Upper cervical chiropractic

Episode 20 – Not Your Typical Chiropractor, A Fibromyalgia Testimonial From Kathy


A condition marked by chronic, widespread joint and muscle pain without inflammation, fibromyalgia is a mysterious condition. So how can one know if they have fibromyalgia, and what can they do to ease the pain? Joining Dr. Frederick Schurger and Dr. Beth Bagley today is Kathy Suta, one of Dr. Bagley’s patients. Kathy shares the […]

How Dr. Beth Bagley Found Chiropractic And Changed Her Life


Chronic diseases tend to persist, and we succumb to the usual medical advice finding little relief. Dr. Beth Bagley has known this struggle until someone told her about a new way of looking at health with chiropractic. Soon, she found herself free from chronic problems and well on her path towards becoming a chiropractor. In […]