this one is allowed out there. It’s sad that we live in a country where the First Amendment is the freedom of speech yet we’re trying to moderate ourselves so that we can speak.

At the very least, we can put this up on Rumble. Rumble won’t have a problem with it.

I would love to put it on Rumble.

We will get to that bridge when we get to that bridge.

We better end it soon because we could go on for hours.

Let’s talk about two points. One, there are more questions than answers now that I understand what I understand about vaccines. I want better answers, which is why when I listen to someone like Del Bigtree or Mr. Siri, the lawyer. When I hear them talk about where the safety trials are for vaccines, they don’t exist. Quite honestly, that’s what the Informed Consent Action Network that Del Bigtree is in charge of has been simply asking, “Can we run the safety trials?”

They can’t because they would fail.

They have been told that they will never run those trials. That’s a problem. There’s a whole vaccine court. For those of you who are like, “Is this true?” Do some research.

Even now you can’t sue for the COVID vaccines because they put it on the kids’ list that the kids have to get.

Is it on the kids list now?

They put it on.

I didn’t think they made it to the kids list and the recommended list.

I don’t know but I don’t think you can still sue. They got to the point where you can’t sue the manufacturers for it.

Do some due diligence.

Do your research.

You’re not going to find it on the front page of a Google search.

It’s not the first page.

It might not even be the 3rd, 4th, or 5th but there are resources out there. Sherri Tenpenny is a good one. There’s Robert Kennedy Jr.

Children’s Health Defense.

There are places out there. Don’t take our word for it. We’re going to be the first ones to say, “Look at this other stuff.”

I want you to look at it because I was where you were sitting at one point. I had no idea about any of this. It took years of research to get to the point where I am. I’m glad where I am but sometimes, it’s frustrating and sad.

I still remember the DuPont commercial. I already planned on going into engineering at this point. It was DuPont’s, “Better health through science,” or something to that effect. We might have done this backward. Quite honestly, I’m going to have some bacon and eggs to do it forward. There are kettlebell snatches to do. I’ll rip up my hands. They will get ripped up. I’m going to be strong. I’m going to push through this and see how much more of this hair I can get.

Get some more of that hair but then we will have to change the name of the show. Don’t get too much hair.

I’ll stay bald. This is not coming in the way it’s supposed to be.

You look good bald.

When I get hair, what I’ll do is shave everything except for the top knot right at the top.

I’m going to have a conversation with Jean, your wife, about that. We will veto that.

I will probably.

It was good to talk to you. I love that we had some harder conversations. I hope that this gets out there to the world. I’m Dr. Beth Bagley with PrecisionChiropracticSTL.com.

I’m Dr. Frederick Schurger with KeystoneChiroSPI.com. If you got questions, email us. We are more than happy to chat.

I would love that.

We will talk on these topics directly at that point if you would like to sit down and talk to chat. We’re asking questions and trying to get answers like everybody else. We will see you next time for another episode.


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