Silly wives’ tales are mere legends of old, but you will really need to fix poor posture if it got started and stuck in the days of your childhood. Bad posture involves slumping or slouching shoulders, and it is easy to spot. Not always obvious, however, are the health effects of failing to sit up straight like your momma may have told you. Chiropractors specializing in how to fix poor posture can help you recover from the following health effects of rounded shoulders or habitually leaning your head too far forward or backward.

8 Reasons to Fix Poor Posture

Good posture when sitting means sitting up straight with an aligned spine. It is poor posture if your spine is in a “C” shape.

Standing with good posture means that your head is held up and in midline with your shoulders. In addition, your chin does not jut out, your rear is tucked in, and your knees are slightly bent. With poor standing posture, knees are locked straight back. Also, the bottom sticks out, the shoulders are hunched, the chin juts forward, and the head is out of line with the shoulders.

Proper alignment of the body is also essential when lying down. If you aren’t careful to avoid poor posture when standing, sitting, or lying down, you could suffer from the following health effects. Spoiler alert: A chiropractor can provide guidelines on how to correct your posture while sitting and knows how to fix poor posture in general to provide relief from the following symptoms:

1-Neck, Shoulder, and Back Pain

The result of slouching is increased tension in the upper back, lower back, neck, and shoulders. These are painful, sometimes debilitating symptoms but there are ways to get relief. In St. Louis MO, Precision Chiropractic is a trusted clinic to go to for a chiropractor posture fix.

2-Impaired Lung Capacity

A sort of disastrous domino effect occurs in the body as a result of poor posture. Hunching or leaning forward as a habit can have a negative effect on the function and capacity of your lungs. The heart and brain are among other vital organs affected, as well, because the lung problem reduces the amount of oxygen in the body.

3-Poor Circulation

If you sit for long periods of time with poor posture, you are at risk of developing or worsening problems with circulation. The body is deprived of necessary circulation as a result of sitting for hours with poor posture.

4-Misaligned Spine

The position of your spine can be negatively affected by bad posture. Especially if most of your daily activities are performed using bad body mechanics, you could end up with muscle spasms and spinal misalignment.

5-A Curvature of the Spine

The spine has natural curves, but bad posture can distort them, resulting in an assortment of health issues throughout the body. If you have developed a curvature of the spine, the best course of action is to make an appointment with a trusted chiropractor, who will know how to correct your posture while sitting, etc.

6-Pinched Nerves

Constricted or pinched nerves are also potential results of poor posture. The bones will begin to shift; and as the skeletal system moves, it develops contact with surrounding nerves and constricts or pinches them.

7-Digestion Problems

Compression of your abdominal organs and digestive tract are among the effects of slouching your shoulders and neck over your chest and abdomen while sitting. If this issue continues, your metabolism and ability to properly process food can be negatively impacted, resulting in nutritional deficiency.

8-Jaw Pain and Headaches

Another motivation to find out how to fix poor posture could be headaches and jaw pain. It is common to clench your jaws when leaning forward. The spiraling effects include tightening facial muscles that lead to painful symptoms.

Get your Chiropractor Posture Fix

A chiropractor posture fix can get you started on a better health track while providing the relief you need. Contact Precision Chiropractic at (314) 596-4070 to make an appointment with Dr. Elizabeth Bagley. Dr. Bagley has served St. Louis and the surrounding area for more than a decade. She specializes in how to fix poor posture, even when it’s from a childhood habit that got stuck that way.