The benefits of pediatric chiropractic care for children are as advantageous as chiropractic adjustments are for adults. Overall wellness is a proven benefit of regular pediatric chiropractor visits for children. The spine alignment of a child can be thrown out of kilter during energetic play. Difficulty sleeping, earaches, and asthma are among the effects of even minor misalignments in children. Dr. Beth Bagley at Precision Chiropractic is a St. Louis MO chiropractor and offers the tremendous benefits of pediatric chiropractic care. The following are among those values.

Better Sleep

If your child has difficulty sleeping, visits to a pediatric chiropractor may be the solution. Emotional and physical growth can be adversely affected by a lack of good sleep. Function during the daytime is also affected by slumber.

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When spinal health is poor, muscles tighten and cause back pain that can interrupt sleep and become a contributing factor for insomnia. The root cause of bedwetting is sometimes a spinal misalignment that disrupts sleep patterns. 

With gentle adjustments made by a chiropractor, misalignments and nerve interference can be corrected, allowing children to get the prescribed amount of sleep at night. 

Support for the Immune System 

Cycles of illness in children accompanied by running noses, fevers, and coughs are tough on kids and parents. The care of a pediatric chiropractor is an excellent approach to giving a child’s immune system added support that helps to stave off sickness. Research shows that when a child has regular pediatric chiropractic care, the following are among the results:

  • Prevention of sickness 
  • Decreased duration of illness
  • Improved digestion
  • Relief from constipation
  • Reflux issues are alleviated, which decreases stomach pain
  • Various problems children often complain about are relieved

Improvements in Behavior

Physical stress has an effect on children physically as well as emotionally. When children do not know how to cope with the stress they are experiencing, it is normal for them to act out with undesirable behaviors. With adjustments by a pediatric chiropractor, stress that children experience can be alleviated, helping them live healthier and happier lives. One of the most reliable ways to relieve a child’s stress and, as a result, improve a child’s overall behavior and moods is with care from a pediatric chiropractor. 

blue eyed baby

Enhanced Brain Development 

Disorders that children suffer from such as ADD and ADHD can often be improved with the correction of spinal misalignments. Visits to a chiropractor can help children to focus and concentrate better throughout the day, which helps to relieve school-related frustrations and improve overall behavior. Improved neural brain development is among the things visits to a St. Louis pediatric chiropractor can achieve as a result of pressure being released from joints, bones, and the spine.

Benefits of Pediatric Chiropractic Care for Infants

Infants are able to benefit from the care of a pediatric chiropractor for such problems as colic that can cause seemingly endless crying. The reflux that breastfeeding babies often experience can cause them to struggle with sleep, and pediatric chiropractic care can provide the solution. 

The fragile spine of a baby can become misaligned during birth due to the stress of travel through the birth canal. It has been discovered that misalignment of the spine in infants is often the cause of difficulty latching, reflux, and colic. The care of a pediatric chiropractor can correct and relieve these troubles that commonly occur during infancy.

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