What would you do if your car’s low oil light came on today?  Would you immediately top off your engine with some 10W-30 weight or put some black tape over that little annoying light so you wouldn’t have to deal with its foreshadowing glow any longer?
     If you continue to ignore the warning light, there’s a good chance your engine will seize down the road – and if you were checking your dipstick regularly and adding oil when needed, the light might not have come on in the first place.  The same applies to your spine and regular Chiropractic check-ups.
     When your spine gets behind on maintenance, pain is a potential warning light.   Unfortunately by the time pain shows up, you’ve probably been out of alignment too long.  If that’s the case, don’t ‘black tape’ the pain with Tylenol or Advil.  Bring your spine in for a proper Chiropractic adjustment today to avoid a catastrophic seize event tomorrow.